20 March 2020

Playing with the new sequins

Now what I didn't tell you about the new sequins is that they are cupped too. I've shown you this motif twice - once from the greenish sequin's side and the other from the pinkish one. I turned the motif upside down on the scanner platen which makes me one VERY clever lady!!!! The energy involved must've caused me to lose several kilos of weight!!  I was proud of myself!!!

If anybody wants to know if I'll be sharing the pattern then the answer is NO. 


Well cause I just ain't happy with it at all. I'm going to continue playing with it and (hopefully) simplifying it too. THEN I'll share it!!!

19 March 2020

Four diamond motifs

Also slowly continuing is the diamond motif project. 

I'm getting quite pleased with the colours now that I've added another of the darker motifs. This will slowly progress along with the knitted blanket. 

Meanwhile I need to play with the sequins!!!

18 March 2020

I let myself down!

Now I've self isolated myself from any craft vending places since my return from America last September. Why? Well I've got a bulging tatting cupboard FULL of inspiration!!!! That's true although it wouldn't be quite so 'bulging' if I tidied it up yet again!!!

Last week I was a little bit early for one of my teaching sessions in the library. No, not tatting but helping other 'oldies' with technology, laptops, computers (the library assign two to us for our sessions), tablets of all varities, phones and even (once!) a digital radio!!! 

Anyway, I digress. Unfortunately opposite the library is a shop called The Works and it does often give me inspiration. Well as I had a few minutes to kill I wandered in there and that's what happened - inspiration. I bumped into these sequins!!!! 

I think I must've been born a magpie as they love bright and glittery things too so this packet accidentally fell into my hands. I was particularly intrigued as these have holes on the opposite sides. Just two - 'top and bottom' or, if I want to be pedantic with myself - 'left side and right side'!!!!!

Time to play, methinks.

17 March 2020


While I'm not tatting and am wondering what to do I pick up the blanket that I started back here.

I like the way it's working out at the moment but it doesn't appear to be making a lot of difference to my stash even when I sit on all those balls of yarn!!!!! 

My speed at continental knitting is improving vastly. That's another good reason to carry on although when I do another knitting project which has purl in it it might slow me down!!!

16 March 2020

My hare has come home

I nearly forgot to tell you all this. My hare is home!!!

Do you remember that I spent a day making him with a local teacher? Well if you missed that then here's the link and on that page is a link to the amazing work that she does herself.

I must admit I enjoyed that day out more than I can tell you so I've booked myself in to a chicken making day!! This will be fun as I 'share' 8 (oops, sorry, that's 6 now as 2 died) chickens with neighbours and we take turns in looking after them. I can 'almost' talk chicken now!!!!

I love my little hare. He looks sort of whimsical - or is that terrified?

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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