2 February 2024

The jumper is finished

Started last winter, abandoned because of shoulder problems, taken out of ‘storage’ again this winter and finally finished.  I’m pretty pleased with it too for once!!!.

The pattern is worked from the neck down and is quite ‘convoluted’.  The pattern can be found here in Ravelry.

1 February 2024

Socks are finished

Actually they were finished well before Christmas but I got behind with posting on the blog!!!  

Remember these guys?  Well they were stuffed into the socks and were given as a Christmas present!!

After this week I’m all up to date with the crafty stuff and the blogging so I’d better get busy again!!!

31 January 2024

A new project

This is the start of another project which will be given away - unless I fall in love with it first!!
It’s another free ball of yarn I got from Hobbycraft.  

The only stitch needed is knit stitch and the pattern came from here,  The reason the edges aren’t curling are because the pattern uses an i-cord edging.  You can find the instructions for i-cord in the pattern and its drop down easy.  Or you can look at the instructions here.

30 January 2024

Amended reverse join

I’ve been working on a pattern to teach later this year and it uses a reverse join.  I realised that my page on how to do one wasn’t probably as clear as it could be so I’ve changed it slightly.  

Here’s the link should you want/need it.  Here is the link to a simple technique that is very useful.  Thanks to Elaine for bringing it to our attention.

Now for a picture to cheer the page up!!!

29 January 2024

Monday moan

As a lot of you probably know there have been some changes in one of the tatting groups on Facebook.  I’ve always enjoyed that particular group because advertising patterns for sale was restricted to three days a month.  The new rules are now allowing people to show business posts every day - but they’re not allowing spamming.  I hope this works as it will serve the community well but we’ll have to ‘wait and see’.  I may even do a bit of self promoting myself each day!!!  IF BC3 remembers, of course!!!

I very rarely go onto Facebook as I get email notifications when ‘things happen’ and 99% of the time I just delete the email and don’t go to have a look.  But when people were posting up to three times a day trying to sell their patterns in the past and on ALL the groups I'm in - well that is a bit annoying.  The emails just kept coming!

Eventually I found the answer - I found I could block the constantly annoying people so that I never saw what they’re up to - or what patterns they have for sale.  Did I miss them?  Actually, not one bit and I didn’t get half as many emails either.  

If the new rules work (and I very much hope they do) I may even resort to unblocking those that used to constantly bombard them with selling posts.

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Happy Beaks
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