27 November 2009

The Finale

Just messing around the other day and decided I wanted to see all the motifs in their full glory!!!!

Here they are - warts and all!!!  I just flung them on the scanner in no particular way.

Two more task nows - to add invisible hangers and give them away!!!!

26 November 2009

Last two

First of all thank you to Gina at the Tattinggoddess blog.  I've 'stolen' your suggestion for a search bar and I love it.

You'll be pleased to know that these are the last two!!!  I'm SO bored with these now.

This pair are for special people.  My son in law and daughter.  

I mention him first as he usually 'nags' for the tatted decorations - bless him.

Tomorrow there will be something special to celebrate the end of this phase of my tatting life!!!!!

25 November 2009

Now for yellow and white

I never realised how much easier life would become with the new mac!!!  Yesterday I decided to list some Christmassy things in my Etsy shop.  This is a 'chore' that I'm not fond of as I've no patience with myself and how long things take to do!!  I decided to list 'one or two' things but landed up putting loads up there.

All the things listed are what I've made 'in between' new designs.  I tend to tat what I want on those occasions with no particular goal in mind!!!  Thus the house fills up with pretties that eventually have to find their way out of the door.  Hopefully a few will make it out over the next few weeks!!!

Still on the lighter colours and I'm almost done with the Christmas dangles now.

Next thing on the list?  Ah, you wait and see!!!!!

24 November 2009

Something more 'ladylike'!!!

You're not going to believe these two. 

These are in 'ladylike' colours.  Considering my usual choices you may well be surprised!!!

I scanned the second one with the lid of the scanner up - a fabulous tip that Teri Dusenbury gave me some time ago. 

That gal rocks - not only a fantastic tatter and a tat land treasure but also very clever with the computer too.  Thank you, Teri.

23 November 2009

Who would ever have thought?

Well I wouldn't have!!!  Purple and orange together?  No WAY.

BUT I think it works!!!  Nope, I don't think it works.  I know it does!!!!  Positive thinking, OG, positive thinking in yer old age!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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