16 October 2010

I ♥ ♥s

I love it when people send me pictures of something they've made from my pattern pages.  VEry reassuring that I can be 'understood'!!!  

Always a risk when writing down patterns.  
So when I got this from Jane I was a very happy bunny!!!

So the Flurry Heartache is launched - well I consider it a success now that I know one other person in Tat Land (apart from me!!) can make it!!!!

15 October 2010

Playing with the floating chain

I know that Terry's playing with the floating chain too and we've discussed the  problem of 'how to' write it down.

We came up with this pattern which is just really experimental - well the way I've written it is!!  Any comments or suggestions are welcome as usual!!

Just in time for Halloween if anybody is tempted to explore this technique.  I think it's fun, fun, fun.

14 October 2010

Following on from yesterday!

So, now you've recovered from the Terry way of doing the split chain - here's a development from that which is a floating chain.

Again this has evolved from yesterday's single shuttle split chain and I think (personally) that this has a LOT of potential for designers.  In fact you'll have to wait til tomorrow to see a 'fast and easy' pattern using this method.

Dear old brain cell 3 also has several other ideas up his sleeve.  Oh, just realised - brains don't have sleeves, do they?

Another 'taster' for you!!!

13 October 2010

NEW - Single Shuttle Split CHAIN

A few weeks ago I had an email from Georgia who forwarded a message from Terry Nimmer.

Terry had been struggling with the usual ways of making the split chain and had come up with a really, really clever way of getting round his problem.   So, between the three of us (sorry, that should be four as brain cell 3 HAD to get in on the act!) we've come up with this page!!!

Now we have three ways of doing the split chain - the original way, Marie Smith's 'Fast and Easy' way and (ta de dah, roll of drums and trumpeteers trumpeting) we now have Terry Nimmer's way.   

Thanks, Terry for letting me get involved in this - I've really enjoyed the experience.  Here is one of the diagrams to 'get you interested'!!!!

Oh, don't miss tomorrow's blog post - something else that's new about to hit Tat Land!!!!

12 October 2010

Changed the blog!!!

I know I drive you mad but I've been playing with my blog and have now lost all the posts I'd set up for this week!!!  I've no idea what I was going to put on here today so you'll have to wait for brain cell 3 to wake up!!!!!

I'm still 'messing' with the blog so please don't get upset!!!!

11 October 2010

Introducing the pattern for the Flurry Heartache

I've finally got it done.  Here's the direct link for the Flurry Heartache.  

On Saturday, despite it being classified as a 'silly' day, (things went slightly haywire for a few hours) I did manage to list some new stuff in my Etsy shop.  No bags but a few new tatted things.  Then I fought the pattern once more and made two more pairs of the dragonfly earrings again in the evening.  They're now in the shop too!!!

I've got two new ideas here (butterfly and dragonfly) but the little dragonfly earring you can see below is my real favourite.  To make this is a major fiddle!!!!  I'm not sure it would be very easy to write/draw how I did it but I will try!!!  I just ADORE this little critter and he looks even better now I'm using delica beads.  

I got nearly a third of the way through on one of the red ones and pulled the wrong thread.  Guess what?  A number 80 thread doesn't like a lot of tugging!!!  Result - I had to start again!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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