30 April 2013

Now We Are Six

Now We Are Six.  Six motifs.  Why the title?  Well have you heard of A.A. Milne of Winnie the Pooh fame?  He wrote a book of poems titled 'Now We Are Six'.  

I loved his books when I was a kid.  Here are six of the motifs together.  All with buttons in the centres.

29 April 2013

A Giveaway

A few weeks ago I was very kindly gifted two tatting books as a thank you for something I'd done.  This was very, very kind of the person who sent them but sadly I'd already got both of them. 

I felt awful as the books arrived here and I thought the lady concerned had just asked for them to be sent here so I could send them on over the pond.  Often sellers won't post directly to the USA or other countries so I assumed this is why they came here.  So I got in touch with her once I'd traced the buyer through the company and asked what she wanted me to do with them. I was SO embarrassed when she said they were for me.  Anyway I discussed this with her and it was decided that I could give them to somebody who hadn't already got copies.

So, here's the first one.   I'll put the second one up next week - I don't want to confuse BC3, do I?

Please leave a comment and make sure I have some way of contacting you.  Often people don't have their emails easily available in their profiles on the blogs.  I'll announce the winner in a few days when people have stopped commenting.  I'll do the usual - use a random number generator!!!

27 April 2013

Popular Crafts April 1994

Another of the magazines which used my patterns.  This time in 1994 - back in the last century!!!

There were so few coloured threads around in those days that I can't believe that I even found some.  

Nowadays Tat Land is covered in beautiful colours made by so many talented people from commercial producers to people dying in their own homes.  Wonder if I should take up dying?  I guess not - I'd probably dye everything in sight and I don't think the cat would appreciate turning purple or pink or some other colour!!

26 April 2013

More of the Ferris Wheel motifs

All bags now finished and listed in the Etsy shop.  The really, really good news is that the sewing machine and assorted mess in the area I work in is also cleared away too.  Aren't I good, eh?

Well these are fun.  I'm enjoying the playing with colours again.  Wonder how long I'll keep it up, though?  So relaxing after a stint of designing.  Mind, the itch to start something new is there in the background of BC3's brain!!!

25 April 2013

Just a quickie!

I've been tatting but I really wanted to show you these bags that I've put in the shop.  Well, just two sorts - roly poly bags and poke proof pouches.  
There are quite a few more in there and I have three more sets to finish.  That will make a total of 20 in this sewing session.  I'm really, really done with sewing for a while after this.  

Why can't I regulate myself?  Why do I start a thing and then HAVE to finish it?  Why can't I leave a project like that and walk away from it for a few days?

Answer - because I'm bonkers!!!  Totally and utterly BONKERS!!!

24 April 2013

The Ferris Wheel

Named, shamed and up on my web site!!!!  

I loved the suggestions for this motif but it simply had to be the Ferris Wheel as several people suggested that name!!!!   I liked the one suggested by Pigmini of Octocurlygon but thought the cleverness of it might be lost on those who don't read English.  Twiddly (by Jane) was another great suggestion but I think I can use that another time!!  Same thing with Mad Tatter's suggestion of kaleidoscope too.  

In fact with some of the suggestions I'm not using I'm beginning to feel another design based on names creeping into BC3's area of the aged brain!!!!

23 April 2013

Not about tatting - not really!

I just wanted to apologise to those who thought I'd stopped easy commenting on the blog.  I took the Captcha thingy off some time ago to make it easier and then found that the comments dropped off AGAIN recently.  I've now realised what caused this.  

What happened is that I linked blog comments to google+ and that made it impossible for those who aren't using google+ to be able to comment - it's now back to what it was before.  Hope this will help you - Maureen and Fox!!!.  

You know what I'm like - I love to try all and everything out.  Do many people use google+?  I rarely if ever go to it.  Now I've taken off the link between the blog and google+ we should be back to 'normal' which is actually almost impossible in my corner of Tat Land!!!

Oh, I'm also roly poly bag making again too and slowly listing them (and poke proof pouches) in my Etsy shop.  Only another 7 sets to make and I'll retire again!!!

Another of the new motifs but without a button in the middle!!!  Today I will choose one of the suggestions for a name and (with a bit of luck) get the pattern up on my site.  Keep your fingers crossed.

22 April 2013

Just when you think it's safe!!!

Just when you think you've heard the last of this pattern - here it is again!!!

BUT this time it's got 8 sides and has a button in the middle!!!  I've done two to see how it looks when they're joined so I think I'm going to stick with this idea for a while.

Of course there had to be some alterations to the pattern from the original - quite a bit, actually as you can probably see.  Not sure WHAT I'm going to call this one so any suggestions would be VERY welcome, pretty please with sugar on the top!!!!!  

20 April 2013

Still messing with images

So after many, many hours I can now show you a comparison between the before and after!!! Least I hope I can.

First at the top is the 'before' I started out with Pixelmator - see yesterday's post.

Can you see the grey backgrounds to the motifs?  This is what has annoyed me for years and which I promised myself I would 'get round to sorting one day'.  

Now look at the second logo.  The grey bits have now gone.  I'm such a proud old git but now I have to get them on the blog and also then work on the Etsy shop logo too.  All takes time and then I get distracted by other things too - like the sewing machine!!!

19 April 2013

Messing about with images

Now my images aren't the best.  In fact they're pretty poor at times.  I'm really only interested in the tatting so making pretty pictures just bypasses me.  

