13 November 2010

Oh, dear, what a waste!

I consider the Victorian purse experiment a waste of time, effort, thread and beads!!!  OR is it?  Here is the first stage which I showed you a week or two ago.

Well the beads aren't a waste cause those can be re-used!!!  

Looking at the picture of this in the original book (published 1870) it's obvious that all the illustrations were either drawings or etchings.  So this means that the end result which looks lovely and flat is really down to 'artistic licence'!!!  

On the final round here it states that the rings are started at the outside and a new one worked leaving a 'short distance' of thread in between.  Well I took a look at that, tried it and then decided to start by joining to the very small picot on the previous round and having the rings face 'outwards'.  This shouldn't have made any difference in the results except that a small length of thread between each ring is now hidden in between the rings rather than on the outside.  But I don't like it!!!  Some of the beads still have a tendency to turn inwards!!!  This has been 'wetted' thoroughly, poked and prodded and pressed.

Now, what do I do?  Do I continue and do the other side or do I call this a 'lesson learnt' and re-cycle it!!!!  

There is another option, of course and that is to 'make it work' by re-designing the whole thing!!!!  Answers on a postage stamp, please, addressed to the 'Old Git, UK'!!!  Please use a postage stamp as then you won't be able to write rude things on it!!!!

I really, really want to be making bookworm bookmarks which are in my Etsy store and not playing with this purse!!! 

12 November 2010

Another shuttle

Now this shuttle is another very, very special one for two excellent reasons.

First it's a birthday present from Ridgewoman and secondly it's a 'winder shuttle' made by Chris Hinton.

It's a truly amazing piece of craftsmanship and I keep picking it up to admire how intricate the working parts are.

If you want to know more about them you'll have to join the forum here - tattingforums.com this is the only site that the Hintons are running right now.  Erin says that hopefully someday soon there will be an actual shuttle page there for ordering.  

I really, really love this little darling - the way it works is so, so clever.

11 November 2010

New shuttles for MEEEEEE.

I mentioned ages ago that the Fringe Element Tatters were using one of my patterns as a logo on their shuttle this year.

Well guess what?  I have my VERY OWN Fringe Element shuttle.  Here it is.  It's a joy to hold and fondle.  No, I'm not going 'kinky' on you.  Just I can't think of a better description!!!

10 November 2010

Today's the day!!!

Just a reminder that later today (well, OUR day) I will be launching the Pop a Bobbin shuttles here in my Etsy store.  10pm GMT.  There are places like this where you can check what time that is in your neck of the woods.

Meanwhile I did put two of the new magnetic bookmarks in the shop too.  Oh, perhaps you haven't seen them yet!!!!

The top one is worm number one sitting on top of a book - obviously a tatting book.

The second one is worm number two splayed out to show him in 'all his glory'.

The magnets are a beast to work with when you're tatting as they keep wanting to 'get together'.  The bookmarks will stay in place very, very firmly with at least 20 pages between them.  I've been wanting a bookmark for YEARS that doesn't keep falling out of the darn book!!!!  Now I've got one (or will have when I've made myself one!) and even better - it's tatted!!!

These are one of my better efforts, I think.  I'm now considering butterflies on the tops and any amount of other 'critters'!!!!  Oh, please, please send me more than 24 hours in a day!!!!!  

Here's a PS from Jane to yesterday's post:-

9 November 2010

More from t'other Jane

Before I show you Jane's work from last week I want to just let you know that the beaded neck purse that I took down from my pattern pages is now back up and re-worked!!  Not too many differences but more a matter of checking it out and making one or two 'improvements'!!!!  This is the link.

Jane's been in touch again despite poor internet connections.  Here is the mini button flower made into a bookmark and this is what she says:-

"I thought you might like to see  how I turned your mini button flower into a bookmark. The leafy braid is, like that other bookmark you made famous (!), my adaption of an Anna pattern, from May 1984. I thought the colours in the mini flower looked rather autumnal, so I made another one and added a leaf at the bottom. I did look for that leaf that you did with beaded veins, but I don't think it's on your pattern pages? This one I copied from Singtatter's blog. I'm thinking of doing it again with a few beads added."

8 November 2010

Pondering on which way is 'best'!

Before I start - did you notice MY HDT on yesterday's post?  Only Lily and Ridgewoman commented on it!!!  It made me giggle as it was done at the very last minute before posting.  Little things please little minds!!!

First of all - news for those who are interested in the Pop a Bobbin shuttles.  There will be more in my Etsy store on Wednesday.  10 pm GMT.

Here's a list of shuttles which will be available.  Elm – 3, Oak – 1, Cocobolo Rosewood – 2, Iroko – 3, Purple Heart – 2 and Cedar – 4.  All have hooks BUT I met up with 'im in the garage at the weekend to fell some apple branches and I've asked him to make a few without hooks for the next 'batch' AND two more of the very large post shuttles with hooks.  

I'm also hoping to have something really novel to put in the store soon too.  I'm not telling what it is but I've not seen anything like it tatted before!!!!!

A few days ago I needed something relaxing to be doing in the evening so thought I'd make two flurries using the contrast colours in the opposite way!!!!  

Can you see what I've done?  Here they are!!!

7 November 2010

Never on Sunday!!!!

Except THIS Sunday!!!!  Well I suppose old people should never say 'never'!!!!

A brief update after yesterday's (rather late!) post!!  Why late?  Because I forgot to check that it had gone out!! I'd set it to go out but didn't check the time!!!

Anyway since then I've had the following from Jane:-

"Hi Jane, hmmmm, there's a difference alright. Actually, the thread wasn't bought in South Africa, my daughter Penny bought it for me in Australia.  (Proper cotton thread is difficult to come by in the small towns here, though I'm sure you can buy it in bigger centres). I suspect that the standardisation of sizes just isn't as good as one would hope for. DMC is a well known brand, so it's surprising. I suppose the implication is that one shouldn't mix brands? The flurry looks great. But all this does have implications for pattern writing and what not, I think. Interesting, as you say!!"

Here's the label that was on Jane's thread.  Oh, do you like my HDT message?!?!?!?  That's Hand Dyed Text, of course!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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