30 January 2016

Geraldine's Angel

A VERY big apology to Geraldine. I asked if I could blog this ages ago but then forgot it was in my drafts - another 'tidy up' of my blog led me to find it. 

This is what she told me about this lovely angel of hers.
"This year in November Charnwood tatters are putting Angels on our Christmas tree in the parish church festival. I decided that I would do this Angel as one of mine. Very fiddly but so, so beautiful. Tried to stuff the head with cotton wool to keep the shape, but that did not work. But this is not a bad effort as not done baubles for a long time."

29 January 2016

Mystery solved

Thanks to Robin the mystery of the 'missing' blog followers has been solved. It was very reassuring to find that I'm not the only one bereft of followers. Although it's a very minor thing the number of followers on the dashboard does give some indication of whether a blog is being useful, boring or whatever. 

So this means that if you don't have a Google account and want to follow blogs then you'll just have to get one!!!! OR if it's my blog and you don't want to have a Google account you'll just need to bookmark the page or say 'bye bye'!!!!

Thank you Robin for taking the time to find out what's going on!!

28 January 2016

Well, that's better!!

First of all - today's the day for day 9. Here's the link.

Yesterday as it was a quiet day for the TIAS I had a great BIG tidy up. I'd noticed that on my dashboard the number of followers of my blog had dropped quite a lot so that made the old git stop and think. Ah, maybe I need to do something about all the blogs I follow. 

I believe there's a limit of around 300 that you're allowed to follow on the dashboard so I decided to have a look at those I've got there. Now these are not the list that you see on the front of my blog but those that are hidden away. So I had a grand tidy up and took off all those that hadn't been updated in a year or more. This means that now I've got room to follow more active blogs so am open to suggestions from those who have got blogs but which I probably haven't got on my 'secret' list!!!!

So, there's your 'homework'!!! Send me your link and I'll see if I've got you on my list and if not - I'll add you. Keeps me busy blog hopping which is part of my relaxation!!

27 January 2016

New pattern

Tomorrow is day 9 of the TIAS.

Now I have a bit of a story about this pattern!! I had a message from Ruth about two years ago asking me if I'd design a Motmot bird. Well I thought that was a joke at first so went and asked Mr Google (or, could it be Mrs Google?) about this bird I'd never heard of. I found a LOT of images of Motmot birds which were useful and the web pages were very interesting too. Here's the wikipedia link for starters.

So I thought about it and put it on the back burner for a while. 

Then when I was approached about going to Canada to teach at the Fringe Element Tat Days last September I realised that one of the people inviting me to go and annoy them was Ruth who'd asked for the Motmot. That made a GOOD excuse to design one - so that's what I did. 

In the pictures below you can see the resulting picture I took over for her as a small thank you for the great hospitality shown to me.

Then I got home and - well, those who know me will guess what happened next. NOTHING. Why? Well I forgot it was on my computer!!! So a few days ago I was searching for something else and I found the pattern. Yesterday I decided to settle down in the afternoon and put the web page together, do the links, etc etc. Imagine my surprise when I found I'd already done them!!!! Sometimes I can be efficient although thankfully that's not very often. I couldn't live in my skin if I was efficient. In fact all I had left to do was upload the 'animal' page so I did that. Here's the link to Ruth's Motmot bird.

23 January 2016

Day 7

Remember that after day 6 you switched shuttles so the one you are starting off with today is the one closest to ring 15 or the one you weren't using yesterday!!!! Also you do not need to SS after SR16. Happy tatting and I'll be waiting for the pictures and comments!!! As always - please email me if you need help.

22 January 2016

Previous Tat It And See designs.

Before I start wittering on - tomorrow will be day 7 so get ready!!!!

Christine sent me a message earlier during this year's TIAS showing me these two pieces which are on my pattern site. The pram which is here and the sailing boat here.  I just LOVE the colours she used and asked her if I could share them with you all. This is what she said. 

"I recently finished tatting the pram and sailboat and thought you might like to see them.
They were fun to make, and good practice for split rings and SCMRs.
Thank you!
Have a great weekend!"

As you've probably realised, over the years, I LOVE bright colours but these really, really appeal to me big time.  Thank you for sharing, Christine.

21 January 2016

Heart bookmark

This is one of the things I've made with the Abbi Heart pattern. A simple bookmark. 

My problem is I keep making these little hearts and don't know what to do with them!!! 

I've been truly amazed at the response to this pattern. Perhaps I ought to remember to post in the groups on Facebook (not a place I'm comfortable in!) more often!!! 

