30 October 2010

More eye candy

Gosh, here I am 'Americanised' again!!!!  I'd never heard of the expression 'eye candy' before the www came along!!!  

Just LOOK at the colours in the flowery bookmark.  This is another offering from Jane who says:-

"Hi Jane, I've just made your flowery scmr bookmark. I thought the 'tail' would work to attach to the heart. I thought you might like to see. I used three dimple rings instead of the flower at the end. The colours of the flowery bookmark are really brighter than show on the computer. Part of my latest dyeing efforts. I'm pleased with the results. Happy tats, Jane"

Well I had to use pink for her message, didn't I?!?!?!?!?

29 October 2010

Another Winsome brooch!

Here's another one - didn't take as long to do as the first!!!!  A shorter evening!!!

This one is going to be worn on my brown heavy duty winter coat.  When I find it!!!  The coat, I mean.  By the time I've found that I'll probably have lost the brooch!!!!

Don't you just LOVE that big bead on the middle section at the bottom?  I wish I could remember where it came from but it's been 'flaunting' itself under my nose now for years.  I've finally managed to find a way to showcase it.

28 October 2010

Back to the floating chain.

It's such fun to play with new ideas.  This is based on the floating chain idea which Terry brought to my attention.  There's been an ongoing discussion between Terry, Suzanne and I about improvements in working this technique but unfortunately I've not been able to give it my full attention.  I've had a touch of 'something or other' and haven't been too sparky for a few days.

Here's what happens when you've finally got a bit of time, though!!!  I can't think of another way you could get this effect but I'm sure somebody will think of an alternative!!!

Now to make something pretty out of this!!!!  You can't call the spider pretty, can you?

27 October 2010

Last week

Last week I had the following message from Elfriede in Germany:-

"Thanks for the description of the Snowflake Flurry.
Attached please find a picture of my Snowflake Flurry.One more question:I do voluntary work in the Deutscher Occhi-Ring and would like to publish my Snowflake Flurry with the instructions translated into German in our brochure "Shuttle Information" in the fall of 2011. I will use your name as a designer. I hope that you allow me this. Many thanks.

Kind regards 
Deutscher Occhi-Ring"

Now this is what I call long term planning.  So next autumn the Flurry Snowflake will appear in German.  I hope to start a section on my website for my own patterns in different languages.  I have a few already translated but haven't quite got round to sorting them out.  It's really flattering and rewarding to think that people are prepared to spend time doing this for others who can't understand English.  Thank you Elfriede - and even more important asking and letting me know.  Below is her Flurry Snowflake.

26 October 2010

Winsome brooch finished.

Here's the brooch finished!!  I've now sprayed it with fabric protector as it will be worn on a thick winter fleece.

I'm not very good at hanging clothes up - well, that's not strictly true.  I DO hang them up but usually on the floor!!!!  Also as this is going to be worn on a fleece - if that 'pills' then it might start to discolour the threads.
Well, Jane, does that really matter?  The whole thing can be 're-cycled' in an evening.  Hmmmm, a long evening!!!

I actually do re-cycle my beads if they're big ones like this.  Let me see.  The beads on this brooch all came from America!!!  I think some came from Sue Anna, some from Crazy Mom and there maybe one type there from Ridgewoman!!!  I love these beads - they really, really sparkle.  They should cheer up a dreary winter's day when I'm bumbling round the town.  Now, how about earrings to match?

25 October 2010

Another 'take' on the Winsome!!!

Before I start today - I must draw your attention to two links resulting from Saturday's post.  These are both from people who are more knowledgeable than me about beads!!!  The first is from Gina's blog where she gives a lot of very practical info on what beads to use and where.  I'm also putting this link to a post by Bree's Way.  I've also put a link (top left) on my page so you'll be able to find it easily in future.

There's something about some patterns that keep calling me back!!!!

I bought these safety pin things a few months ago with a brooch in mind.  I wanted something that would be bulky but 'light' in looks to wear on my winter jacket.  Anyway, this is the start of the 'effort'.  It really, really does sparkle!!!   I hope to finish it tomorrow so keep watching!!!!

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Happy Beaks
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