8 November 2014

More about the BIG oops!!!!!

So, if you read this post the other day you'll remember that I had to cut out most of this round due to a failure of the brain!!! BUT what I haven't told you about yet is the fact that while doing it I had an even worse disaster.

Do you ever have 'those moments' when you know that you're going to do something totally stupid and also know that you can't stop yourself? I had one of those while cutting out the round. I'd bought some new lovely small scissors from Karey Solomon at Tat Days and I really, really love them but they weren't to blame at all - it was down to the 'driver' of said implement!!!

I did the inevitable - I CUT A PICOT! 

Now I wasn't prepared to cut off the rest of this round AND the previous one or mess with it further so I thought about it and had a BRAINWAVE. Yes, from BC3. So, what I did was - well, probably best if you go and look at this new technique page.  The results were fantastic and I was using a size 40 thread too on the doily.  Hopefully you'll never need to use this but it's there if you ever do cut a picot by mistake!!!

7 November 2014

Starfish or star - you choose!

So this came about because somebody wrote to me a few days ago saying they were having problems with my starfish. I decided that the only way to see what they were having problems with was to tat it myself once again.

Hmmmmm, not as easy as it sounds, I found. There were parts that I couldn't understand either!!!

Now, bearing in mind that this pattern was written some 8 years ago and that my style of writing and diagramming changes over the years I wasn't surprised. I wrote this in the days when I assumed that tatters would be able to work out when to put a bead at the back of the hand before starting a ring it was needed in and also assumed they'd know when to switch shuttles or close or reverse work. Nowadays I try to remember to put all those things in as I notate the pattern.  Probably because my concentration goes on holiday too from time to time.

Thanks to the person who wrote about the starfish I can now present you with a - well starfish OR a star!!! As stars are usually five sided and snowflakes six I reckon this is a star but equally I'd call it a snowflake - just cause I'm awkward!!!

So the starfish is in it's usual place on the animal page but I've added it as a star to the motif and snowflake page.  Here's the link - and below the picture.

6 November 2014

Valencia with oooops

You have NO idea how much hassle I've had with this round!!! NO IDEA!!! Sally suggested that I throw it in the bin but I'm a very, very stubborn old moo.

I took it with me to America as an ongoing project which was fine although I didn't do a lot to it but I had started this round when I was with Joanie. 

I kept counting and counting to make sure I was on the right track and all seemed fine until I got to the end!!!! I'd made a mistake. That was when I was cross with myself and Sally said to chuck it away!!!! BUT I couldn't 'see' where I'd gone wrong and for two days I kept going back to it over and over again.

Finally BC3 woke up and I saw it. So, out came the scissors and I cut it back to where the mistake had happened. At each end there are two places where there is a difference and I'd done a join instead of letting a small ring 'float'.

The rest of the story continues as matters get worse. And I MEAN worse!!!

5 November 2014

Another new EXCLUSIVE member

Jeff sent in his mouse yesterday with the following comment:-

"I finally finished my bauble tatted mouse.  This is my second attempt. The first one seemed wonky near the beginning.  My mouse doesn't seem as long as should be; I think I may have tightened everything a bit too much.  I'll have to try a few of the other critters once I've made something else for a while.

I've added him to the exclusive tatting club members list on the page at the top of this post. 

I'm looking forward to your next critter, Jeff. Thanks SOOOOOO much for joining in the fun as I know you're a busy chap.

3 November 2014

Finished angel

The worst part of any design for me is giving it a name!!! I HATE that part but sometimes it's necessary. Being of no religious belief I know very little about angels so resorted to google. I found lots of names and some covered all sorts of religions. Quite interesting, really. 

Anyway, in the end I've called her Angelica - just because I quite like the name!!!!

So, the final tweaks consisted of:-

a) A larger head. This meant, of course, working out how many more beads would be needed for the halo. I've used this method to make and 'anchor' the halo so it doesn't slip.

b) I changed the joins at the top of the wings/arms by moving the vip's to the top of the split rings.

c) Added hands to the ends of the wings/arms.

d) Made the dress (or whatever an angel wears!!) longer.

e) Added more picots to the under part of the wings.

Now I'm happy with it and I hope you enjoy it too.  Oh, heck, better give you the link!!!

1 November 2014

Still not right

I'm definitely going to work on getting the pattern on my site over the weekend.

