13 August 2021

Final post on the jacket

As promised yesterday - the inside of the jacket!!!  As you can see (or rather NOT see) there is no patchwork stitching showing on the inside!!!

12 August 2021

Decisions made!

So to put the whole jacket together I started at the bottom!!!  As I knew the original denim was straight I cut the patchwork fabric to 'match the length' measuring and checking several times.  I then added a band which I could then turn over to the inside and stitch to the denim.  
Next I did the same for the two fronts.  Made a couple of strips of fabric slightly wider than the original as I needed a little more width.  This was then sewn on with a stiffening to turn over to the inside.

Then I needed to 'strain the brain' (aka BC3) on what to do next!!  I decided to cover the collar and at the same time incorporating the denim and the patchwork.  That was a bit fiddly but worked really well.  Fortunately I'd cut a newspaper pattern out before I started putting the whole thing together.  I added magnetic buttons (which I'm still not totally convinced about) to hold the fronts together.  I may one day change those out into buttons and buttonholes but will test try the magnets first.

Finally I turned up the sleeves using a strip of fabric as I did for the bottom and fronts.  So here are some pictures of me in the jacket and tomorrow I'll show you some of the inside too.  There is a pocket on the left side of the jacket which holds my phone.  Can you see it?

11 August 2021

Starting to put it together

I've missed a few stages out so you won't get bored to death with this and will try and finish the whole process off this week.

The pictures below are showing the side seams, shoulder seams and the sleeves inserted.  A certain amount of panic set in at this stage as these photos show the denim undershirt with the patchwork outer just worn separately.  

My lovely neighbour, Jo, (who's kitchen we're in) kindly gave it a good looking over at this stage and passed it 'fit for purpose'!!! 

Now, what should I do next?  Hmmmmm.  

10 August 2021

Two sleeves and a foot!

The top sleeve needs a bit more work but it's 'nearly there'.  

Now what would a jacket need a foot for, I can hear you say?  Well look closely at the second picture and you'll see my foot crept into the frame!!!  It's a good foot (I luckily have a second one to match) and it does a lot of hard work too!!!

9 August 2021

Moaning Monday

Today my moan is going to be about tatting videos.  
I've seen some pretty dreadful ones and some really good ones but there are videos that I feel are going a 'step too far'.  Now what do I mean by that?  

I appreciate (and use) the videos that show a technique and there are many of those which are very helpful particularly to new tatters who want to learn the 'dreaded' flip etc.  

A slight digression here as I don't know why I call it 'dreaded' as to a mere 13 year old (a looooooong time ago) the flip was so obvious.  Anyway most of the videos 'out there' on the interwebs are great and it gives the viewer many angles on how to do certain techniques.

What I'm most concerned with is the new move towards videoing and posting patterns.  First of all the designer of the (probably) originally written pattern needs to be asked for permission or it could be called a copyright theft if no permission is given.  

But that's NOT what concerns me most.  I'm wondering that if this method of sharing patterns becomes a popular  way of passing them on - won't it make us lazy?  Just sit and do what's on the screen?  No thinking required?  The only thing against this method of pattern sharing is the constant need to drop shuttles to rewind and replay.  

Let's face it we've all got a BC3 which needs regular exercising and stretching so if a pattern is written and illustrated then surely that shouldn't need to be made into a video - it'll make us all lazy if that becomes the norm. 

Just a picture to cheer up the blog post!!!

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Happy Beaks
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