A couple of weeks ago another of the volunteers from Silver Surfers came round to my place to look at a web site he was working on.  He wanted to see it on another type of tablet which Nick had.  Andrew and I got talking and I was bemoaning the fact that I had grey backgrounds to my images (scanned and photographed).  He recommended something called Pixelmator which is available from the App store.  Thus began another 'adventure'!!!!  

This software allows you to eliminate the parts of an image that you don't want (there was originally a grey background - see the top image).  By 'zapping' the pixels in the image you can make the parts you want to 'get rid of' go transparent (see the next picture).

In the third picture I've placed it over a plain colour so that it shows through where the pixels have been removed.  Clever, eh?  Yes, clever and time consuming when you don't really know what you're doing!!!  However the pair of us (myself and BC3) got stuck in and here's one of the results.  

Obviously I'm in the 'early stages' of learning how to do this stuff but it's keeping me quiet and out of mischief for a few hours a day.    

18 April 2013

More Twirly's!!!!

I'm not going to bore you with this design any longer.  Well, not for now as I've headed off on another 'track'!!!  Still to do with this one - sort of!!!!

So, here's the pattern in case anybody wants it.  

I'm sure it would make a lovely coaster or something.  I'm hopeless at knowing what to use things for or even giving them names but I thought 'Twirly' was a goodish one for this as it sort of 'twirls' in and out!!!!

16 April 2013

Twirly Hexagon motif

First today is a note to tell you that there are two new roly poly tat bags now in my shop.  YES, Spring is here for a few days so it's warm enough to sew in the conservatory - whoooopppeeeee. Hopefully more to come too.

So, this is my next experiment.  I really, really liked this one.  I intended it to be a 'joinable upable' motif but wasn't happy that when several were made that they would join successfully with the 'right' sort of negative space between each one.  If you follow my ramblings!!!

I tried all sorts of different ideas including throwing off SCMR's but none really worked as well as this original one!!!  There will be lots more about this motif over the next week or so.  

Oh the trials and tribulations that I go through with BC3 are unbelievable - especially when he/she decides to forget things too!!!

15 April 2013

Another design

First today - two more TIAS have arrived - look here to see them.

Now this is another 'experiment' with the lock stitch block tatting.  I'd sort of forgotten about this as I finished it a month or more ago!!!!  I have a version with a button in the middle too.  One day I will get round to working it with the button in - then I can finish off the pattern.  It's sooooooo nearly 'there' but I've gone off to do other things now and have lost interest - as OG's do!!!!

13 April 2013

Practical Crafts

Here are two more of my patterns but this time they were published in Practical Crafts - February 1994. 

The really interesting point here is the way I worked the pearl drop earring.  Again bearing in mind that I already knew how to do split rings myself I was very aware that most tatters probably wouldn't know so I used an 'old fashioned' method to achieve what would now be easily done with SR's.

11 April 2013

Edging to six motif mat

Well I knew it 'needed something' so this is what the 'something' turned out to be!!!!
I used the same colours as I did on the middle motif.  With beads added, of course!!!  I didn't want the piece to be round either so decided to 'go with' the dips and dives of the total shape.

Now it can go in the box in the cupboard!!!!

10 April 2013

Practical Crafts January 1994

Well, well, well.  Another magazine that ran my patterns back in 1994.  These earrings came about when I found it was becoming too expensive to buy earrings to amuse my reception classes!!!  This was obviously a long time ago and nowadays I'd probably use different techniques to make them.  In fact some of my doodles have developed from these early beginnings.

No, that's not me - either on the cover or modeling the earrings.  Mind if it was a black cat it might've been me in a previous incarnation.  Oh, on second thoughts - I would've been it's owner.  A witch!!!  Probably still am when you're not watching me!!!

9 April 2013

Jess threads 7

Here it is - the final motif.  So, that's another project over with - or is it?  No, it's not.  

I've now got to wake up BC3 to see if he/she can help out with an edging for this.  Why?  Well because none of the outer picots have beads on so they look really naked!!!  They need 'dressing up' with something or other. 

So how do I go about that?  Time will tell.  

I like the negative space on this mat/doily or whatever you call it!!!

8 April 2013

Yet more of the 'whatever it is'!

First of all - there are now 113 prams on the TIAS site here.

So today I've got more of the thread fun to show you.  I don't honestly press these as I go along so they may look a bit skanky.  Aren't the colours fun, though?  Just one more to go but I'm not going to ask for guesses as to which colours I'm going to use for the last one!!!!!  

6 April 2013

Well, WHAT a surprise

When I got home on Thursday after handing the kids back to my daughter I found a box on my chair in Tat Corner.  I rarely get post - let alone a box!!!  It was just SOOOO exciting.  Even better it was from America.
Now I knew that BC3 hadn't been ordering anything from over the pond so I was totally puzzled.  I managed to get my coat off before I opened it - just!!!

Inside were all the goodies shown below and they came from Terry who I've met online and through the pop a bobbin shuttle sales.  Thank you SO much Terry - you really know how to keep an OG happy!!!

The lighter variegated thread is Manuela - now sadly out of production.  I loved Manuela.  The blue is, of course, the wonderful Lizbeth.  Then there are doodads and twirly whirly thingies (BC3 is hopping around at the sight of those), fabric (when WILL the weather get warmer so I can sew?) and two VERY pretty shuttles as well.  Thank you again, Terry.

5 April 2013

Two more added

This time I've got two more motifs to show you.  I like the subtle plain light colours together. 

I suppose I really should've stuck to the one plain colour for all but that wouldn't have gone down well with BC3 who loves to experiment!!!  Really wonder where this is going to end up!!

Kids have gone home - so very quiet again here but lots of sleep needed to get my brain straight again!!!!

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