17 August 2018

A bit of bling a ding ding

Just because. 

Honestly - that's all. Just because I spotted some ring 'things' in my cupboard the other day I decided I had to have a new finger ring! I don't wear an engagement or wedding ring but do have another two rings on my right hand so thought that a ring on my left hand might be fun. 

I used the Lizbeth gold metallic thread which I think worked out a bit bigger than I really wanted but it is very much a 'statement' ring. It says 'this woman's bonkers'.

Oh, this is the pattern I used. I think I'm going to make another with (probably) a finer thread - perhaps a size 40?

16 August 2018

Refurbished seahorse

Hopefully I've had time and/or have remembered. OR both and the refurbished seahorse pattern is now on my site - here!!!.  I'm recovering from a grandkid invasion but I've put it in my calendar to upload this morning.  I hope to be out of bed and have it done before the blog post goes out but who knows if that will actually happen!!  If not I'll get it done as soon as I surface from my slumbers.

You can see below that I've had to make more of these little critters.  My excuse was that I was testing the pattern - again and again.  BUT who needs excuses really!

One could say that BC3's going through a 'seahorse phase'!

15 August 2018

Never say never!

I bet you all thought I'd given up on my diamond project? Well I never give up (well, very rarely) and thought I'd bring you an update on progress.  This is where I was back in May.

As you can probably guess - I'm beginning to feel that this project is now big enough. So on this final set of diamonds I'm trying to start an edging. 

I will eventually do an edging (probably two or three rows in depth) round the whole caboodle. But I felt that it wouldn't really work unless I'd levelled things off a bit first.

So, when the last few diamonds have been done I'll fathom a way of making an edging which will go 'all round' but leaving the triangular 'hole' as a sort of 'match' to the diamond 'holes'. If you understand.

I take this project with me when I'm 'out and about' at crafty meetings as I can make progress without too many boo boo's. I do make mistakes (I blame it on the talking around me) but that's tatting for you!!!

14 August 2018

Still busy

I'm still busy trying to get things ready for the October fair in the library.

I've made a dozen bookmarks using several different patterns but won't be making anymore as I'm not sure many people still read paper books. 

Personally I only read digital nowadays. A lot of the reason is because I can adjust the font size and also it's easier to carry around a phone/tablet/ereader than a paper book.

Shame really as I love making bookmarks and there are so many out there to choose from too.

13 August 2018

More gifts!

Well, well, well. I was given further gifts by Ali who said that they'd come from the same source. 

They came from the same lady who sent these.

I'm going to share these out eventually but all my findings need sorting so once the grandkids have gone I'll settle down to that job.

Interestingly I looked at the bag of gold rings (under and on the right of the blue bag) and initially thought they were jump rings. I never ever use those as things jump off! I always use the split rings that look like the ordinary key rings. 

I got one or two out of the bag and they didn't appear to have a space where the two 'ends' of the metal meet. I've brought them home (will return them if it doesn't work) to test them with thread. If the thread doesn't wriggle it's way between the join then it'll be a 'win, win' situation. If they don't work I'll pass them onto somebody who can make use of them.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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