This version is another trial that Im not happy with!  

Not wasted as my little granddaughter thought she was beautiful and happily went off home with it!

I now know exactly what needs doing so it'll be a quick fix for the next one!

31 October 2014

Converting a hummingbird!

First attempt at converting the hummingbird into an angel!!! NOT happy with this one though so it's back to the 'drawing board'. It MAY look OK to you but to me it needs a lot more tweaking. 

30 October 2014

Thought for the day

If tatting is a 'lost art' then am I a member of an endangered species?
Guess I could be a dinosaur?  

29 October 2014

Christmas colours

I suddenly decided to do the Inside Out Snowflake in Christmas colours. Strange for me to do that but it seemed a good idea at the time!!!! 

A lot of the people I give the motifs too for Christmas never put them away but keep them out all year so I feel that Christmassy colours look wrong in the middle of summer!!!  That's my perverted way of thinking, I guess!!!

I made this one last week but only remembered to take a photo two days ago. Not a very good picture, I'm afraid. Still it gives an idea of what it looks like.

28 October 2014

What happened to the hummingbirds

There's a story behind the hummingbird pattern. First, as I mentioned the other day, I never thought I could design one because I'd seen so many really, really good ones on the internet and didn't think I could do one any better.  I'm definitely NOT saying mine's better but it's OK.  It'll do for now.

As you probably remember when I was over in America at Tat Days I was going to stay with my friend Joanie who now lives in Florida. Other times I've stayed with her she's been living in South Carolina and I've always been mesmerised by the hummingbirds at her feeders. She told me ages ago that there were no hummers in Florida (well, not often around her area) so I decided she 'needed' some. That's how the design was inspired - by Joanie missing her hummers. 

The picture below is what I made for her and took with me on my trip over the pond.  

27 October 2014

Another two hummingbirds

Another two hummingbirds which I made for a very good reason.  I'll show you the 'reason' another day. 

Meanwhile I've added the pattern to the site and you can find it here.  Why is it called 'Joanie's Hummingbird'?  Well it's named after Joanie who has hosted me on so many occasions when I've been in America.  There's more to come about our friendship in another post.

Due to judicious 'nagging' (not really - it was more of a suggestion) from Sally  I am now working on converting this into an angel.   She's 'into' angels and I'm not!!! Never dawned on me that this could be one but it will be shortly!!! 

In fact I started on it yesterday so should have it ready and on my web site by the end of the week.  I'll keep you posted on progress.  Not sure but I think it'll need a halo - what else does it need?  Suggestions welcome, please.

25 October 2014


Now this is something I've always wanted to do - make my own hummingbird!!!! I've never got round to it before because others have done such good ones and I knew I couldn't do better. 

However I finally thought I'd have a go when I saw a picture of a hummingbird here which was looking sort of upwards. I made mine slightly different though - just because I'd seen others that were more 'heads back'.

Yesterday I was messing around on Facebook which is something I don't allow myself time to do very often. I'm not a great lover of Facebook and usually just upload 'stuff' from my phone when I've been walking and quick links to the blog in the mornings. Well I was sitting at the main computer when I decided to go into my account to change the profile pictures. Don't know why but I was looking through the files and suddenly found this hummingbird so used one of the pictures to change the profile. I must admit I was amazed at the reaction over the following hours.  Seems that people quite like it.

I did this pattern months ago and then forgot about it as I got into preparations for my trip to America. I'll finish it off over the weekend and add it to my pattern pages as soon as I can.

23 October 2014

A new Valencia started

Do you remember the doily I teased you about earlier this year? It was Valencia which you can find here.

Well I enjoyed making it so much that I decided to do another but this time in a size 40 thread. The progress you can see below is where I had got to by the time I got home from America. In fact I started this doily as a piece to take with me and work on while I was with my friends over the pond but I didn't get much done!!! Probably because we talked a lot and enjoyed each other's company.

I'd actually started on the next round before I got back but an accident happened and a cup of coffee made intimate contact with my tatting bag!!! I must admit that the biggest casualty was the beige ball of thread that you can see in the picture. I did rescue a lot of it and then decided that it was going to the place where all thread must go when it gets old - in the bin!!!! Actually that ball was probably one of the first balls of thread I ever owned so could be almost as old as me!!! So, considering I'm 71 and started tatting at 13 it could be positively ancient!!! In fact it was becoming very stiff to work with so it was given the ultimate order - 'in the bin'!!!!

