23 July 2016

Back to the Fandango hearts again

My good, good friend Joanie came up with another idea. Remember it was Joanie who'd 'spotted' the heart in the Fandango design. 

I'd sort of thought of doing a bracelet or bookmark but couldn't see the way round adding findings to the dip at the top of the heart. You can see from this remark that BC3 isn't very bright at times!!! 

Well, Joanie rode in on her white horse with a diagram she'd done showing me how it could be done. Why not put two hearts 'head to head' and work from that!!! That lass is a star. 

This is what happened (picture below) and here's the link to the pattern. Yes, it's already finished because BC3 is hot foot away on another idea involving the Fandango!!!

22 July 2016

This is what it's all about

There are very few things in life which really, really annoy me. One of them is blatant theft of copyright which fortunately doesn't affect me very often and the other is Pinterest!!!! There seem to be people who delight in finding ideas there and copying them. Clever of them, I'll admit and necessary if there is no direct link to where to find the pattern but still it's a type of theft.

Hang on - maybe I should use Pinterest to put all my pictures of work done there WITH THE LINKS. Good idea, Jane. BUT life's too short when you're an old git.

Now, what I LOVE about the tatting community is the occasions when somebody finds something of mine that they like and then expands on it. Like Martha has with the Fandango heart. I love that buzz of working with somebody to achieve something that came from BC3. I've updated the original pattern now to add this new idea.

I've done this before with Pamela Myers over the Flamingo and the Meerkat when she's made suggestions and I've said 'you do it' and then I've added her part to the original pattern. It makes for a better product and saves ME from working the original again which, by then, I'm thoroughly bored with!!!!!

21 July 2016

This is what happened next!!!

This is the new bracelet I've made for myself. Least that was the plan!!! I love making this pattern as I just know that it will keep it's shape whatever happens to it. That's including taking a trip or two through the washing machine. No, don't ask how they get there but let me just say - I oughtn't to put them in pockets!!!

Having mislaid my blue starry button bracelet (I'm sure it's somewhere in the house or garden) I decided it was just faster to replace it with another. So on Monday evening I started a new one. 

On Tuesday morning I took it to the craft group where I sold the other two bracelets and another lady asked me what I was doing. I showed her the part made bracelet and she said she liked it a lot. So, this one isn't mine anymore - it's 'spoken for' and will be hers next Tuesday. It's lovely to make to sell particularly when asked for something. 

What am I going to do next? Why - make myself another one just like this!!!

20 July 2016

No apologies!

I refuse to apologise. You can say what you like but I REFUSE!!! 

I need time off from designing new sillies so that I can play and my favourite 'play' pattern at the moment is the Fandango square. 

I started this one a few weeks ago before the hearts were born but forgot to scan the centre and round one. This is where I was a few days ago. 

BUT I have also been playing with another heart idea too and that's getting towards completion as well. Busy, busy, busy old tatter - that's what I am!!!

19 July 2016

That was close!!!

Well I managed it. Just about. I finished the second bracelet and will be taking it with me this morning. Lovely to have something to make that won't just go in the box in the cupboard!!!

Now I'm thinking of making some of my favourite bracelets (the starry button ones) to take to Palmetto. I'm taking the last of my little square tatting bags and some lovely brooches but really fancy making bracelets now. 

I looked up the exchange rate yesterday and nearly fell through the floor (that would've made a nasty mess in the downstairs room) when I realised how few dollars I'd get at the current rate. That's 'inspired' (or frightened) me into getting stuff together to sell in vending.  What do people 'out there' think of the idea or is it just plain silly to try and sell tatting to tatters?

18 July 2016

An order!

This rarely happens to me. I have an order for two Ring of Roses bracelets. This is the first one done and I'll be taking it to the lady tomorrow morning along with the other one - IF it's finished in time!!

I go to a craft group in town on a Tuesday and I was wearing my bracelet last week. Two ladies spotted it and wanted one each. I love it when people want my work - not because I want to be paid for it but because it feels good to know that others like wearing tatting. 

When I got home after last Tuesday's meeting I dived into the tatting cupboard and got the threads and beads out ready for the evening. So relaxing allowing myself to 'just tat'!!!!

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Happy Beaks
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