13 May 2017

Whatever next?

What am I going to do with these? 

Three sizes and I've got a few of each. I've had them for years and years and they've been sitting in my cupboard staring at me from time to time. 

They've emerged from their space but I've tied them together to stop the little stinkers from escaping!!!!   They did their best to get away from me and I'm still searching under the furniture for at least one that I've still not found.  I wonder if it's with the missing crochet hook?

Watch this space to see if anything happens to them!!!!

12 May 2017

A story of a t-shirt!

I bought a t-shirt!!! 

Some people buy dresses but I'm not a dress sort of person!!! I prefer casual or even below casual!!!! 

I bought a couple of t-shirts recently in a cheap shop in town. I like them lots but they're very plain - just like me. Plain Jane!!!! 

So, what does a tatter do with a plain piece of clothing? Well, of course, they yank out some shuttles and attack it with thread. 

I've done a simple split ring braid which I've sewn slightly inwards of the edge. As the t-shirt was cheap I didn't want to spend too much time adding to it as it may well go skanky after a few washes. Mean is what I am!!!  

The true colour is shown in the third picture.  Well, roughly!

10 May 2017

More snowflakes

Just keeping busy, really!!! Well, least it means I'm not getting into any sort of trouble or mischief I suppose!!!

9 May 2017

Round 12 of Renulek's doily.

I finished this round at the weekend but have just found time to blog it!!

I did change the round slightly as when I looked at Renulek's picture I noticed that the three rings joining into the one picot were overlapping in places. Being as that would bother me I thought I'd try another way of tatting that part.

I do feel guilty about changing patterns as I really appreciate the time that it takes to do a design and I don't want ANYBODY to think I'm criticising the pattern as I'm certainly not doing that - it's fine as it is. I'm basically just being 'me' - a fussy old git!!!!

I made notes for myself in case I want to do this doily again. My remembering is very broke lately!!!

8 May 2017


Nah, not my birthday or anything in particular. 

Well, I suppose it is a 'particular' in a way as a birth was made on this date in 2006. Sheeesh, that's eleven years ago!!! 

It's the day this blog was 'born'. Here's my first post and I'm still asking the same question although I THINK I've now got the answer!!!

It simply keeps me motivated!! Tat's all, really!

Sometimes I wonder how many read the blog but then I realise that it's probably a way of dealing with sleep problems as it probably sends my readers to sleep.  Reading it would certainly put me to sleep!!!!  

Now each post ought to have a picture so here's one to brighten the the anniversary day!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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