8 October 2016

5 motifs and going well!!!

I've now got five of the motifs done on the Dora Young pattern. Still dying to get my mucky mitts on the re-published book due out next year. As I was only interested in helping Bonnie with hers I didn't really look at the other patterns - something I now regret but will put right when I get my copy. No pressure there, Heidi!!!!

I'm not sure what gets into BC3 at times like this. For so many years I wasn't interested in the old 'stuff' but as time goes on I find it fascinating to try and work out how people like Dora managed to develop our craft when there was so little communication between tatters due to the lack of the internet!!! UNLESS they'd already invented an 'intertat' which worked between tatters only. Interesting thought!!!!

7 October 2016


I managed to sell most of my button brooches while I was at Tat Days so when Joanie and I went round the craft shops I looked for (and found!) more replacement buttons. They're 1" buttons which aren't easy to find. 

Thank you, Michaels and Walmart for having them!!! 

I love making these brooches as they look so wonderful using HDT and I've got quite a few skeins of that ready to play with. Also I managed to 'find' some more beads as I've mentioned before. Not that I 'need' more beads but they will all get used if I live to be 150!!!

6 October 2016

Cluny loom

What I really want to show you today is a cluny loom that Tim Kaylor gave me at Tat Days. It was made on a 3D printer. 

I was lucky enough to be able to spend time with Tim while he showed me how to use it. I'm dying to get back to this technique soon. I did take a video of Tim threading up the loom and I tried it too. What a splendid idea. All I now need is time to play with it!!! I really ought to be thinking about next year's TIAS. Well, thinking and designing too!!!  It can wait!!!

Even MORE news about Tim - he's started a blog.  Here's the address (don't you LOVE the name - Tim tats too?).  Please pop in and give him some encouragement.  

Even even even MORE news - Tim made the shuttle I showed you yesterday - that and around 499 others that he gave away.

5 October 2016

A new little shuttle

This is a sweet little shuttle. A new technique of making shuttles.

I found this in my teacher's bag (or it could've been my registration bag) at Palmetto tat days. I believe it was made using a 3D printer. Not sure who made it but it MAY have been Tim.  

This is new technology which fascinates me although I know I'd never have the patience to even think of trying to use one of those printers. 

You can see how tiny it is as I'm holding it in my aged fingers.

4 October 2016

Tatting with ribbon

Now who would've thought it. Tatting with ribbon? Well Pam Freck thought of it and does tat with ribbon.  Here's a picture of her book and one of the patterns in it. 

She kindly gave me a copy of her little book while I was 'over the pond'.

I think my favourite is the spider.  If you want a copy of this dear little book then perhaps you could email me and I'll put you in touch with Pam?  

There are tips on tatting with ribbon too.

3 October 2016

Talking about ducks!

Since I got back life has been somewhat manic. Personal 'stuff' that has had to be dealt with both while I was over the pond and even more so, since I got back. 

I just LOVE the expression 'getting your ducks in a row'. Mine are all now lining up with just one minor duckling that needs booting into place!!!

There was a group of people at Tat Days (think it was the Highland Rim Tatters) who kept giving me ducks!!! They certainly didn't know what I was dealing with at home so it was a very, very happy and amusing collection I came home with. 

Please would the designer stand up and make a comment about them? I love this little pattern as each duck has it's own expression. It maybe Denise's but anyway I REALLY love it.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.