11 February 2017

My secret!

OK well you're going to get the answer to my secret whether you like it or not.

OK. The secret is ............

Wait for it .................

That I'm going to the Fringe Element in Canada again this year.  I'm SO excited.  I've already got my flights booked (the event isn't until September!) but haven't started packing yet.  A bit too soon even for me!!!

Another Crinoline lady - just to cheer up the page.

10 February 2017

I've got a SECRET

Yes, I have. It's a BIG secret too. 

Does anybody want to know what it is? 

Shall I tell you? 

9 February 2017

Trials of a TIAS!

Just a few of the pieces of tatting that I ditched while designing this year's TIAS. 

As you can see I had many changes of mind and landed up going in several directions and sometimes all at once!!!  

There were a few more of these 'trials' in the early days but they got thrown away. These are now all in the bin too!  

I'm finding that the way I design changes slightly over the years.  I still use the 'grab 2 shuttles and go' method but nowadays also resort to drawing rough sketches on my computer too.  LONG gone are the days when I did anything on paper as I spent so long looking for those bits of paper the next morning that it just wasn't worth it.

I type up the text as I go and then copy, paste and change it all in the same document so that I have a record of what works and what doesn't.  

8 February 2017

Finally and sadly

The TIAS 2017 is over - well, almost.  Here is the final link.

Just to prove I can tat - here are a few of the Crinoline Ladies that I did when I'd finished designing her!!!

This blog will now resume in the usual way as I've lots to tell you over the next weeks!!!

7 February 2017

Finished the crochet hexagons

Tomorrow will be the last day of the TIAS 2017.  

Well I plodded on with them until I finished one of the balls of thread!! I celebrated that but I've still got loads left!!! Anyway, in the end I got bored with them and I finally did an edging to the mat and have called it a day. 

I have another crochet project on the go now but more of that another day.

5 February 2017

Day 10 has arrived

This is the penultimate day so I expect you are all now aware of what the TIAS is going to be!!!  Here is the link.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.