12 May 2012

Big thanks.

I'm getting behind with other tatting things due to the excitement of getting rid of the doodles!!!  More doodles on Monday as I've had a lot of 'sillies' to sort out in 'real life' over the past 24 hours.  Yes, I do have a 'real life' when I leave Tat Land for a few minutes each day.  Fortunately I'm easily re-captured and sent back to my 'proper place'!!!

Two thanks today - one to Ginny for a copy of her 12 Ornaments of Christmas Book 2.  I was one of her test tatters for this venture of hers and got to do the one at the very bottom on the right (a magnificent spider).  I couldn't finish either of the two projects as I didn't have the right size of baubles.  In fact I don't have any baubles!!!!!

The other thanks goes to Gunhild and Pimboli who sent the bag of googly eyes!!!!  The problem is that I now feel that somebody is watching me wherever I go!!!!  See the green case for tissues?  Well, Gunhild made that herself.  Love the wooden 'J' too and the note from both Gunhild and Pimboli!!!
Thank you kind tatters.  An OG is very happy here in her corner of Tat Land (and it isn't raining either)!!!!

11 May 2012

Cat and Mouse

First today let me tell you about another 'thing' I've done - with permission, of course.  Did you see this post by Krysteldawne?  Well I've not tried it yet - keep meaning to but I will in due course!!!  I asked her if she'd like me to add it to my 'guest designers' page on my site (I have plenty of room!) and she said 'yes'.  So, here it is.  Krysteldawne has found her own hosting site which she mentions here but it's always good to have your 'stuff' in more than one place, I think!!!!

So, on to today's doodles!!!  The cat is again a refurbished one from a previous reincarnation but the mouse is new.  Wonder if they'll 'meet' each other?  Here's the link.

Our cat had us trapped in the house one summer a few years ago.  She kept bringing in mice one after another - up to six in a day.  Trouble was she released them dead or alive anywhere she felt like it.  One morning I woke to find a dear little perky mouse sitting on the floor by my side of the bed looking SO cute.   Fortunately the only problems we have with Tilly now is a race to the bathroom in the morning.

10 May 2012

Seahorse and Fish

Today I've uploaded the seahorse and fish doodles.  The seahorse is similar (maybe even the same!) as the earring pattern.  I'll check that later!!  The fish has also been an earring too.  

I've also added more 'decorations' to the doodle front page.  So easy to do when you've got brain cell # 3 on board!!!

I'll slowly be getting to the new ones over the next few days - or week!!!!  Loads to sort and I promise you I'm keeping the best til later!!!!

9 May 2012

I'm SUCH a good old git!

Remember I mentioned I'd sorted and updated my spreadsheet with the tatting books on?

Well I then decided to make a list of threads I've got with quantities, numbers etc.  I started in on the number 20's.  I've listed those under 'make, colour, shade, number and name (if they had one) with a rough note of how much was on a ball.  By that I mean 'full, half full, quarter full'.

It took me ages to do and I was surprised at how I'd managed to get a few repeats over the years.  I have enough orange/rust to last me and my descendants about 200 years!!!!

Having done the 20's I moved on to do the 40's.  That's all I'm going to do - too much like hard work!!!

The main reason for doing this is so that when I get to Palmetto I'll know what I've got back at home - watch out vending room here I come!!

I've also managed to add another doodle page - the giraffe and a new tree.  I've 'titivated' the giraffe and the tree can have a longer trunk if required.

8 May 2012

First doodles

I'm still slowly sorting out all the doodles I made back in January and am going to upload them onto my web site.  The first few 'lots' will just be the ones you've seen before - but updated!!!    In fact I've already got a few up there already.  In some cases newer techniques have been used but in most it's just a matter of new drawings and an easier to read font with a general 'tidy up' for now!!!!  

Here are some more.  A few days ago I added the two caterpillars, the owl, dog and teddybear, the very small butterfly and a couple of more doodles.  They take ages to get sorted and put in the right places so please bear with me.

7 May 2012

Absolutely nothing to say except


AND my sister's coming too.  Now what could be better than that.

Please visit the TIAS blog here too - another goat has arrived.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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