As no decisions have been made on what colour thread I'm going to use and when it doesn't matter if I haven't got another the same colour!!!!  I've got a ball in a similar shade and that one may well be used later.  Time will tell!!!

22 October 2014

Another Snowflake

Now I prefer this colour but the photo isn't that good!!! I'm experimenting with taking photos at the moment although usually I tend to scan all the 'flat' stuff. Easier than looking for the camera etc.

21 October 2014

Snowflake experiments continue

Here's another one. Not sure if I like the colours of this one, though. I'm going to keep experimenting until I get the colour combination I really like.

Meanwhile some good news. The TIAS is gradually 'getting there'. I think I'm on about the sixth specimen and it's really beginning to look like what it's meant to be. Probably another six re-tats until I'm happy it's done!!!!

20 October 2014


Now really I think that Sharon should be called just that. An exclusive, exclusive member of the Exclusive Tatting Club.

Well, what CAN I say about her membership except that that accolade should be hers.  Look at what she's done. Talk about being addicted!!!! I can see mice, a hedgehog, a possum and the wonderful flowers that I've not been brave enough to start myself. Plus the dragonfly too.

Ah, you're thinking 'but I can only see a hedgehog and a possum'.  That's deliberate on my part as I want you to spare the time for just one click here to see her whole picture!!!  I can be mean sometimes but I'm sure you'll see why when you look.

On a final note Sharon does have a blog which has been neglected for a while but perhaps we should all get together to nag her to update it as she's obviously a very, very keen tatter.  Here's the link.

18 October 2014

For comparison purposes only!!!

I thought it might be a good idea to show you the two motifs (the inside out series) together. 

You're going to get very, very bored with these soon as I'm making them when I fall out with the TIAS!!!! That happens regularly. This year for some reason it's a real struggle to get it done. Not sure why as I'm really excited about the 'subject matter' I've chosen. Mainly excited cause I thought it up all on my very own with no outside assistance!!!! Well, to be honest, I just suddenly thought about it one day while I was walking.

17 October 2014

Finally it's done!!!

Not going to tease any longer!!! Here's the link to the Inside Out Snowflake.

I hope you find this as easy to work as I do. BUT I hope you don't get addicted like I have once you've tried it!!!!

16 October 2014

Another bauble has arrived

If you pop over to the Exclusive Tatting Club page at the top of my blog you'll find the latest member who has made a bauble/bobble. It's Elizabeth who calls hers - well, you'll have to go and look!!!!

Welcome to the club, Elizabeth.

15 October 2014

Another to tempt you!

Well, are you watching my blog? 

Here's another to tempt your taste buds - or, snowflake buds!!!

A whole day with no rain yesterday so managed to walk miles with a friend.  Let's hope I find time today to finish off this snowflake page.  Keep your fingers crossed!!!

14 October 2014

Now for something new- ish

So, yesterday you got the original motif and now I'm working on tweaking this - the Inside Out Snowflake.   I'll have the pattern ready by the end of the week - tat's a promise. 

Why?  Well, the weather is appalling here at the moment so I can' get out and about as much as usual.  Rained all day yesterday while I was dealing with internal leaks from a heating boiler which came through to the kitchen - drip, drip, drip!!!  Wet outside and wet inside!!! Boiler fixed but I can't find the right plumber to stop the sky dripping!!!  

Any suggestions would be welcome - that's on the subject of stopping the sky from dripping!!!

13 October 2014

It's out there

Ready for use should you want it. The new motif.

I've called it the 'Inside Out Motif'. Not cause it's inside out but because that's the way you work it!!! You do the outside first and then the middle.

The reason for that is because it's not easy to do a lock chain with a neat picot in unless you do a regular ds before and after the picot.  If I'd done that it wouldn't have been a decent looking lock chain in the middle.

Oh, before you go, there will be another motif shortly.  The new one is, I think, pretty darn good.  It's the one that will be my Christmas giveaway.  Hope to get the page finished this week but life has become a little 'difficult' in my 'other life'.  Hope to get things on the way to being sorted today - but who knows!!!!

11 October 2014

As threatened!

