2 May 2015

The top is finished

I completely forgot (yet again I hear you sigh!) that I'd finished this top a couple of weeks ago.

This is what it looked like when I bought it and the post tells you about my tussle with removing the original machine embroidery and what I did instead.

I'm really, really pleased with the results but now need to think about the accessories.  

I'm going to wear it to a friend's 80th birthday party next week.  Can't wait to see her and help her celebrate.  We 'grew up' our kids together half a century or more ago.  The bestest of friends who I rarely see even though she live a mere two miles away.  We both lead busy lives.

1 May 2015

We're all square together

I found it!!! I knew I'd find it in the end. This time it wasn't lurking under the scanner but under a pile of paperwork on my computer table!  Who sends in the gremlins to do this to me? OR is it one of you 'lot' out there in cyberspace?  Bet it is.  Somebody must be breaking into the house while I'm asleep.  That's what's happening.  

Anyway, here are four of the squares joined together. I love the centre pattern that they give. Maybe I'll do another set of four - or more.  Just to see what they look like in other colours!!!

30 April 2015

Another good reason!

Another good reason for trying other threads!!!  Right. Here's another of the squares!!! 

The top picture shows one done in ordinary cotton thread size 20 and the one below is done using Edda's Penny size 20. That's the one I showed you yesterday.

Now the third picture shows them together - one on top of the other and neither of these have been ironed so you can see how they are exactly the same size. Well, probably you don't think they are but I assure you that they are!!! I did fight them on the scanner as they wouldn't keep still!!!

So, here's the link to the pattern which can be worked with or without a SSSR. If worked with the SSSR (and hiding one colour) it can be worked in one 'hit'. Just my sorta pattern. I really can't be doing with hiding hundreds of ends.

28 April 2015

A new (ish) square

Do you remember this little square? Well so did I a week or two ago!!!

I wanted to expand it a bit further so sat the aged rear down and managed eventually to come up with this one. I had originally put rings on the side chains but that made them to 'fat' so a few attempts later this is what I got!!! All made in one with no cutting and tying until the end. So then you have just two ends to deal with. What I call a result!!!

Now all I've got to do is get it up on the website. That won't take long, I hope!!!

27 April 2015

Stitch, stitch, stitch, stitch!!

After the cut, cut, cut, cut comes the sewing!!! Not sure which I enjoy most, though!!!

You can see the new bags below. Three of the new larger ones and one small one. Personally I like the smaller ones but then that's just me!!!!

When I listed the first long bag (the black one with bright, bright flowers) I realised a few hours later that I'd put it up at the same price as the shorter ones. Well, being a bear of little brain I thought about it and then decided to reduce the price of the smaller ones!!! That took longer than changing the longer price one - obviously!!!! What a plonker I can be but I have NO regrets whatsoever as I have a good amount of stock now and can slow down on the sewing - except, of course, I do enjoy it and hope some will sell!!! It's a hard life with lots of big decisions!!!

These are all now in my Etsy shop which is here. Please tell me if I'm boring you with these but I'm really enjoying making them. My kids are going to inherit lots of bags if I don't sell them before I pop me clogs!!!!

The two at the bottom are from the fabric that Sue sent me!!  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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