30 November 2015

More shuttles

First of all some blatant advertising!!!  I'm not ashamed of myself for doing it either!!!  Just want to ask you one simple question.  Where can you buy 15 tatting patterns for just CD $20 which is USD $14.95 or GBP £9.95 all plus postage.  Well, the answer is here from the Fringe Tatters.  fringetatters@gmail.com  These lovely patterns are all available on their calendar so, as they only have just a few left, dive in quick.  

There are more shuttles listed here in my Etsy shop. A mixture of Pop A Bobbin Shuttles and post ones.  Well I hope there are some left by the time you read this!!!

I think that anything sent within the next week should make it to it's destination before Christmas. Obviously with Royal Fail I can't guarantee that but I can guarantee that this OG will toddle down to the Post Office each day to send out any orders. 

This is what I listed in the shop yesterday lunchtime.

3 CHERRY £18.00 with hooks 
3 APPLE £18.00 with hooks 
3 PEARS £18.00 with hooks 
3 AMERICAN BLACK WALNUT £18.00 with hooks 

2 PEAR £14.50 
1 CEDAR £14.50 
1 SNAKEWOOD £16.50

28 November 2015


I very nearly forgot to show you the finished patchwork. How silly is that? I suppose it's typical of me - once a thing is finished it's of no interest to me!!

It turned out to be just the right size to use as a throw for the back of the sofa. Least it will be when I find it again!!!

I'm so pleased with this attempt at patchwork that I've started another!! 

No, not hexagons (well, not many) and no, not big either!!! I'll show you another day!!!

27 November 2015

A teeny tiny snowflake pattern!

I've got a lot of Bob-eez (they seem to have many spellings!) with small amounts of HDT on them. I really, really need to free these up so I can wind on other new skeins of HDT that I've been given or bought over the past two trips abroad!!!! 

So, what to do with them? Well I decided to make this little star in my doodles section to put in my 'carry about with me' container which is always in my handbag.  Normally I carry two shuttles, loads of bobbins full of thread and make the little SCMR butterflies which fly out every time I tat in a public place.  Not that I do that a lot!!!

Then BC3 reminded me that it's almost the festive season!!!!  

Anyway - I realised that if I changed the little star slightly it would turn into a snowflake!!!   So, here it is OR here they are!!!  I can make these very quickly and will continue to bore you with them until I've released a few more Bob-eez!!!

26 November 2015

Robin's snowflake

Today it's all about Robin's snowflake which is shown below.

I just happened to be 'quick off the mark' when she asked for test tatters and I must make some comments about her pattern.

It's really cool. Clear, precise and easy (even for somebody with only three brain cells) to follow and she uses standard notation which I really appreciate instead of calling 'stuff' new names which would cause me to be forever referring to the abbreviations. What I particularly LOVED about it is that it's only two pages. I despair of 'fancily written' patterns with lots and lots of white space and 'silly' fonts (not easy to read for old eyes) and GINORMOUS pictures/diagrams. I think the 'fashion' for these has come from an idea that if you sell a pattern the buyer expects 'lots of value for money' and the pattern is expanded as much as possible. I've often been tempted to buy patterns (well, sometimes!) and the thought of having pages and pages of 'fancy stuff' on oodles of pages with a veritable storm of snow white space just puts me right off.

I never ever print off patterns - not even my own. I really don't see the point of wasting ink and paper on something I may never do many times so I always work from the digital copy or scan a book page and work from that. Habit formed over years of writing the darn things down, losing bits of paper, finding them and then not being able to understand what I was on about!!!

24 November 2015

Little box!

I'd forgotten this little box. This is a pattern that Judith Connors taught at the Fringe Tat Days. I was lucky enough to be in her lesson and started it off there. Finished it when I was at Terry's house and finally stiffened it when I got home to the UK.

It's a sweet little box and a joy to make. The flower on the top wasn't a good choice to make so one day I'll replace it with something better.

23 November 2015

A bit of a teaser!!!!

Before you all start worrying - yes, I'm still tatting. Can't break the habit of almost a lifetime, can you?

Today I'm showing you further progress on the patchwork. This photo was taken a week or more ago so and is well out of date as the item is actually now finished!!!!

As you can see - this is the back of the 'whatever it is' with all the papers in.  I tried another way of sewing round the papers which I thought was a brilliant idea. 

It involved just turning the fabric over the paper and catching (just the fabric)  at each of the corners. This meant no sewing through the paper which made it much faster. BUT I soon found that the papers quickly 'popped out' when I was sewing the patches together   So I went back to the original method of sewing through the paper. Not that it bothered me and it was a good experiment. Maybe I did something wrong so I'll wait for guidance from proper patchwork people over where I went wrong!!!!

