28 October 2010

Back to the floating chain.

It's such fun to play with new ideas.  This is based on the floating chain idea which Terry brought to my attention.  There's been an ongoing discussion between Terry, Suzanne and I about improvements in working this technique but unfortunately I've not been able to give it my full attention.  I've had a touch of 'something or other' and haven't been too sparky for a few days.

Here's what happens when you've finally got a bit of time, though!!!  I can't think of another way you could get this effect but I'm sure somebody will think of an alternative!!!

Now to make something pretty out of this!!!!  You can't call the spider pretty, can you?


Margarets designer cards said...

I am wondering what you are going to do with this, it looks lovely so far Margaret

Needledreams said...

I love floating chains! Have been playing with them for awhile and always try to get Karey Solomon classes about them. That design looks intriguing!

shannon_in_love said...

now is it me or does this like kinda like Keropi without arms?

Sally Kerson said...

So must learn how to do this otherwise you will write loads of patterns with them in and I will be stuck!! grrrr

Maureen said...

Sally, I have decided to wait for a pattern, with the new technique beautifully explained! - (had a friend in the Dark Ages who used to say that he never read text books, he was "waiting for the movie! )
Actually, I have been looking at this, and I think it is looking a bit like a cute sort of animal...or a bird?

Art by JoyMac said...

Hi Jane,
All these new ideas are fascinating so upward and onward to learm this one.......I remember the days when we had about half a dozen abbreviations in tatting now I cant count them all...oops thats showing my age...but who cares so long as we are happily tatting?

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Happy Beaks
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