22 December 2012

Oval earrings

First of all thanks for all the suggestions yesterday - they all got my adrenaline going and I'm so grateful.

Now, do you remember these earrings from a few weeks ago?  Well I had one or two people who commented (and quite rightly) that they'd be lovely IF there was a version not on doodads because not everybody can get hold of them - or probably don't want to either!!!  I decided that they were quite right, of course so off I went on another journey!!!

Well this time I had to find a way of adding a bead to the centre of the earring but as I was using a self closing mock ring to start the design off I then had to wangle a way of doing that.  Well, this led to this new page having to be made!!!  I realise that this technique has been done before but the more places that techniques are shown then (IMHO) the better!

This has inevitably led to the 'need' for an oval pendant to go with them which is where my journey is now heading!!!  I hope to have both patterns ready shortly after Christmas.
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http://www.janeeborall.freeservers.com/ - Tatting patterns

21 December 2012

In the doldrums

OK, so there's the TIAS to finish off (mainly uploading the links), a technique page to finish off (should be ready tomorrow) and then - nothing.  
I don't know what to do next.  I'm babysitting this evening so I have a hanky edging to take and do while I'm doing that but I've no idea what to make now.  

I want to start a new design but have no idea what to do.  I'd sort of like to do a new animal but have no idea what's wanted/needed.  ANY suggestions would be gratefully received!!

Inspiration, please contact brain cell 3 before he deteriorates into brain cell 2 or 1 and worse still, disappears altogether.

20 December 2012


Now a couple of days ago I had this Christmas card and gifts.

I opened the larger than normal envelope to find them inside.  Well, I thought to myself, what a pretty card.  I was just going to put it down when the 'alarm bells' went off from brain cell 3.  He said - yer daft old moo (or git - didn't quite catch what he said) - look closer at the Christmas tree card.

When I took another look I realised that it was a tree covered in trees!!!  Geraldine (blog link here) said she'd made 30 of this tree pattern for presents.  That lass has a lot more stamina than me - I got bored after about six!!!

Thank you, Geraldine - I'll be putting that in my 'to keep' drawer after Christmas.

19 December 2012

Two fantastic guys

I took part in a Secret Santa back in 2008 and was SOOO lucky to be paired up with Carol Amich (battatter) who sent me these little guys.

They remain hidden in a secret but safe place at the back of a drawer and only come out at Christmas.  Even then I put them somewhere safe when the grandkids come along as I find it very hard to resist pleas of 'can I have one, nanny'?

Aren't they just the cutest guys and isn't Carol just THE most talented lady in this free form tatting?  An even bigger question - aren't I the luckiest person in the world to receive these?

18 December 2012

An Ebay win

Sometimes there are things on Ebay that are soooo tempting.  Not because they're valuable or something I 'need' but just because they are cheap or SOOOOOOO pretty.

This collection of Milward shuttles and an England Aero just screamed out at me as nobody seemed to want to give them a good home.  There was only one other bidder.  I always worry that if something isn't 'won' on Ebay the seller just might throw the item/items away.  The brass shuttle also cried out to me as it's been very, very used and loved in the past.  

Now the 'thing' that puzzles me is the pretty tool that came with the collection.  Does anybody know what it is?

I've sort of got a feeling it might be for removing pins on a bobbin lace pillow but I'm not sure.  It's been hand painted and I love it for the reasons that it's been loved too.

17 December 2012

The Ice Queen

Today I'm going to show you Frivole's beautiful Ice Queen design.  Well it would've been better if I'd used smaller beads for the centre but then it was an 'emergency' test tat and those were  available in the cupboard and in a colour that would 'almost' go with the bugle beads.

The test tat really didn't involve any 'work' as such on my part as the pattern was great and easy to follow.

One thing however led to a discussion with Frivole on one part!!!  Just shows that two tatters can think in parallel ways!!

I must admit I was foxed by the term MR and then TR.  The MR (which I would also consider a chain)  and TR (which is a thrown ring - or in 'Jane' a ring on a chain) is a canny way of avoiding an SCMR for those of a nervous disposition.  Clever, lass is Frivole.  I worked it out though and instead did an SCMR!!!  I'm an awkward OG!!!!

Which reminds me - must finish a new technique page based on a new idea with the SCMR!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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