11 November 2022

New FREE pattern - a change of snowflake!!!

After that initial 'foray' into extending it I came up with slightly longer 'arms' to the pointy parts.

Now this (obviously!) meant a bit of a re-write of the pattern and that's what's kept me out of mischief (almost!!) for a week or more.  

9 November 2022

Yet more snowflakes

Are  you getting bored with seeing these?  Well I am!!!  Also getting a bit bored with making them but I still haven't made a big dent in the rice beads yet!!!

8 November 2022

Two more Scintillating Snowflakes

Well I really ought to get a life but I really enjoy making these little snowflakes as giveaways.  Also I've got a LOT of bugle beads and these rice beads which have been staring at me whenever I take a dive into my tatting cupboard!!!!  

They're really quick to make and I can (if I don't get sidetracked) make two in an evening.  The pot of Christmas giveaways is filling up!!!

7 November 2022

Monday Moan

Now today's moan is about a statement I’ve seen many, many times over the past years and only since the 1970’s when needle tatting arrived in the public domain.    

Here’s the statement - ‘the knot doesn't mind how it’s made’.

Now WHAT A RIDICULOUS comment.  How on earth can a person say that?  I mean who has spoken to the knots and got a reply from these inanimate objects?  I’d like to hear from somebody who can talk to a knot and get a reply.

Also, when you think about it, there isn’t a knot in needle tatting unless you do one each time you’ve made a ‘ring’.  The difference between shuttle and needle is that the thread is wrapped round a needle and when it’s slid off it looks like a knot unlike when a shuttle is used where a knot is actually made directly onto another thread.

Now I’m not willing to get into an argument about this as there’s simply no point.  Needle tatters are proud of their work and quite rightly so but they’re not making a knot - just a 'look alike'!!!  

So my plea to all and sundry is please don’t say ‘the knot doesn't mind how it’s made’ unless you can prove to me that the knot has actually spoken aloud.

Here's the definition that's the clearest about 'what a knot is' and it doesn't mention anything about it talking either!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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