1 November 2019

New Snail

I thought I'd better get this snail onto my site PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick) as I am in danger of forgetting him/her!!!

This is a similar one to the other on my site which I amended slightly to make it 'class friendly' for Palmetto. 

While I was doing it I devised a simpler way of getting the beads onto the ends of the feelers without too much pain to do!!! I may well use this idea for another design which is lurking in the aged brain!!!

30 October 2019

More progress

I'm afraid that not much tatting is getting done at the moment. I'm 'hooked' on knitting since I got home from America.

As you can see I'm now on my second front so just hope it fits in the end.

I LOVE the bamboo knitting needles Joanie gave me. They're really easy on the hands. You can see the pocket that I'm making on this. It's gone a bit 'curly' at the top so I will probably put a few rows of ribbing on it when I've finished. It doesn't say to on the pattern and, in fact, doesn't give any instructions for finishing the pockets. 

What I love about this old fashioned pattern is that it gives you the stitch count at each stage which a lot of patterns I've worked in the past don't.

29 October 2019

Whoops a daisy!!!

Last week a new store opened about a mile away from me - just 'out of town' but within an easy walking distance.

Why am I mentioning this? Well because it's a miracle. 

Prior to this our only two fabric/yarn stores had closed down in town and it was hard (almost impossible) to buy even a sewing needle although we do have an EXCELLENT curtain/yarn supplier just on the outskirts of the town. 

Of course I had to go and check out the new Hobbycraft last Thursday. It's wonderful (apart from no tatting supplies) to have such a resource so close to home. I wandered around and found some boxes which I thought might be 'just right' for my sewing stuff. Mine is around forty years old and a bit small for what I try to put in it. So I found what looked fine to me and took one out of it's polythene sleeve, opened it and decided that perhaps I didn't really 'need' a new one and this was a bit 'flimsy' too. I carefully put it back in the sleeve and popped it on the display. Just as I was turning round to leave the whole display fell down!!!

Now it made quite the clattering noise!! What you might call an embarrassingly  LOUD clattering noise which went on forever. Finally I found I couldn't move as the boxes were literally all around me. Two assistants came and sorted it out (they decided to take them all out of the sleeves) while I discretely took a photo. Hope I'm not barred in future from Hobbycraft.

28 October 2019

Just a reminder

As it's 'that' time of the year when some people celebrate (if that's the right word!) Halloween I thought I might put a reminder that I do have a couple of 'suitable' patterns lurking around.

The witch is an old one and she can be found here.

There's a skull here which is a quick tat.

I have two spiders as well. First this one and then there's my favourite which I really love wearing and they're here.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.