9 November 2013

Trees without buttons

Well that was a busy day yesterday!!!  I managed to get the 'buttonless' tree done and you can find it here.

As it rained nearly ALL day I was stuck in the house and so got back to doing more to the TIAS.  I managed to finish the drawing which has been ongoing for a week or two and then I started the 'big chop'.  Obviously I have to have a clear head for this as it's too darn easy to lose track and delete the 'master copy' of text.  I've got four days done so there's still a lot to do.  

Once the 'big chop' is done it's a matter then of 'pdf ing' the files, uploading them, adding links and re-pdf ing them, checking the links etc etc.  

It's all really a way to keep me busy and out of trouble.  Not that I go looking for trouble - it finds me!!!!

8 November 2013

More button trees!!!!

Once I'd started I couldn't stop back in September/October when I started on this project.  They'll be my little additions to a round robin letter I send out to a few friends in December.  I really don't like Christmas cards as they're so impersonal.  All you do with those is stick a stamp on them and scribble a quick message - I always make life more difficult for myself!!!
Anyway today will be spent finishing off the version without a button in the middle.  You may see more of these over the next few days - or until I get bored!!!!

Before I wander off to get breakfast - here's the link to the pattern.

7 November 2013

Did somebody mention?

Thanks for all the comments on the TIAS - it'll go ahead as a slightly longer one than other years!!!  

So who likes Christmas trees and who likes buttons?  Answers on a postage stamp to:-
The Old Git
Somewhere in England!!!!

New pattern coming shortly - yet another I nearly forgot to add to the pattern pages but I'm working on that part of things NOW!!!!  There'll also be a 'buttonless' version for those who don't like them AND another very small version which are just right for earrings.  Those are made on tiny shirt buttons.  Just give me a few days to get the links etc done, please!!!

6 November 2013

Lots more patterns!!!

Sorry, not mine this time but look what arrived yesterday - the Palmetto Tatters CD of all the patterns from last Tat Days.  Now, where do I start?  

Sadly, nowhere at the moment as I'm having a TIAS crisis.  Well, more than one, it seems.  

First of all I'd got a pattern ready and was about to 'chop it up' when I saw that somebody had done something along the same lines.  Now there wouldn't have been a copyright problem with it as mine was a lot different but it put me off continuing.  

So off I went on another idea.  This one has proved a nightmare.  I like how it's looking and it's not complicated (mainly SR's and 2 SCMR's) but it's a much longer one than I usually do.  Thing is - would you all be prepared to tat a longer TIAS?  If not I'll just finish it and put it on the pattern page.  

It's a design I've been asked to do several times so I know it'll be acceptable.  I suppose I'm sort of in the doldrums with it at the moment!!!  It's also taking a long time to draw and check too.  It'll be another week or so before I can get it ready for the 'big chop'!!!!  Please let me know if you think a longer pattern would be OK.

5 November 2013

Heart for box

Well this is what I decided on for the little boxes.  You can see them here.  

Naturally it needed beads and there's one big one in the middle too.  Next task will be assembling them and also making another heart for the other box.  This is another of my patterns which I remember calling 'heartache' cause it was a pig to design!!!!  Easy and fun to make, though!

Isn't life fun when you've got these sort of things to play with?  

4 November 2013

Makes you want to spit

Must tell you about a shock I had yesterday.  I was trolling around looking for something tatting related on the internet and came across my pattern on a blog.  This blog, actually.  No mention of where the pattern came from or who designed it.  I found something of Jon's on there further down the blog - but that has her name on it.

I've left a comment on one of her other posts about it but cannot find any way to add one to that particular post or any means of contacting the blogger.  I would appreciate it if a few more people would point out to her that the design can be found on my site here and that there are diagrams that go with it too.  if you can find some way of doing that!!  

Something that really annoys me is that it's been copied from the pdf file (not easy to do) and copied BADLY with spaces and repetitious RW's even and no diagrams.  Any help would be appreciated by BC3 and meeeee.  It's not the end of the world but it's mildly annoying and needs stamping on in case further stuff is taken!

Another little gecko today this time made in Lizbeth Ocean Sunset - number 155.

Creative Commons Licence

Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.