13 December 2014

Lots of earrings

Well just to finish the week off - here are a few of the earrings that I've made. In this picture you'll see that I've actually finished them off properly - a miracle in itself!!!!!

I've sent the pair I blogged the other day to Crazy Mom Tats. Well since her home burned down at the beginning of the year her ears have been almost naked and we can't have a tatter with naked ears, can we?

Pigmini and I have been talking about our rather large collections of tatted earrings and how we're going to have to do something about them.  Not sure what but some of mine must be roughly 25 years old!!!!  I'm dreadful at throwing things away.  

12 December 2014

Same earrings but without doodads!!!

So having used up all my doodads on the earrings I had to go and think again about the pattern!!! I realised that I ought to do a 'without doodad' version so that's what I did!!!

This pattern is worked all in one pass. NO, SILLY, not the two earrings but each earring separately is worked in one pass. I'm not that clever!!! I really, really like this pair.

As some of you know I volunteer at two groups (or is it three?) teaching people in their 'later years' how to use computers, laptops, tablets and even phones sometimes. Well we've a relatively new volunteer who has joined us and he looked at this pair which I was wearing last week and said - 'I like your earrings'. I grew six inches in two seconds.

Well I suppose there may be one or two people who may want to make a pair like this so I suppose I'd better give you the link to the pattern!!!

11 December 2014

I had two purple days!!!!

Still plodding on with these - in between other things!!! You've probably gathered by now that I tend to have a few things on the go at the same time - or it appears I have!!!

Actually I rarely have more than two on the go. A project and something to go to when I fall out with that - often a hanky edging. 

So the reason that I don't show you all of a project at once is so I don't frighten you all away with boredom - oh, and myself too!!! I get terribly bored with me so don't want to inflict that on others too.

So, today, two purple Inside Out Snowflakes!!!  That was definitely a 'purple day' when I made those!!!

10 December 2014

Earrings with doodads.

Now I already have a pair of earrings like this in cream and black with the same beads and which I LOVE and wear a lot. The doodads are some that were given to me but I'm very sorry I can't remember who sent them. If anybody wants this pair (for the cost of postage + a little bit towards thread or a swap) then please shout. 

I've very few of these findings left and I'm going to make more before the mood leaves me and THEN I'll devise a way of making the same pattern but without doodads!!!  Watch this space!!!!

9 December 2014

Another start!!

Having made the Once in a Lifetime Doily in green and red I decided that I really wanted to see it in other contrasting colours.

So, off I went again on another one!!! This is the centre.

8 December 2014

Ready, Steady ....... not yet!!!

Not quite yet!!!!

So does anybody want to play with the new Tat It And See (TIAS) in January?

If you do then here's the link to the introduction. Please read it carefully to the end as the start date is there!!

Oh, yesterday I changed the layout of this page - just because I didn't like it when I read it again!!!!  Here's yet another snowflake!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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