17 May 2021

Monday moan

Today's moan is about something I've spoken about before - I think.  Facebook.

I have a love/hate relationship with social media and especially this platform.  As you know I use it very little and I think I can confidently say that through visiting my page you'll not find out a lot about me - not even when my birthday is!!!  I'm not ashamed of my age - I'm 77 in case  you're curious.

Recently on my morning visit to the Jane Shuttle Tats Lots page I realised that they'd changed the whole caboodle so that I had to 'switch profiles'.  Now how ANNOYING is that?  It means that I have had to be constantly on my guard NOT to put the wrong thing on the wrong page.  I've tried to merge the two pages and although I use the same email address etc, etc, Facebook won't allow me to do that.

So my answer to that is to abandon the Jane Shuttle Tats Lots page and move over to just the Jane Eborall one. I'm sure this won't affect more than two or three people but I thought I'd let you know so that any followers of JSTL can move their allegiance over to my 'home' page (Jane Eborall) although the JSTL followers may not want to see pictures of my walks and vice versa over those friends who don't want to see tatting!!!  

Hey, it's a tough old world!!!!

To cheer you up (or depress you further) here's a picture!!!!


Maureen said...

I don’t think I’ve ever known that the Shuttle Tats Lots page was on Facebook! I see pictures of your walks there, and I come to the Tatting and not a Lot Else page.
As long as you stay firmly in those two places I am happy!

I often wish that I could be on Facebook without having to have my own page. I rarely use it. I only joined FB for the books and patterns! Oh, and to see pictures of my grandchildren, because that was , and still is the only way I can!

Jane McLellan said...

They certainly don't make it easy!

Jane Eborall said...

The walking pictures are on my 'name' page and I thought that a lot of people didn't know about the Shuttle Tats Lots page which was also an incentive to abandon it!! Would've loved to have merged them but it was not to be!!!
As you know Facebook isn't my favourite place to be either!!!

lovestoSwatch said...

Hello Jane, well if you want to keep your private and public matters separate, how about creating a private "Jane Shuttle Tats Lots" group? Groups should be quite clearly distinct from your own page, and if you make it private, any "mistaken" post will only be seen by members of the group, and you could always delete it later anyway. Just a thought :-D

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks for the suggestion, lovestoSwatch but it was more about the inconvenience of having to 'switch profiles' that was annoying this old git!!! As I never give much away about my personal life it's not a problem. I always think nobody would be interested in a little (well not so little after Covid calories) old, slightly bonkers, woman living a quiet life in England anyway!!!!

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