26 September 2009

All's well that ends!!!!

Finally finished sorting out the cupboard. Here are some pictures!!

First of all the top shelf.  Not a lot of interest here!!

Next shelf down.  This is the thread shelf and there are more behind the ones you can see.  I've stored them according to colour and mostly they're size 20.

Down one more.  Here are the number 80 threads and a lot of other odds and ends.

Now down one more to the bead section.  This is a close up of the back of the shelf so that you can see my neat labeling!!!

This is a view of the whole shelf with a container (that big one on the left) full of bangles and 'stuff').   Below that picture is a picture of the other beads returned in front of the labeled ones.  I know what's in these - a mixture of 11's in most colours.


Finally at the bottom you can see the sewing section.  

25 September 2009

About to find freedom!!!

Just another hour or so and the task of tidying up will be complete - today!!!  I'll be so glad to get it all done - I'm NOT tidy by nature - I'll take photos when it's all done.

Yesterday I spent part of the time unpacking the cupboard again.  Yup, that's right - unpacking!!!!  I took everything out again and labeled each container.  This meant several trips upstairs to the 'office' where the computer and printer is - to type and print labels for each box.  I put one label on the top and one on the side.

I also managed half an hour or so out in the sun cutting up two beaded belts.  Least I guess that's what they were in the first place.  My lovely neighbour gave them to me a few months ago and I've only just got round to 'sorting' them.  One was lilac and the other was brown.  Love re-cycling beads!!! 

I've also finished off (needs sewing on) a handkerchief edging which I 'sort of' worked on while we were away.  I need to have something to do but which doesn't involve beads when young kids are around.  The hanky was my 'task' this time.   Not sure if this one's on my web site or not - must check!!!!  It's another 'one pass' type of edging.

All my lessons are now 'un-done' and packed away - apart from one piece which I will finish.  I'll explain.

When I plan lessons I try to get the techniques and difficult parts over in the first half hour or so.  I work up the pieces to several different stages so that I'm prepared if a student gets 'stuck' anywhere.  This involves several shuttles and beads at 'odd' stages.  I rarely ever finish them off when I get home!!  I unwind (or use up) the odd amounts on shuttles and re-stash the beads.  Apart from one which I hope to finish off tonight!!!  I'll show you!!!

24 September 2009


Foolishly and rashly I promised myself a big tidy up of my tatting cupboard when I got back from the trip.  BOY, that was a foolish thing to do!!!  I've been trapped for two days!!!

I started two days ago.  I delved into the 'middle' room where the cupboard is and started.  I'd got lots and lots of tins and containers with beads and bits and 'stuff' in.  All these came out for 'sorting'.  It's a long way down to the floor and a long way up again when you need a cup of tea or a pee.

I think I've got it done now - nearly.  Next will be the drawer in tat corner and labels on each container!!!!  Hmm, it'll be another day or two until I escape!!

It's been several years since this sort of massive tidy up was last done.  So pleased with myself.  I'll take pictures when it's finished. 

23 September 2009

Something wonderful happened when I got to Tat Days.

You can imagine the preparation it takes to pack to leave home for six weeks.  Not only to spend time at the original destination but also to take 'side trips' to two others too!!!

Thus I arrived in the USA having left the most important thing behind.  No, not Nick, the passports or the presents but - brain cell number 3.

How on earth I did that beggars belief but I did!!!  I managed for the first few weeks but as Tat Days approached I began to get REALLY nervous and worried.  My life was passing by around me - rather like when you're drowning!!!

However, all was put right when Martha approached me on the Thursday evening with - yes, you've guessed - a brain cell.  Not ANY old brain cell but the MISSING one.   Thanks, Martha.  I'd never have got through tat days without him.

22 September 2009

Next out of the case!!!

Now you all know that I'm not exactly slim or young or small.  That's why you'll be surprised to see these wee socks.

These are shuttle holders knitted by Gail Owens - not for me to wear!!!!  She was the other kidnapper (along with Gina)!!!  There's no way I'm going to use these for my shuttles.   They're way too pretty to hide away.  I'm going to add them to my table lamp where all my treasures are hanging.

Next there are two scissor protectors.   These two came from Tat days and I've a sneaky feeling that they were made by Gina Butler!!!! I'm guessing at this as in my package from Bobbie Demmer there was a scissor holder. 

I'm a bit of a Sherlock Holmes and have put two and two together and made - twenty six!!  I can't add up either!!!

21 September 2009

First things out of the suitcase!!!!

These are the first things out of my suitcase!!!

The reason?  Well they were with my earrings that I wear regularly so were a priority to unpack!!!

Remember when I was kidnapped by Gina and Gail?  We not only swopped ideas and gossip we also exchanged gifts. 

This is a pair of earwigs that Gina gave me.  I'll get to the rest over the next few days, I hope!!!

20 September 2009

Back in the UK!!!

Just to let y'all know that I'm home and cheerfully settled in my weee corner of tat land!!! 

How could anybody escape to another country and leave tat corner so untidy?  Takes an expert like me to do that!!!

So, as from tomorrow it's back to consistent blogging.  Hope to get to unpack tomorrow so I can show you my goodies!!!

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