7 February 2020

A day out!

I went on a day out last Sunday and it was well out of my comfort zone too!!!

The craft group I go to on a Tuesday morning consists mainly of neighbours in our two roads. Our roads are sort of ‘isolated’ but near the centre of the town. It’s a one way road so we don’t get too much traffic and we really, really get on well with each other. Help is always on hand with any problems if needed. 

One of our members has a niece (here’s a link) who teaches and makes ceramics and she runs ‘hare days’. We decided to take a day out and have a ‘go’ at hares!!!

Well I did some pottery and ‘stuff’ at teacher training college and did another course some years later when the kids were little too. Both of those were a LONG, LOOOONG time ago and I didn’t expect to get anything resembling a hare done!  In the end mine does look vaguely like a hare. I won’t see it again for a few weeks as it’s gone to be fired etc. 

Great day with lovely friends.


Pigmini said...

Looks like you had a fun day!! I'm sure he's pleading with you though... for a splendid tatty or patchy bed to sit on!!

Maureen said...

This is a much clearer picture than the one I saw on Facebook! He's definitely a hare, and not a sweet potato- but what is the white thing in his ear? I can see his tooth, but can't identify the other while ball.
I hope he returns looking beautiful, and now you can tat a special doily to welcome him home. For him to stand on.

Jane Eborall said...

It’s the same picture as Facebook, Maureen!!! Honest. I put some white porcelain in his ears and on his eyeball which won’t come out quite so white, I believe!!! His head is turning sort of away from the phone. I’ll hopefully take better pictures when he returns to mummy!!!
You could be right, Pigmini!! An excuse to get the shuttles out!!

Judith Connors said...

I think he's rather smart. You know what they say: 'Hare today and goon tomorrow.' :-)

Tim Kaylor said...

What is he howling at? It looks like he is howling. Do hares howl? Now write a book about magical rabbits. Harey Howler. You will get rich.

Crazy Mom! said...

I love him! he's delightful - and very harelike!

Can't wait to see the finished product.

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