21 November 2015

A tit for tat

If you didn't know that's rhyming slang for hat!!! 

I bought the most GINORMOUS ball of wool from Michael's the day before I left Canada. Ruth kindly took me on a visit to the one that was closing down near her house. I figured that I'd still got room (if I sat on it) in my suitcase for the wool!!! This is what I made with it along with a pair of socks for wearing in bed when the poor old feet are cold!!!!

This is a very old pattern that Sally shared with me. I think she said it was about 30 years old!!! Crocheted and a lovely shape too. Shame the weather isn't cold enough to wear it yet although 'they' say it's going to change today!!

Oh, since these photos I've added a yellow button to the centre of the flower.  Now I'm 'good to go' but need to decide when and where to go!!!!

20 November 2015

A bit of a failure

I'm a bit ashamed of this but I'm going to show you anyway. This was one of the gifts I came back with from Canada.  A lovely sort of oval shaped piece of linen with a great pattern to make it into a holder - for hanky's I think.  Anyway I didn't do a very good job of it at all as I've mis-counted the holes and really made a mess of it.

BUT Abbi (aged nearly 8) thought it was pretty and happily took it home.  Just goes to show that somebody who's been tatting waaaaaay too long can still make a mess of things.  

The lesson for new tatters is - don't worry even ancient ones still don't get it right but it made one little girl happy!!!

19 November 2015

A bit of tatting!

Just for a change I'm doing a bit of tatting!!! I know this blog should be about tatting but sometimes I veer off course - particularly at this time of the year when I'm sorting out the TIAS!!!

This is another of the Crystal snowflakes. I love using colours but really must make one or two in white as that's more 'traditional'!!!! 

We've had terrible winds recently and we've got a noise from the roof. Not sure what's causing it but it sounds as if something is banging against a chimney pot. Result? Lack of sleep!!!! The arial man is coming to see what it is next week so I'm hoping that the wind will go away until then!!  

18 November 2015

This year's gloves

Now this year I decided that it would be quicker to knit some fingerless gloves! That was my first thought - not only to save time (although I'm not sure at my age what I'm saving it for - time, that is) but also to have some knitting on the go.

I set off using one pattern and then decided to go back to the one I used last year for yesterday's gloves.  I thought that putting in 'short fingers' it would be more comfortable to wear these than having no 'holes' to put my fingers through.  Time will tell and once it's told me I'll tell you!!!!

I love this colour - got the wool from Canada and it's easy to work with.

17 November 2015

Last year's gloves

This is a pair of gloves I knitted last year. I had made a pair of socks out of the same grey wool but when I was heading to the fingers on the first glove I could tell I may not have enough to finish both. 

I headed into the wool shop without the original wool and took a guess at the right shade of grey!!! Hmmm, I'll leave you to decide whether it was a good guess or not!!! I have my opinions.

Why am I showing you now? No idea - just found the photo on my computer and thought it was about time I shared it.

Are you wondering what's happened to the tatting lately? Well, lots of shuttle work is going on but mainly it's about the TIAS. That has now been 'chopped up' and drawings and pages have been created. Next step is to test tat it again from those pages. Heading that way later this week.

16 November 2015


Well I uploaded the new amended snowman pattern as I told you a week or so ago. Then Elizabeth contacted me to ask where the original one was!!! I sent her a copy of the original and told her that I would put it back on the pattern pages - must do that. Keep reminding me, people!!! 

I've never had a good memory - I tend to think that what's past is past and stuff I did then I can't undo so I really don't have an excuse for not having a good 'remembering' thingy in my brain!!!

14 November 2015

Last Rachel

Nearly forgot this one!!! 

The last of the Rachel motifs by Rosemarie Peel that I was working on.  I did this one on my travels so therefore - no beads.  I don't travel with beads - too dangerous.  Once dropped forever gone!!!

I worked on this in Birmingham airport departure lounge, in Terry's house, Ruth's house and finally in Toronto airport's departure lounge.  An international motif you could say!!!  A little bit here and there!!!

12 November 2015

Martha asked me a question

But I don't know the answer, really. 

I'm looking for the answer from 'you out there' so please if you know can you tell me? 

The question is about the patchwork I showed you yesterday. Martha asked what I did with the seams when I'd finished - did I press them open or all the same way.  Well in the dim and distant past I have pressed them open like they are in the attached photo (here they're just tacked into place, of course) but thinking about it I've no idea if that's the right thing to do. 


11 November 2015

Something different!

Here's what I was talking about yesterday.   Remember this?  Well further progress has been made!!!

What I like about doing patchwork by hand is the different stages.  First the decisions on what fabrics to use, then the cutting out of the pieces AND the cutting of the paper inserts (thank you to Howdens kitchens for their now 'redundant' catalogue) and then the sewing of the papers into the fabric.

