11 April 2009

New pouches

I finally got two more pouches finished yesterday. Where does the time go?

These are made (as you can see!) in the lighter coloured fabric.

Now all I've got to do is find the bag sealer, print some inserts, pack them up, photograph them again and then list them in Etsly. Doesn't sound a lot but I keep letting myself get distracted!!!!

Next project will be some 'ornery' bags for which I've got some bobbin type fabric and a few more ideas brewing!!!


10 April 2009

Not a lot else!!!!

Before I say anything else and in answer to people's comments of yesterday I'd like to say that I rarely pre-wash a tshirt before adding the tatting!!! Downright laziness and also the fact that I usually buy Lands End clothes when I get to the USA. I rely on their excellent quality to allow me to not pre-shrink!!! That's my excuse!!!!

Now, rarely do I post anything not craft related but this I must share!!!

Youngest daughter and family came back from a holiday in Florida to find that their new cat, who adopted them two months ago, had caused concern while they were away!! She'd put on a lot of weight. I must add here that DD and SIL live right out in the sticks and the cat wasn't claimed by anyone despite extensive enquiries.

On her first day back at work my DD rang the vet to make arrangements for the cat to be spayed.

Following morning they awoke to find this in the cat's bed!!!!

Just heard that 36 hours later another kitty was born!!!

Here's another picture

9 April 2009

Another edging

I've started another edging for another t shirt!!

Again I've used a number 80 variegated thread with a plain yellow quilting one.

This time I've just 'adapted' the daisy necklace pattern. I'm sure I've seen something similar somewhere that others have done so unless I hear otherwise this won't get 'published' as a pattern.

I have a confession to make! I'm just too lazy to go and look for patterns either in any of my books or online!!! There, that's over with - I now have a clear conscience for a while!!!

8 April 2009


This is what I'm doing at the moment.

Customizing (I love the word 'pimping' but it has other connotations which may upset some people) my t shirts!!

I'm a boring sort of person in that I like plain clothes .....

Thread I've used? Hmmm number 80 or thereabouts (one orange/yellow, and the other green/green) both variegated and both run alongside a plain orange and green machine quilting thread. I love the effects you get from these combos.

The colours change so subtly which is something I'm not - subtle!!!!

7 April 2009

Two things to talk about today!

Yesterday my copy of Martha's new teapot book arrived. I've just GOT to make the 3D set. It shouted out 'make me' in a very loud voice the minute I opened the book.

Thank you, Martha, for the dedication in the front of the book. I must tell you guys that Martha has dedicated the book to me. She's a naughty lass as she knows darn well that we have both learnt a terrific lot of things off each other.

I noticed yesterday that I've got a new follower on this blog.
What is MOST amusing is that Ginny has used the crab that I designed as her image/photo/icon or whatever blogger calls it. I did have a giggle. Thanks for cheering me up, Ginny!

6 April 2009

I've started!

I've actually got started on the poke proof pouches!!!

2 down and ??? to go.

I think I've got enough fabric for 16 which is great.

Guess what? I'd forgotten how I'd made them. I have to do them in a certain 'order' or there would be stitching showing on the outside and that wouldn't be very good. Here are the first two. The next two will be made in the lighter fabric.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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