I've been telling you from time to time that I'm going to work further on one of the Crazy Mom Tats motifs so here are two that I did while I was testing and re-testing this pattern.  Sheeeesh, just noticed that I squidged the blue one slightly when I put it on the scanner - the lock chain down near the bottom on the right.

I'm really, really fussy about my work and have to be sure that the whole thing is done to the best of my ability. Now my ability is not always awake and working with my three brain cells (aka BC3) so often there are small mistakes. 

I should get this little motif (it's got a whacky sort of name too) up on my site very soon (hopefully over the weekend) although I have become side-tracked by an off shoot of this which will become my Christmas giveaway for all those people that I send a 'round robin' letter to at that time of the year.  

9 October 2014

The last one!!

This is the last of the eight motifs.  Well it's the last that I did for Crazy Mom Tats. 

From these I have now developed a new motif (pattern ready shortly) and what I think is a pretty good snowflake. 

As usual it's getting the pages sorted that's holding things up - that and other distractions that find their way into Tat Corner!!!!

8 October 2014

Yet another!

Yes another of 'those' motifs.  BUT I can assure you that I am making progress on making one of them into a 'proper' pattern - or two.  

Now I bet you'll recognise where this one came from!! It's the centre of the Catherine Wheel motif which you can find here.

This part of the Catherine Wheel always appears to me to be cheeky!!!!  Always looks as if it's on the way to somewhere but with no idea where!!!  A rolling stone.

Sort of reminds me of my journey through life - on a journey but with no fixed place in mind!!!  

7 October 2014

Another technique

It was Saturday afternoon (I think) and I was sitting in Tat Corner knitting when a notification from Facebook with a question popped into my inbox. It was Corina who was asking about the daisy picot technique.

I thought I might be able to help her but got intrigued with what I THINK she was trying to understand. Well, after a while temptation got into me and I grabbed a couple of shuttles.

Now as y'all know with the daisy picot technique there is always a small amount of the 'petal's' thread carried over the top of the central doubles. It occurred to me that this COULD be avoided if you held the two shuttles together while making this part of the technique.

Sooooooo, this is what came about (see picture below).

Being the owner of a silly sense of humour I've called it the 'Dandelion Picot Technique'. I know it doesn't 'look' like a dandelion but as dandelions live with the daisies in my lawn and the two techniques are sort of similar I thought it was a good idea - at the time.  I can easily change that if anybody knows of a former name for this. I ran it past my favourite tatting guru (Georgia Seitz) and she said she'd not seen it before. It MAY well be new. Anyway I can see lots of possibilities for this and will be looking again at this little butterfly to see if it makes for a bigger body and a less 'cluttered' look.

6 October 2014

New technique

Today I'd like to tell you a bit about a 'sort of' new technique but first of all I want to thank everybody for their birthday wishes.  To say I was overwhelmed is a total understatement.  I was, in fact, gobsmacked.  Thank you everybody everywhere.

Now I was talking to Sharren Morgan at the Palmetto Tatter's guild meeting a week after Tat Days and she showed me the Half Double Double stitch which I think is STUPENDOUS. Why didn't BC3 think of that?!? 

As Sharren is such a generous person she's allowed me to share this with you. Here's the link.

Now, you may think this isn't an earth shattering change but, personally, I think it does outweigh Rhoda Auld's (1976) original idea of the Double Double Stitch  (also known as the Balanced Double Stitch) as this variation uses a lot less thread and is easier to do - specially, as Sharren points out on the page that  I've done, - you can use whichever half you want to do as the half double double.  'Choose your own method'!!!

Anyway, here's a 'taster' from the technique page.  Please do visit the link and try it out.  I LOVE it.

4 October 2014

A quiz

Before I start the quiz I'd like to draw your attention to a new associate member of the exclusive tatting club who joined yesterday. A warm welcome to JB who has sent in her bauble.  Next mission is a mouse, isn't it JB?

Right - now for the quiz.  Please no cheating or you'll have to go and stand in the 'naughty corner'. 

The quiz is simple, really - there's only one answer and the question is 'who did I spend a lovely afternoon with yesterday'?

First clue is here.
OK, have you guessed yet?  Think - pretty hand spun and hand dyed wool.  No?  Right - second clue coming up.
Not yet?  You lot aren't very good, are you?  Think - Tunisian crochet, persistence and loads of patience.  No?  Third clue then.

