22 June 2013

This is the truth

The whole truth and nothing BUT the truth.  It's official - I've REALLY lost the plot.  

Over the years I'm still asked whether I've got a technique page on this, that or t'other.  One of those being joining the second side of the SR to a picot on a previous element.

Sadly I'd never 'quite' got round to doing it.  BUT the other day after doing the 'joining in a new thread' page I decided I'd settle down (yes, the weather still isn't much good) and do the SR join.  

When I start on something like this my first task is to set up the folder and files to store the drawings, documents and pictures in.  So, in my enthusiasm off I went to do just that.  First the  new folder (in my tips and techniques section on the computer), then a text document (safely stored in the new folder) and an EazyDraw file too.  Great - but then I wandered off to do something else!!!!!  

I got back to the computer an hour or so later and thought I'd left the aforesaid files open but I hadn't.  That meant going to 'finder' to do a search.  What did that reveal?  TWO documents of roughly the same name!!!!  On further snooping around my filing system I found a whole folder (with a slightly different name) on the join in question and actually started in September 2011!!!  I'd almost got it finished too and then I must've forgotten!!!  Send for the men in white coats!!! 

So, I finished it off and here it is!!!

21 June 2013

Thread colours

As you've probably gathered over the years - I love colours.  I've no idea how to work with them and have never studied colour charts or the likes.  I rely on BC3 and just being brave with them!!!  I do think hard about what goes together as I pull them out of the cupboard or thread drawers and usually find that very few 'don't work'!!!  Strangely what looks 'good' on the balls often looks dreadful coming off the shuttle!!!!  Many a time I change my mind!

I've now got a vast collection of Lizbeth threads along with the older generations of Coats, Manuela, Flora, Floretta and many more.  A few weeks ago I 'helped' a friend who was selling her Lizbeth threads off as she's closing her online and 'real life' shop.  I bought threads that I didn't like.  Well, when they arrived, I realised that they were lovely.  Apart from one which is a bit pale for me the rest will get used - eventually!!!!

Below is Denim Whisper (Lizbeth) which I've had for some time.  On the ball I didn't like it.  Not one bit.  When I started working with it I fell in love!!!  Here's a small portion of what I'm working on at the moment and I've paired it up with a plain Manuela (another I didn't like for ages) to get a stunning combination.   

Must send BC3 to 'colour school' for lessons!!!

20 June 2013

Done and dusted

Here it is - finally and utterly finished!!!  It IS square even though it looks as if it's not and that it gets smaller to the right of the photo!!!  Must've been the wonky person holding the camera that caused it to turn out like that.

The measurement of the whole thing is 17" square (before you ask in the comments section!!) and it hasn't been put away yet either.  In fact, believe it or not, it's actually sitting on an old chest of drawers in our front room!!!  No idea how long it'll stay there before I get fed up with it and put it in the box!!

Well, one of the several boxes where I put finished tatting!!

19 June 2013

New technique page

Thank you to all those who helped with this - I'm still open to suggestions as I always am over anything on my pattern/technique pages.

I'm darn sure this has been a well known way to get round knots for many years and it's one I've started using more and more recently.  It's a way to add in a new shuttle or chain thread when you run out of thread and WITHOUT any knots!!!  

I know that tatting is 'all about knots' and that without them we wouldn't be here.  BUT I don't like knots in my work as I'm trolling along.  I think this may be a variation of another way but I thought it might be worth putting together a page on 'how I do it'!!!

Nearly forgot - here's the link!  Ooooops - here's a picture or two!!!

18 June 2013

Green bracelet

Thank you to all who offered and helped with the technique I was talking about yesterday.  I hope to get the page finished and uploaded later today.  Least that's if BC3 doesn't go wandering off like he's prone to do!!!

I found this bracelet yesterday!!  I'd forgotten I'd made it.  Like lots of my missing stuff I found it under the lid of the scanner.  I know I'm not the only one who does that!!!

This one isn't going into the Etsy shop - it's a present for a friend.  I do hope she likes it!

Oh, somebody asked me yesterday how long the curtains have taken me so I worked it all out.  I think they'll take me roughly 78 hours when I've done the last two for the side windows!!!  Must settle down and get on with the two side windows now. 

17 June 2013

The curtain saga again.

Before I start - is there anybody who's got time today to try a technique out?  I doubt very, very much that it's 'new' but it might be useful.  I use it all the time now but explaining it is taking over BC3's time and cells!!!  Email me privately if you've time - email address is in my profile!!!

Well I've finished both the curtains.  First of all there's a picture of the one curtain in place taken from inside our living room - if you look carefully you can see a jiggly on top of the lower sash.  In the second picture (taken from street) you can see the reflection of the houses opposite!!      

Having done them we've now decided that I should make matching ones for the side windows.  If you look at this link you'll see what I've got there at the moment.  I quite like these for the side windows but 'im wot must be obeyed (Nick) said he'd prefer the sides to have matching curtains so I'll have to make a pair for them.  Not that he very often gets his own way but sometimes you have to let a man think he's in charge, don't you?  Ah, before all you guys start getting upset - I do realise (having been on this planet a looooooong time) that it works both ways!!!!

They work too - nobody can see into our front room BUT I can see out!!!!   

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