17 May 2014

Another part of the mystery

Don't forget - 12 o'clock BST (midday) is the time I'll be letting the shuttles loose!!!

So, further progress on this mystery. This caused me some fun working out what colours and where to use them!!!

It's almost 'there' but I need time to get the last round sorted.

Meantime the sewing machine is out and bags are being made.  

16 May 2014


Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is a dedicated 'shuttle day'. Least it will be if tomorrow is Saturday and I'm sure that usually follows a Friday!!!

The time will be 12 midday BST.

Another two pictures to dangle under your nose!!!!

Oak at the top and Olive underneath.

15 May 2014

Fandango bookmarks 2

Two more of the Fandango bookmarks I've made over the last two weeks. I reckon each one takes an evening and a half - almost two. 

I really like these colours but don't ask me which they are as they're old threads and some HDT too.  All in a size 40.

BC3 had an idea yesterday and decided to email the school we all went to (see yesterday's post) to ask if we may pay it a visit.  I haven't been back since I was 18 and it's only about seven miles away!!!!  I couldn't believe it when I got an almost immediate reply to say that we'd be very welcome.  I did point out in my original email that I was probably NOT the best behaved pupil the school had every had.  Numerous hours spent 'on the landing' having been told to leave the lesson (mainly history from what I remember) and also outside the headmaster's office too. 

In my defence - I wasn't 'naughty, naughty' but really downright mischievous with an overdeveloped sense of humour!!! Pranks were my main 'thing'!!!!! 

Have I changed over the years? I leave that for YOU to decide!!!!

14 May 2014

Fandango bookmarks

I'm lazy. VERY lazy when it comes to looking for new patterns to work on! I tend to just look around on my computer for something I can follow easily and that means I usually stick to my own work. It's not that I think mine's better than everybody else's - NO WAY. It's just that I simply understand my style of notation and diagrams.

Anyway, sometime in June/July a friend will be arriving from Tasmania. We've been friends since we were at school - secondary school, that is. 

There were roughly seven of us left in the sixth form who were mates and in the same class and when we left school we started a circular letter.  The letter comes round about once a year - sometimes more so that's over 50 years and over 50 letters.  The way it works is that you read all the letters from everybody, take your old letter out and put in a new one.

Over the years we've had one or two drop out (sadly one of us died) and one joined in but we were all at school together.  So, I wanted to make a gift for each person and I can show you what I'm making - bookmarks.

The friend in Tasmania is the only person online so if you're reading this, Nita, then there may NOT be one for you - or there maybe one for you!!!
The pattern is the Fandango bookmark worked in size 40.  

13 May 2014

Shuttle talk AGAIN and progress.

I hope everybody sees this. There's been a change of plan for the listing time for the next lot of shuttles. 

Instead of the evening over here we've decided to do it at 12.00 BST (mid day/afternoon) for the sake of the Australian tatters on the west coast.  There seems to be some confusion too over which Saturday.  It will be this coming Saturday - the 17th.  As there are so many this time I'm hoping that everybody will get what they want. It's SOOOOOO hard to pitch the right times specially when BC3 isn't very good at time zones!

Next round of the mystery done but it's nowhere near finished yet!!!! I need darker colours again for the next part, I think!!!

12 May 2014

Shuttle talk

Coming soon - next Saturday at 22.00 BST (British Summer Time) will be a good selection of shuttles!!! There are Pop A Bobbin Shuttles and some very pretty pokerwork flat shuttles too - pictures below. 

I've updated the page with the shuttles on (see tab above this post) and we are offering some new woods this time for the Pop A Bobbin ones. There are 2 Spalted Beech which are very pretty and Ash and Sycamore which I don't think have been seen before in that type of shuttle. Oh, there's Olive wood too.

All listings are now done in GBP but should show up in your country with your currency - I hope!!!
I'm sorry but BC3 can't cope with 'out of shop' requests and due to the fact that we never know what wood 'im in the garage will have this prevents us from doing custom orders too.

Here is the list of what will be available. 


3 COCOBOLA ROSEWOOD 2 with hooks 1 without 

2 PURPLEHEART with hooks

2 EBONY £22.50 each (1 with hook and 1 without) 

3 ZEBRANO with hooks

3 OLIVEWOOD (2 with hooks, 1 without hook) 

3 OREGAN MYRTLE with hooks 


3 CHERRY with hooks 

1 APPLE with hook

2 PEAR with hooks

9 SEQUOIA (7 with hooks, 2 without hook) 

3 OAK with hooks

3 ROSEWOOD with hooks 

2 SPALTED BEECH with hooks

3 SYCAMORE with hooks 

3 ASH with hooks 


10 Ash 10 Sycamore

Top shuttle is Spalted Beech and below is an example of the flat pokerwork shuttle with picot gauge marks towards the tips for those who measure theirs!!!

Creative Commons Licence

Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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