Shall I tell you or shall I wait to see if anybody knows?  

Oh, OK I'll tell you.  It's Jane McLellan who I met up with.  Her blog is here.

If you ever get an offer to spend time with Jane (and her lovely friends) then please take up the chance.  I spent about three hours in her/their company and they fled past far too quickly.  We did, of course, talk about tatting quite a lot!  Well, that's what you do, don't you?

3 October 2014


I apologise that again I am showing another small motif. Well, Crazy Mom did want 8!!!! I like this design element as the daisy centre is so often seen on earring patterns or even bracelets.

This pattern is what I'd call a 'generic' one. Something that has probably been done time and time again and the copyright probably belongs to somebody 'out there' in Tat Land. If it does then perhaps somebody could point the old nose (the one in the middle of my face) to it.  The one novel (perhaps!) thing I've done is to use lock chains on the outer part.  Now because of this and IF this belongs to somebody then that makes it still theirs.  Do you follow?  Just because I've changed this design a little bit doesn't make it mine.  Well it doesn't really matter as I'm not publishing it but I'd still be interested in the owner (or another tatter) contacting me with their information.

Another bit of news which is causing me great excitement is a meeting I'm going to tomorrow. You'll NEVER believe this but another of Tat Land's residents is coming to town. OK, I'll not tell you who - but can you guess?  

Answers on a postage stamp, please to my usual address.  Now, what IS that you may ask?  Here it is in full.  Jane Eborall, The Mad House, Tatters Lane, Tatlington, Tat Land.  Or my email address will do!!!

2 October 2014

Ship Ahoy!!!

Yes, seriously, watch out for another ship just sailing into harbour. This one is from Linda and I'll leave her to tell you the rest of the story if you go to the TIAS page here.

There are still more mooring places in the harbour so if anybody has anymore to send in do feel free to do so!!

The worst part of next January's Tat It And See is now over. 

NO, I've not started the design of it yet BUT BC3 has decided what it is to be!!! That's always the biggest hurdle. Mainly because I like to do things which really keep you guessing for at least five days!!! This one will hopefully do that! I just need to be in the 'right mood' to get cracking.

Meantime I have 3 new patterns to get finished and onto the site. Shouldn't be long now as the days are shortening, the night's lengthening and my brain is getting geared up too!!

1 October 2014


Another motif and things are 'looking up' as this one caused the certain 'person' known as BC3 to wake up and take notice!!!! 

Again this the basis of this pattern is stolen from my own work. I'm going to write and draw this one up and get it on the web site soon. I like the way the centre looks but it's going to take me a short while to complete this.

30 September 2014

Do you remember?

Before I start - Jeff has become an associate member of the exclusive club so maybe you'd like to visit the page - the tab is above this post.

Do you remember?  Perhaps you don't but I do!!!!! I was playing with motifs a month or more ago.  Here's one of the motifs.

This is another one (below) that I've been playing with too. I don't think I ever told you 'why' I was into small motifs so here's the story. Sit back, put your feet up and you'll probably go to sleep before I've finished!!!!

It was about three weeks before my trip to America when Crazy Mom Tats asked me if I could make her some small motifs. I was going to stay with her in Atlanta for a few days so I was delighted to help.  She needed 8 for a set of coasters she'd bought. Remember - she lost everything in a house fire earlier in the year.  Thankfully she sent me a template which I printed off so that I knew the exact size they should be.

Well I set out to make some for her using the centres of other motifs I'd got on my pages but then branching out and using my rather aged imagination!!! Here's another that I did but one which I wasn't at all happy with. Not sure if I gave it to her but it was to prove a stepping stone to something else!!!!

29 September 2014

Gina's patterns.

A quick post today to tell you that I've managed to upload a few more of Gina's patterns onto this section of the web site.

The last few are thanks to Sue and Grace who kindly sent them to me. I'm sorry, Sue, that you've had to wait so long to see them appear but life and travelling got in the way!!! As it does!!!

27 September 2014

Brooch finished

So after the day before yesterday's failure I tried another attempt at covering the pin and this time I was satisfied. 

If you look closely at the first picture you'll see that I covered the pin with some tatting at both ends so the only part that shows is the head of the safety pin. Now some people may find that annoying but I think the baubles will attract the attention away from that. Anyway I can live with it as it is!  I'm easily pleased!

