27 October 2010

Last week

Last week I had the following message from Elfriede in Germany:-

"Thanks for the description of the Snowflake Flurry.
Attached please find a picture of my Snowflake Flurry.One more question:I do voluntary work in the Deutscher Occhi-Ring and would like to publish my Snowflake Flurry with the instructions translated into German in our brochure "Shuttle Information" in the fall of 2011. I will use your name as a designer. I hope that you allow me this. Many thanks.

Kind regards 
Deutscher Occhi-Ring"

Now this is what I call long term planning.  So next autumn the Flurry Snowflake will appear in German.  I hope to start a section on my website for my own patterns in different languages.  I have a few already translated but haven't quite got round to sorting them out.  It's really flattering and rewarding to think that people are prepared to spend time doing this for others who can't understand English.  Thank you Elfriede - and even more important asking and letting me know.  Below is her Flurry Snowflake.


Miranda said...

It looks really pretty in all white.

Unknown said...

Such a pretty showflake!

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely in white, now that is forward planning and congrats on being asked to use your pattern. Margaret

lauren fowler said...

thanks for the link!!

Bree at "Bree's Way" said...

oooo, how neat to be asked :) grats :)

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