Decorative Shuttles

New and elegant flat tatting shuttles with pyrography designs on both sides.  The outside marks close to the tips are intended to be used as picot gauges too.
Prices - £6.50 or $11.00




lequita hicks said...

Wow, these are amazing shuttles. I've not seem any like these. Beautiful.

Pigmini said...

Missed them!!!! Drat!!!!

rsmre said...

For Heaven's Sake, I didn't know that you made these. They are just beautiful. When will they be available, again.?

Jane Eborall said...

Not sure when the next lot will be available rsmre so watch this space!!!

Debbie H said...

Brilliant design feature! Picot gages incorporated as shuttle decoration...what will you three think of next?!!

Christie Bass said...

I need a set!!!

Elizabeth in Weat Virginia said...

I too must have a set of these wonderful shuttles. Must keep up with all of Jane's wonderful shuttles!!!

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