20 July 2013

Don't forget!!!

Today's the day for shuttles, hooks and some other odds and ends from Chez Eborall!!!!

I just hope I don't forget and get so involved in something new that I'm working on that the time slips by!!!!  Yes, I'm working on another little project.  That and the totally addictive brooches which just seem to have taken me over!!!

Here's the link to my shop and the time they're going live is 20.00 British Summer Time.  

Good luck to those who want them.

19 July 2013

In all it's 'glory'!!!!

Well, not glory but finished and up here.  The second doily of my life.  

I suppose I could've called it the 'Second in a Lifetime Doily' but I didn't!!!  It's called simply the Twirly Doily for obvious reasons!!

I'm now working towards finishing off a brooch pattern but the heat here is slowing me down!! Not a bad thing, actually as I do tend to live life at full speed most of the time!!!

I'm STILL trying to decide or even think of something for the Tat It And See in January but the 'muse' has gone on holiday, I think.  If anybody has a spare brain cell to lend me please email me.  Number 3 could do with another to make it 4.  Nothing like an even number of brain cells.

Oh, I went to the dentist the other day knowing I had a huge filling to be sorted out and re-filled and that I needed two X-rays too.

As I left Nick asked me to ask my dentist to look for a brain while she was doing the X-ray.  Well I'm pleased to report that she said there was one there!!!  Just wish I could get it working on the TIAS!!!

17 July 2013

Girly Girl Brooch or Pin

Ta da - another for the Girly Girl set!!!!

This is a new brooch I've been working on over the past few weeks.  It's VERY addictive as Sally will tell you!!!  I'll try and get the pattern done soon but at the moment I keep putting it off!!!  Toooo hot to spend time in front of the computer.  I'm NOT grumbling - just saying!!!!

This set will be available in my Etsy shop when the shuttles and hooks go live at the weekend.  I'll list them separately but if anybody wants a set and one or more pieces have been sold I can easily make more!!!

16 July 2013

Shuttles, hooks and other 'stuff'

I'm pleased to tell you that I have 16 shuttles and four hooks (with hats) plus two of Sally's necklaces and a set of bracelet, earrings and new style brooch (mine) to list this week in my Etsy shop.  They will all go 'live' at 20.00 hours (BST) on Saturday.  This gives me time on Sunday to get them all packed and ready to go first thing on Monday.  That's of course, if they sell!!!!

There are four hooks (various woods) and the following Pop A Bobbin shuttles. All have hooks and have been oiled with Danish oil.
2 Purple Heart
2 American Black Walnut
2 Apple
2 Ebony
2 Zebrano
2 Cocobolo Rosewood
2 Cherry
2 Mahonia

Here's some 'eye candy' for you.

15 July 2013


Here it is in all it's glory with the final round and now i'm dying to find more colours to make another!!!

I've thought about the pattern which is nearly ready (blame the hot weather for me lollygagging on this one) and I've made a decision.

Just lately I've seen time and time again people scanning and posting whole books online in Pinterest and on Facebook.  Obviously, as we all know, this is against the rules both for Facebook and Pinterest on the grounds that it flouts the copyright laws.  I cannot report these matters as the copyright doesn't belong to me so I only hope that the people who are having their work stolen know and do something about it.

It pleases me no end that NOBODY can do that to me!!!  If I'd published a book of my patterns and anybody did upload scans of that book I'd be very upset as I would've spent a lot of time and expense working on it and would want to recoup the financial layout.

I've also I've seen the latest trends towards selling patterns on Etsy.  That would've been an option but there again a pattern bought by one person is then easily passed around to others.  I've seen several on there that I like but to be honest I can work them out from the images so why would I bother to buy?  I haven't done that but it's very, very tempting.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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