20 March 2010

Stealing copyrights - I'm a THIEF

I'm a thief.  Yes, I'm going to admit it - I'm really and honestly a thief.  I've stolen some copyrights off somebody.  Well, actually, to be totally honest it wasn't me - it was 'you know who'.  That's it - brain cell # 3.  Well you've got to blame somebody!!!

I'm working on a new motif/coaster which I'm hoping will highlight the HDT and Lizbeth variegated threads that I've been given.  So in order to make this design I decided to break with protocol and use other designs as 'inspiration'!!!  

Did I hear a sharp intake of breath there?  Did somebody say 'WHAT IS THE WOMAN DOING?'.  After ALL she's said about copyright theft?  Yup, I've gone back on my word!!!  

No, that's a bit of a porky pie (lie).  I'm actually stealing off myself!!!!  

I'm using part of this design
With a little bit of this
and a smidgen of this too
I'm actually and honestly too lazy to go looking round to get 'inspired by' other people's work!
Here's the results of my theft!!!  WHAT grotty colours, eh?  Next I'll try it with a variegated thread in the middle and a dark, dark outline.  I need to test to see how it will look when joined to others too.  

19 March 2010

Guess what!

I've nearly run out of things to say!!!!  

Stop cheering everybody - I know you've been waiting for that day to happen but actually I have got one or two things to ramble and mutter on about.

I've spent two days (well, on and off) messing about with Facebook.  I originally joined up (like a lot of us 'older folks') to keep tabs on what my kids were up to.  Now they don't use it much I've not had much reason to 'be there'.  I thought of 'opting out' altogether but, being a nosy old git, I couldn't bear to do that!!  

So I set up a fan page (thanks mainly to TotusMel and Karen in Cincinnati and a few others).  It's called Jane's Tatting Adventures.  I managed to put a 'thingy' on the side of the blog - mainly to prove that I 'can'.  I'm quite proud of that!!!  I doubt I'll be updating that page a lot but it'll save me from boring you with 'what I've put in my Etsy shop'!!!!!  Well, a bit anyway.

I also managed to put up some pictures which I 'stole back' off myself out of my album which is online and from where the slideshow comes from.  

I'm also very proud of my web site and it's front page after days and days of struggling last week.  (Not quite so happy with the links page yet as I can't get the image to 'stay on the page'!!)  When I had a PC I used dedicated software to build pages but when I transferred to the mac I had nothing.  I'm not 'mean' when it comes to paying for software but when you only want it for one or two pages it seems a bit extravagant.  Then somebody told me that you could use the browser 'seamonkey' to 'play' with html.  So, I downloaded it and then had to get the poor old brain round 'how to' use it.  Then I wanted to add 'things' (like the Creative Commons License and the Facebook button) to the page so another steep learning curve.  I may try to put on a 'blog button' later - after cleaning windows (that's the sort that are built into the wall of the house - not the ones on the computer)!!!  All in all (as long as I can remember 'how to' for next time) I think I did OK!!!!

I LOVE all this technology - when I get the hang of it!!!  

18 March 2010

Another necklace

Whilst the pattern for the brown necklace was still fresh in my mind I thought it would be a good idea to make another.  This time using the beads that Teri sent me a few weeks ago. 

Guess how many delicas I had left when I finished it?  Bearing in mind it was a whole tube?  I had 5 left and I only lost two during the making of the necklace. 

Next project?  I'm going to play, play, play!!!  I want to try out all my new HDT's and I think I'm going to make small motifs with them.  I've got an idea to use a motif that I did last year - but with alterations, of course!!!  We'll see..

17 March 2010

It's a mystery

I was given this delightful ball of thread while I was in Palmetto but can't for the life of me remember who gave it to me.  

It's hand dyed and great to work with as there are very subtle changes in the dying which I find very pleasing.  The label says 'shuttle lab trends'.  Would the kind person who gave it to me please stand up and tell me?  It has been very discretely hand dyed.

I used it on some seahorses which I listed (and sold) in my Etsy shop.

After yesterday's blog post I had enormous help from TotusMel and my DIL in Cincinnati over setting up a fan page.  Well, you know me - always short of a few brain cells.  

In the end I gave up last night but THINK I'm on my way to setting one up today!!!  I've called it Jane's Tatting Adventures!!!!  Don't expect too much from me because you know what my aged memory is like - I'll most probably forget the page within a few days!!!!  

I'm beginning to find my way round Facebook - I've only been on it for several years!!!!  I'm not 'into' the games played there and am finding ways to avoid those.  Not cause I'm a miserable old git but mainly cause I'm too busy and too addictive to start in on something like that!!!!  I'd get nothing done if I did!!!!

16 March 2010

Stocking the shop!!

My Etsy shop doesn't sell much and I can't work out what the problem is.  Are the prices too high or are they too low considering that what I offer takes a lot of time to make?

OK, I don't promote myself there which is, I think, the main problem but there again that would take too much time away from designing and that's my first love!!!

Anyway over the past few days I've taken time to make and add a few things to the shop.

I don't mind anybody making my patterns up to sell in the BWW (that's Big Wide World) but please, not online or you'll have the 'wrath of Jane' descend upon you!!!!  I need to be able to raise funds from time to time to feed my addiction or pay for fuel or flights to meet other tatters.  Simply that.  

Below are new additions to the shop.

15 March 2010

HDT giveaway

I must be on a lucky phase at the moment because I also won a skein of Katharine's HDT which you can see here.

What I find intriguing about my new found interest in HDT is the way it looks on the skein, then the way it morphs as I wind it onto an Easy-Bob and THEN the wonderful look when it's finally turned into a piece of tatting.

The HDT also came in a fantastic card.  This was made by Katherine herself and she's used origami (or, as we call it in this household - oregano!!!).  I just LOVE this card and the wee bird fascinates me.

Thanks, Katharine - I'm looking forward to trying this skein out.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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