25 April 2009

More of the past

When I was looking through the ancient suitcase the other day I came across these two necklaces. I've never worn them and can't for the life of me think why I made them either!!!!

24 April 2009

The cat is out of the bag!!

First of all I can let the cat out of the bag!! I only knew last weekend but was sworn to secrecy. Something which I find difficult. I've always been able to keep other people's secrets (years of being a teacher saw to that) but NEVER my own!! Mine just don't seem important enough.

Now I can give you this link so you can see MY secret.

I've found out where
this motif came from which means I must've done it a looooong time ago as it's from the Penelope Book 3, page 4 bottom right!!! This is the book-:

I gave up using these leaflets many years ago when they started falling to bitsl!! I've now got them all scanned and saved onto the computer which means I don't have to get them out and if I want to make the odd pattern then I just print the page!!!

23 April 2009

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday? What a pointless wish when the person you're talking about has been dead for more than four hundred years!!! Still, happy birthday, Shakespeare and happy St. George's day to all my fellow Englishmen and women!!!

Right, that's got that out of the way! Back to business.

This the first proper finished bag and I'm VERY pleased with it. Thanks to a tip from my friend Aileen over the inside pockets, it's turned out very well. Below are the pictures.

I stiffened the base with some very thick vilene which is washable and dry cleanable. I stitched it onto the bottom of the base so that it won't 'shift' between that and the lining. The holes for the ribbons to run through are double buttonhole stitched too. Inside you can see the pockets. Those have worked brilliantly.

The first picture of the closed bag does contain the scissors which fit in just brilliantly. More (I might add) by good luck than by good judgement. I think my scissors are slightly longer than usual - I'll check that out later.
Now I need to work up a few more so that I can work out prices.

I've got some fabric with sewing notions on and (I think!) some with lace bobbins too. They'll be my next task. Once I've made a few then I'll know how long they take to make. If I charged according to the first one then I'd be overcharging as it takes hours of mithering to get the pilot one made!!!

22 April 2009

Times gone by!

The other day I found a suitcase I'd forgotten about!!! This is full to the brim with old tatted pieces of mine. It's not a huge suitcase and most of the stuff was made for exhibition purposes or just for fun.

I'm going to show you a few of the things I found while I wait for the finish of the first bag!! Actually, it's nearly finished but I had SO many interruptions yesterday it never 'quite' got there!!

Today I'm showing some coasters I made about 15 years ago. I tried to sell these in a local handicraft shop but they didn't sell. I think this was mainly because I asked a realistic price for them of probably around £1.00 an hour of my time!!! Nothing changes - handmade goods just don't get the prices they should do!!!

I've no idea where the pattern is from but the thread is number 20.

21 April 2009

I'm SO excited

What is the saying? Little things please little minds? That's me. A (not so little) thing with a little mind. I love it when inspiration hits me and makes me excited.

Remember I was going to make a new 'line' in bags? Well I looked and looked online for ideas but couldn't find any that I really, really liked. I thought of a Dorset bag and then cried off as they are bulky when finished and not all that suitable for popping in another bag. In the end I decided on a Dolly bag which would be something like this.

The first three pictures below show the first trial one. I like it a lot but don't love it - YET!!! It's just the right size but if you look at the third picture which is looking down onto the inside (incidentally it should show as navy blue) you can see I put a pocket right across the middle. This is fixed and could be useful but I DON'T like it!!!

In the last picture below that you can see the next idea in progress. The bag will look the same as the first one BUT this is going to be a sure winner, I think. The last picture is showing the lining and how I will put small 'pockets' on the inside of the bag.

If people have got time and inclination to let me know what else they carry in a tatting bag then I will incorporate it into the lining. I can go no further until brain cell # 3 makes the final decision.

Oh, I'll also be putting some stiffener into the base of the bag so that it stands firmly on it's butt!!!

Oh, before I go and get on with the day. Please go and visit my sister's new blog for more tatting.

19 April 2009

Crochet bag

Do you know - I forgot to show you this bag I made!!

Many, many years ago I inherted a wee shopping bag from either my gran or an aged aunt. It was a dear and useful little bag which I'm sure I've still got somewhere in this house of horrors!!! (Horrors because this house HIDES things when you start looking for them).

Anyway I noticed a pattern for making one on Talking Crochet (fabulous online magazine that I subscribe to) last year and so when I found time a few weeks ago I decided to make one. I think it's a dear little bag and I really enjoyed making it. Here are a few pictures.

The only problem I had with it was 'translating' it into English English as it was written in American English!!! I found a great conversion chart and used that. Wonder how it happened that we both got to differ on crochet terms? Interesting question but not one I'm willing to follow up!!! Here's one conversion chart but I can't find the original I used and it's time to go and have a shower!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.