17 February 2007

How I met a new tatting friend

I've been listing more items and Aero shuttles on ebay today!!
I will not be starting on a new idea for a few days as I'm doing some 'autopilot' tatting for a friend. Many, many years ago when I first moved in with Nick and was sometimes working two jobs a day to pay my mortgage and bills, I saw a plea in the Ring of Tatters magazine for help with tatting. I answered the plea and hooked up with a lady who was to become a good friend over the years. At that time she was trying to break into the wedding stationery market by making cards, place settings, invitations etc with a small piece of tatting to decorate them. This side of the business has gently pottered along over the years. As a sideline she started making similar cards for her local church and funeral directors. Through this she and I met some ten years later at the National Funeral Exhibition which is held near where I live. There we were surrounded by coffins, hearses, undertakers and all sorts of 'paraphernalia' in a huge, huge hall. It's a very unusual place to meet, I guess. Anyway, I'm doing some pieces for her for a few days so will put my own tatting to one side.

16 February 2007

A new arrival in Tatland!

There has been another arrival from Martha's shuttle. Please take a peek. http://tinyurl.com/2l7ehb Her contributions are beginning to fill the garden and it's certainly looking very pretty. They are cheering the whole family up after the last week.
More additions are more than welcome.

15 February 2007

Last Arrivals in Tatland

Before today's additions I'd like to point people to a fantastic garden ornament which Martha has donated to the Tatbead family http://tinyurl.com/2l7ehb .
All is now calming down in Tatland and this has allowed two very special visitors to be able to drop in. The King of Tatland and his missus!!! The king being a typical man didn't really want to dress up too much and has only donned a small coronet. His cloak is one of his 'everyday' cloaks.
BUT the queen has put on all her finery and her crown. Studded with rubies, saphires and other beautiful jewels she has brought out her 'posh frock'.

There will be no more arrivals in Tatland for a while as the landlady (ME!) needs a break. Unless, of course, you can add more inspiration or your own ideas!!! There's a challenge!!!!

14 February 2007

They're coming to take me away!

I'm happy to report that thanks to Riet's kind advice the policeman has gone. Thanks, Riet, the cup of tea worked just fine. The problem was that a neighbour reported that young master Tatbead had been seen throwing his mother's special and much valued Georgia Seitz shuttle at her windows.
New neighbours are now arriving in the area - http://tinyurl.com/2l7ehb Pamela Myers has arrived with her Irish brownie (well, only the Irish could have 'brownie's' that wear yellow and navy!!!). Jessica's Polly Tatbead (based on the mouse) has arrived too. That beak looks quite fearsome if you get too close. I'd love to know if Polly's a talker - is she, Jessica?
A few days ago Sue Hanson mentioned that the men in white coats would be coming for me if I carried on living in tatland. What she doesn't know yet is that the two Goths (probably still travelling to London) have been on their cell phones and reported the happenings in the family. The men in white coats have now arrived. Heeelllllppppp!!! The story could end here!!!! They're coming to take me away to the happy farm!!!

Mother Macaria has sent spiritual advice too. That's something they all need. Don't worry Mother Macaria - all is now under control.
HEY, who's that just flown in? Does she remind you of somebody? Any suggestions? Who can suggest a name? I've got one idea which begins with an 'S'!!!!!!!

12 February 2007

Oh, dear, trouble in Tatbead land!

Well, it had to happen. There's been trouble in Tatbead land. First of all the goth twins legged it off to London to spend time with Sue Hanson. I'm not sure whether Sue knows what she's let herself in for. They'd not long been out of the house when their sister arrived (minus shoes!). She'd had an argument with her mother over the way she dresses and her mum had taken her shoes away. This morning we had to go into town to buy her another pair!

Shortly after Great Aunt Philippa arrived. She's a 'hat lady'. Always wears a hat and is terribly, but TERRIBLY posh!!! She lives on the 'better' side of town. Even her handbag has gold trimmings!!

Anyway, she'd not been here long when a policeman arrived complete with truncheon in one hand and handcuffs in the other. We're not quite sure who called him out or why but I expect that all will be revealed in due course.

11 February 2007

Distant relations, friends and neighbours!

New arrivals in the Tatbead family. Today we have the Goth twins (distant cousins). They are stopping off on the way to London and Sue Hanson. These have had several head transplants and now I'm reasonably pleased with them!
Next there's the Brownie who actually lives just down the road - a challenge from Pamela Myers!
Finally there's Harry. This is for our friend's card. Let me tell you about Harry. He's featured in many cartoons by the late Larry the cartoonist (another friend, sadly missed). Harry has wild white hair and goes to the pub round the corner every day to read his newspaper. I hope the items he's carrying look like the paper and pint he's so well known for.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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