4 June 2016

It must be mouse season!!!!

This is a mouse from Linda which arrived yesterday!!! I think he looks exhausted after his travels across the pond!!!! 

Please go and visit him to see Linda's comment by clicking on the Exclusive Tatting Club page at the top.

2 June 2016


You nearly didn't get a blog post today. Why? Well the cold and an overrun of grandchildren have frozen BC3's brain and body too!!!

Suddenly to bring a little cheer into the day came dear Ginny with her mouse. 

Well, I lie. 

She sent in - no, I'm not going to tell you what she sent in with her mouse. You'll just have to go to the Exclusive Tatting Club page to find out for yourselves. I will show you her single mouse - just to wet your appetite. Believe me - a click to the page will surprise you.

1 June 2016

I knew I'd forget!!!

I'd forgotten this half written post was in the drafts of the blog so here it is!!! 

I carried on making the bells like the ones here and here but then had to decide what to do with them. This is a pretty bad picture but mainly because of that rare occurrence here - the sun. Also they all glitter and sparkle too. The round outer is made of a large brass ring which I covered in tatting and also included a hanger (also covered in tatting) as I went round.

I've added bigger beads to the middles to represent the clanger and there are beads on the outside too. 

I've 'got over' making them for now but will be returning to them at some point. I'm going to take them to Palmetto Tat Days to 'show off' as they're much better in real life!!!

31 May 2016


Wonder if there is such a word? Well if not then I've invented it!!!!

Today I'm going to show you what I made a few years ago. Actually nearly seven years ago. Where does the time go?!?!? Here's the link.

At the time I was well pleased with it but after a few weeks didn't wear it much. I made earrings to match but I didn't wear them as they look like crosses. They're here.

So, I'm getting the scissors out and I'm going to re-do the necklace. I wasn't happy with the way the beads sit in the split rings so this time I'm going to try the way that somebody or other (oh to have a memory!) came up with. I'll keep you posted on what happens next!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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