Finally comes the sewing of the pieces together. 

Once the papers are tacked in I place them around the finished part on the carpet - you're getting lovely pictures of our carpet thrown in for FREE too!!!! Then I take a photo, gather up the pieces and retire to 'tat corner' (with BC3, of course) to stitch them together - referring to the photo when needed. No pesky beads to keep escaping - pure relaxation!!!!

10 November 2015

So, the addiction continues!

I just love this thread. I think it's a Marilee Rockley one but not really sure. 

I managed to get the pattern up on my site yesterday for the Crystal Snowflake so here's the link - should you want it.

Meantime I will continue to bore you to death with more of these until I've got enough to fulfil my Christmas self imposed commitments!!!

Tomorrow, though, I promise you something different. Nope - not giving you a CLUE - you'll have to pop back to find out what it is!!!!

9 November 2015

This snowflake is addictive!!!

Thank you SO much to all who took the trouble to help me out with this snowflake. I sort of thought I must have seen similar before and didn't think for a minute that BC3 had come up with an original flake. BUT having said that I'm still going to share it. 

There is a similar snowflake here which was kindly pointed out to me. The differences are there but I will be putting a link to Betsy's snowflake on the pattern when I've finished it.  I think that's fair, don't you?  Betsy starts with six rings in the centre of hers whereas mine starts with a mock ring/chain round a central bead.  Then I carry on with chains with rings on the chains too.  The clovers are also split up with chains too.

Anyway, I'd still value opinions on whether I should go ahead or not.  Please leave a comment so I can get the gist of what people think. 

By the way - this design started off using this pattern!!!!  No, don't ask - I've no idea how I landed up with the Crystal Snowflake!!!  Blame BC3 - like I do!!!!

7 November 2015

Another one!

Here's another one of 'those' snowflakes!!!!

This is another of the HDT threads and I think it must be one of Karey's. Not sure, though. Any guesses where this snowflake is hiding yet?

6 November 2015

Just a snowflake

Now, folks, this is where I want you to find the pattern for this.  I'll give you time to find it and when you do then please tell me in the comments.

This is one that can be worked in one 'hit'.  No sewing in of ends until it's finished. My sort of tatting!!!!

5 November 2015

This made me smile

I had to smile when I got this picture and a note from one of my blog readers!!! 

She'd sent for a calendar from the Fringe Element which she was delighted with and when she sent me this picture I did a double take!!! 

Lo and behold there's a bookworm bookmark sitting on the side there!!! Soooooo funny. Thank you Jaycee for a really good giggle.

If anybody wants to make a bookworm then here's the link.

4 November 2015

Pop A Bobbin Shuttles

I've got a few more Pop A Bobbin Shuttles to list in Etsy.  For those who haven't 'met' these before - please see the link above the post here.   Here's a direct link too.

I think most of the woods are on the page and hopefully the prices match too!!!! 

I'll let these go live on Friday or Saturday - when I remember!!!

2 PURPLE HEART £20.00 with hooks
3 EUCALYPTUS £18.00 two with hook and one without
3 0AK £18.00 two with hooks and one without
3 ELM £18.00 with hooks

3 November 2015


I've been thinking about upgrading this chap for a year or two. I HATE cutting and tying ends so have spent a while sorting him out so I've got rid of one lot of 'ends'.  Another improvement is a better hat and a new style of walking stick too.    Oh, he's also a bit longer too.  The original was a bit short and fat and I wasn't too happy about that.  Obviously either of them (old and 'improved') can be made longer anyway.

Here he is in all his 'new' glory with updated hat, walking stick, body length and scarf.

2 November 2015


Now before I left planet England for planet Canada I'd decided to use up some of my stash of fabric by doing some patchwork. When my oldest daughter was small and we were very poor I made her a quilt cover and I've always returned from time to time to make smaller cloths etc out of patchwork. As the bags in my Etsy shop are plenty and slow to sell I thought I'd turn my energy to this craft once again.

The hunt for my templates started - and stopped before I left on the trip. Stopped because they were nowhere to be found!!!! I bought some papers from a quilt store (heaven on earth) while I was in Canada as I thought it was a good idea and I guessed at the size of the missing templates!!!! 

When I got home I decided to have one final look in the drawers in our bedroom (I'd looked there before several times) before going up into the loft to start a major search up there. Well, blow me down - there was the box of little stinkers right under my nose - exactly where I'd looked before!!!

This is my progress so far - all hand stitched. Well, actually, as you'll see on the lower picture the pieces are not all stitched yet. What I do is lay them out on the floor (and play with the positioning) before taking a photo and gathering them all up again. That way I can sit back in my chair and follow the photo. I LOVE my iPhone!!!!

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