25 March 2022

Purse to match

Just occasionally I find I need a little coin purse.  I do have a little leather one but the zip 'catches' on the currency notes (£5.00, £10.00 etc).

So I decided to make a crochet one (same idea as yesterday's post) which I've also lined. 

This zip is a finer one and doesn't 'catch' on the notes.  Can you see I've lined this one too.  

It must be six or more years ago when I started using my phone to pay for everything and the only time I really need cash is when I'm dealing with people who can't accept digital payments.  This should solve those times (Friday market and visiting sole owner shops) - unless, of course, I forget to put it in my pocket before I leave home!!!

24 March 2022

Ear pods

I've had these little ear pods for a few years now and wear them a LOT.  Most of the time when I'm out walking. 

I've carried them around in their little container which also charges them when I get home.  The little container is quite bulky in my trouser pockets so I decided they needed a new home.  This is a simple Amigurumi type of crochet 'thingy' with a very small zip in.  I can now hook it onto my trouser belt and it's easier to put them in when I go into a shop.  

Genius, eh?  Well, no, not genius but a pretty good idea, I think.

22 March 2022

Continuing from last Monday's blog post

Last week I was talking about the posting the shuttle and an extra half double to make the work neater - see this post.

I did mention that some people reckon that it makes it easier to open the ring if you post the shuttle but I don't understand this as Ive never tried opening a ring from it's base.

So today I'm mainly trying to ensure that people who make mistakes in a ring (which is something I do regularly) don't panic!!!  

Forget trying to open from the base (shuttle posted or not) and go for the last picot in the ring.  There aren't many rings that don't have the 'odd' picot in them whether large or a vsp.  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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