I put the pin on some denim to show up how it'll look on the coat and then took it to Tat Days to show off!!!! 

 Before I put it in it's travelling box I sprayed the brooch with Scotch Guard so it won't pick up dirt.  This is a trick I sometimes use with earrings too so they don't get the oil off off my scrawny old neck!!

26 September 2014

Meet a purple possum!!!

Now this is my sort of tatting - whacky!!!! 

Two new members of the exclusive tatting club arrived yesterday and you can now see them here. Ah, you can also find out who they belong to too!!!

25 September 2014

A bauble brooch

I have a black winter coat. It's a lovely coat and very warm too - an advantage some winters!!!!

Some six weeks or more ago I decided I 'needed' a new bright brooch to wear on this coat so set off making baubles. Well, that's a bit of a fib as I think I'd already done one or two before deciding what to use them for!!! Remember the 'gecko phase'? Well baubles are currently sort of like that for me as I love making them but never quite know for what purpose.

I got them all done and then needed to add them to a pin (or something). I tried to cover the coilless pin with a length of the leg pattern from the flower fairy which you can find here but that was an unmitigated disaster as so many of my unplanned tatting 'episodes' are!!!!

24 September 2014


Yesterday was spent unpacking. Not the clothes which were easy to get out and put in the appropriate places but the tatting 'goodies'.

I thought of taking photos of all the wonderful things I was given but some of those got eaten (like the honey) and there were so many gifts that it got a bit overwhelming. Actually I was so spoiled that it was embarrassing - but I'll cope!

There was the purse of 'bribes' (including shuttle earwigs and other shuttles) from a group who want me to teach there, a huge bag full of HDT (along with ezybobs to wind them on), the new Marilee Rockley book, beads and many, many other things.  I was given a shuttle that had belonged to Gina which was a lovely thought.  Then there were more beads, an angel given to me later on during the trip, the beautiful bright dangle (now residing on my handbag), a leather shuttle holder that you wear round your neck, a lanyard which I didn't get to wear at Tat Days but which has now become a super necklace by changing the latch hooks and putting another finding on.  Pens which are really bright and hopefully won't get lost in the household clutter.  Actually they're now by my keyboard so should be 'safe'!!!  Did I mention beads?  More beads than I'll use in a lifetime so Sally will get some of those.  Buttons too.  Sally, are you listening?   and many, many more goodies. THANK YOU to everybody I really, really appreciate everything.

I'd also like to thank my hosts.  Crazy Mom in Atlanta, the Palmetto Tatters in Toccoa, the 'gang' at Lake Junaleska (lovely to spend time with y'all), Gloria and Bob in South Carolina (Lake Murray) and finally dear Joanie who has put up with me so many times.  Love y'all and can never thank you enough.  What a fantastic three weeks.

Yesterday we reached the magic 100 in the Tat It And See.  WHOOPPPEEEEE.

Also another new associate member has joined the Exclusive Tatting Club - welcome, Phyllis.  Please visit her bauble here.

23 September 2014

More catching up news!

I just need to let y'all know that I've added Sandy to the list of exclusive members of the Exclusive Tatting Club. Thanks, Sandy. Here's the link.

Also there's a new addition to the January 2014 Tat It And See which now puts numbers up to 99!!! Almost at the elusive (not exclusive!!) number 100. Wonder if there'll be another one to take us there?!?!? Again, here's a link for you to see.

22 September 2014

Now I'm home

Back in the old routine, I guess, but first I have to catch up on sleep. 

I promised to show you pictures of the first part of the trip which was to Atlanta for a few days with Crazy Mom who I STILL insist isn't crazy at ALL but probably a tad silly for putting up with me. 

While I was with her she arranged a tatting get-together at her new temporary home. What a fun evening that was. Lots of gossip and a new tatter was 'born' too.

The first day we visited the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta which was sooooo interesting and which I can recommend to anybody passing that way. 

On Wednesday we visited CNN studios and did the full tour. Again that was interesting and Crazy Mom even got to read using a teleprompter. She did a great job too. The escalator which you can see in the one picture is the longest unsupported escalator (elevator to Americans!) in the world and we went up it. There's a link about it here.  Such a lot to do and see in Atlanta.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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