The strategy (if that's what you call it) of posting in the tatting groups did lead to an 'interesting' discussion with a Czech tatter who tried to 'strongly persuade' me into putting her copyright on the way the beads were added in the beaded version.  She claimed that in 2007 she'd put this idea on her website and it was therefore hers. I did send her the link to this pattern which was uploaded in the same year but even that didn't convince her. Least I don't think it did. Very difficult to discuss such matters when neither party speaks the other's language. Anyway I heard no more yesterday so it must all have blown over!

19 January 2016

New pattern out today

Tomorrow will be time for day 6 of the TIAS.

Well this should actually have been out loooooong before Christmas but I've only just remembered it!!!! 

Thanks to somebody somewhere on the internet yesterday selling a heart pattern it woke up BC3 to the fact that he'd never got round to uploading this one!!!! I've several patterns which need to be finished and put on the site but I tend to go wandering off on a new idea before the links and other 'stuff' has been done!!!

Anyway, enough rambling - here's the link. Oh, and here are some pictures of the heart. It's actually quite good value for money - except there's no money involved, of course!!!!

18 January 2016

Come dance with me

Look what arrived a week or so ago in my inbox. Isn't this cute?

This came from Elizabeth - least I think it was her but stupidly (I 'do' stupid very well, I might add) I've lost the email with the name.

I love this because I'd never have thought of putting pink tatting on a pink background but it works - and works well in my opinion.

15 January 2016

Day 4

It's Friday so it MUST be time for Day 4 of the TIAS.

Day 5 will be available on Sunday so keep those shuttles on standby!!

14 January 2016

About the TIAS

First of all tomorrow will be day 4. It was going to be today but it's going to be a VERY hectic day for me so I can't give it the time it needs.

Just thought it was worth sharing a few thoughts about this year's Tat It And See and the progress so far.

Firstly it's going really, really well from what I can see/feel. 

I see a lot of people taking part on my odd visits to Facebook but who don't send pictures to the blog. That's FINE. 

I'm also learning about the 'secret' TIAS tatters who never get publicly involved or ever make contact with me. Again - that's fine. Hope they are brave enough to join in publicly one day.

Another pleasing thing is the guffaws of laughter that the game generates for the two of us back here in our part of the world. Thank you to those who go the extra mile to cause that with their pictures and comments!

From being a possessive parent of this daft idea - nowadays I'm becoming a proud parent who honestly is enjoying every minute of it's growth during it's teenage years. Because of this I'm looking forward to doing another next January. 

Maybe I'll use the idea I had for this year but changed my mind about!!! You'll hear why at the end.

11 January 2016

More playing with baubles

Tomorrow will be day 3 of the Tat It And See.  The link will be on this blog and the TIAS blog too.

I'm back playing with baubles which isn't easy while dealing with BC3 and his lack of memory as to 'what did I do last time'!!! 

The problem with these is the difficulty of taking pictures. Not easy. I normally tend to scan rather than use the camera. Still here's one of my experiments.

I'm interested at the moment in how to add beads to the edges of the finished open baubles. I think I've solved the problem now but it's hard to explain how I've done it. I'll try, though one day. The top picture below shows another row added after the beads. 

9 January 2016

Day 2

We have just over 50 people now taking part in this year's Tat It And See. Of course there's always time to start so if you haven't then just follow the links at the top, left of this page or the TIAS blog.

8 January 2016

Patchwork finished.

Tomorrow will be Day 2 of the Tat It And See.  Links will be on this blog (top left of the day's post) and on the TIAS blog too.

Why oh why do I yearn to finish things and then (a) forget I've done them (b) immediately want to start a new and similar project?

I finished this project over the weekend and promptly forgot to tell you!!!

The top photo shows the finished piece before I put the border on. Then below is the totally finished cloth. The backing is the same fabric as the outer rose diamonds. It's now on Nick's table and he's dead chuffed with it. 

Now I've got to decide whether to start another patchwork or not. I fancy making some placemats using just the hexagons and the same sized ones as this cloth. It'll give plenty of scope to play with each mat as the pieces will be relatively small - unlike those in the large throw. Which reminds me - wonder where I put that too?

6 January 2016

We're OFF

Day 1 of the Tat It And See 2016 is now available on this link.

Any comments or photos you want to send in then please send them to this email address - love to tat @gmail.com (take out the spaces)!!!

All links will be available at the top left of this page and on the Tat It And See blog which is here.

5 January 2016

Bauble earrings

Sometimes I just HAVE to play and this is one of the ideas that stemmed from the bell the other day. I've jotted down very rough notes on this but need to get them properly written up - mainly so I can understand them!!!

From tomorrow onwards this blog may become a little quieter. I hope to be busy with the Tat It And See (TIAS) so won't have a lot of time to tat!!! It'll give the old hands (and BC3!) a rest though.

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Happy Beaks
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