19 January 2008

Tshirt edging finished AND sewn on!

Now it's one thing for me to finish a piece but it's another when it comes to sewing it onto fabric! I made this edging for the neckline and sleeves of a tshirt. I've devised a way of coping with myself in these situations. I will NOT allow myself to start something new until the whole project is complete - and that includes the sewing on!!
This is the edging which I've got almost ready to upload onto my pattern pages. Mary Jarvis has very kindly tested the pattern out for me and given me feedback on it. I will check this out in a day or two as I really would like to use it again to make a handky edging.

I'm very pleased with this edging as it really seems to 'flow' well from the lower to the upper part. I may well tackle something more difficult in the future.

17 January 2008

Tatting Talks

Yesterday I went to a small village just outside of town to give a talk on tatting. (Last talk I did was in November - at another village).

I had the feeling that this might be an old age pensioners group and having done a few of those some twenty or more years ago I must admit to not being that enthusiastic. I used to find that the men weren't interested and dozed off and that there was always one lady who 'knew how to do it' and who conducted her own version of the talk in a loud 'whisper'.
Anyway, I arrived with my suitcase to find that we were in a small (and VERY cold) side room off the main hall. Anne, who had booked me, took me in and sorted some tables out for me and put the heating on. Heating in village halls is notoriously 'iffy' but this was magnificent and the room warmed up very quickly.

The 'victims' arrived and were mostly eldery (heck, Jane, so are you!) BUT and this is a VERY BIG BUT, they were very, very interested. I enjoyed every minute and was SO glad I'd taken all my best pieces with me. One lady had brought her own piece of tatting which she'd done many years ago. It was a cream doily in a fine (guess about 40) thread and had been done extremely well.

Another lady admitted that when she heard that the talk was going to be about somebody's hobby she wasn't all that keen to come but had really enjoyed hearing about 'tatting today'! I think they were most surprised at how many people were doing it worldwide.

Oh, I told them about the 'tat it and see' and I told them it was going to be a £$^%&*"!£%^&£ but I'm not telling anybody who reads this blog!!
One of the group was talking with me afterwards about being nervous of her computer and the internet. I told her about a scheme that the local library runs for 'silver surfers' to have an hour with a volunteer tutor. She may well go and ask for an hour and as I'm one of the volunteers we may well meet up again. I do hope so as she was such an interesting lady.

After the talk they had sandwiches, cake and tea. I was very good and only had a cup of tea - until I saw the chocolate cake!!! Now how many calories is that?!

15 January 2008

Another little heart

Yesterday I decided to make another little heart.
Sadly I appear to have upset a dear friend with the other design which she says is very like one she designed some years ago. I have apologised and have been very upset to think I inadvertently upset her.
This is the new one.
Having ordered lots more of the crystal hearts for the centres I felt I needed to use them when they arrive. I think these hearts would make very pretty accessories to wedding place settings, cards etc.
I have revised my listings on ebay and do hope that this will resolve the matter. I lost a night's sleep over this as I hate to think that I upset somebody that I respect and admire so much.

13 January 2008

Hey, ho, a quiet day

Yesterday was a quiet day so I sat and made a few more of the hearts I showed on this blog yesterday. I got four done to list on ebay. I also listed four more Aero shuttles too. I must check the bag to see how many I've got left as I need to keep a few to replace mine as they break - not that they do very often. Perhaps I lose one every year or two but they certainly put up with a lot of wear and tear from me.
Here's one of the little hearts I listed today. They're here on ebay.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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