16 December 2017


Well I finished the pink diamond star but I went and forgot to join the two points to the purple 'star' so I'll have to look for another plan. Plan B, I guess.

I was afraid this would happen. Simply because I was stressed and not concentrating on what I was doing. Ah well, I think I know how to solve this problem without undoing anything. Hope to show you sometime next week. 

I think next week I maybe a bit quieter as somebody told me it was the Silly Season coming. I think it's commonly known as Christmas!!!!  Just another day on the calendar!!!!  

15 December 2017

Guess what?

This is going to be!! It's the crochet I promised to show you. 

No prizes for the right answer as it's pretty obviously going to be a scarf! I'm using up wool that I had leftover from a cardigan and another ball of the same brand that I won in a raffle. 

I love this chevron pattern although it took me time to get my head round how to do it. It's so darn simple really that I just couldn't 'see' it at first.  I found the destructions on the internet and watched a video too.  I think I'm about halfway now and once it's finished I may put a border round it to tidy up the edge where I've run the threads up the side.

14 December 2017

Three more diamonds done

Again using HWT I've managed to get another three diamonds done. I will be joining this 'star' to the purple one when I do the next diamond. Least, that's the plan. Just hope I don't forget!!!

I'm also slogging away at some crochet which I keep forgetting to take a picture of. I'll do that right now and show you tomorrow. 

Actually 'slogging' is the wrong word as I'm thoroughly enjoying doing it. 

12 December 2017

Mice in Singapore

There's been a small infestation of mice in Singapore!!!! Val has now joined the Exclusive Tatting Club!!!! 

Like me she struggled to get the bauble 'going the right way' but she's now cracked it. Aren't they cute? I'm dying to get back to baubles but I've got other things 'on the go' at the moment.  This is what Val said.

"I quite like how they turned out, although I think my tension has lots of room for improvement. Now that I’ve got the hang of doing them up, I might just be tatting more of them! Some pictures below for you to see my ‘babies’. 
Oh yes, they couldn’t wait to scuttle across the room!"

You can see Val's mice on the Exclusive Tatting Club page which is here.

11 December 2017

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

There's been the first ever Victorian Christmas Market in town over the weekend. It was pretty darn good but even better was the chance to meet up with Ruth Mary. That's her in the first picture. Poor lass (and her husband) looked frozen. It was a VERY cold two days for them standing out on the street and unfortunately the third day (yesterday) had to be cancelled because of snow. In fact they had probably the nicest spot in town - about 100 yards from the Bard's Birthplace and almost directly outside the library. 

Now Ruth Mary's work is well worth seeing. She's selling tatted jewellery but with a huge difference. Hers is in silver and gold.  To call it exquisite is really an understatement.  Here's a link to her web site where you can find out more but please be careful - you don't want to drool all over your keyboard, do you?

What was interesting is that she didn’t know who I was (lucky woman!) so obviously doesn't spend a lot of time in Tat Land.  She also referred to her work as 'lace' and didn't mention tatting.  In a way I can understand that as I feel that the word 'tatting' doesn't do our type of knotted lace justice.  I forgot to ask her if she did any other types of lace.  Ah well there’ll probably be another time when I see her again!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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