6 December 2014

Back to the giveaways

I know snow is white but I've always been contrary and I suppose you can't teach an old dog like me new tricks - like being 'normal'!!!

I must admit I love this one and may actually keep it. 

There again I never get round to putting my tatting on a tree or even around the house except for the odd thing here and there!!! As for doilies - I haven't the sort of house that would ever have a space for them. Clutterful is a good description!!!

Many years ago I used to have a tidy house and I did have the odd doily out too but nowadays - no way.  I love clutter!!!

5 December 2014

Doily finished

I finished this Once in a Lifetime doily a few days ago. 

This will be a present for a friend.

Now I've made it in this colour I want to make it again - still experimenting with colours and climbing out with the lopsided sort of SSSR.

4 December 2014


Two years ago I made these earrings. I haven't worn them a lot until recently when I found that I kept going back to them and wearing them a LOT. I must admit I now love them. So, a few days ago I made myself a pair in black and cream.

THEN I decided to go for more cheerful colours and finally I ran out of doodads!!!!

Interestingly I suddenly remembered that back two years ago I'd started doing a pattern based on this idea but without doodads as people wouldn't always have those at hand or be able to get them. Here's a link to the pair I made then. 

Obviously I wasn't happy with them as I didn't finish the project!!!  So over the past week or so I've been working on a better design which I'll be able to share soon. Watch this space!!!!

3 December 2014

Bessie Attenborough

A few days ago I was wandering back through the town after my walk round the rec and I decided to pop into a second hand book shop.  I go in there every two months or so 'just in case'!!!!!  

Well I found this book.  The hardback version of 'The Craft of Tatting' by Bessie M Attenborough.  Now I really should've left it there as I've got a copy which I bought in 1972 or thereabouts when it first came out.  In fact mine looks much the worse for wear even though it's only been used by me.  It was one of my favourites as in those days pattern books were few and far between.

Having liberated this book which has hardly been used (it's an ex library copy as you can see by the second picture) I now realise that I must part company with it.  I do NOT need any more clutter round me than I have already!!!!  So, if anybody wants it they can have it for five pounds plus postage.   Just email me and the first person who replies gets it!!!!!  

2 December 2014

Getting on with

I'm still doing other things but every so often I make a snowflake for my giveaways.   I like this pink one most of all - so far!!!

It's very strange but my tradition of making snowflakes for the giveaways has been going on for probably 12 - 15 years but I never EVER put any on our tree!!!  I've got loads I could put on but never bother!!!!

I do have my range of Christmas solar jigglies which will go in the windows later today with a bit of luck.  This year I found four new ones in Poundland.  I'll show you another day.

1 December 2014

A sort of technique!!!!

Not sure if you remember the phase I went through of making magnetic bookmarks?  Anyway, I did and loved making them before BC3 came up with a better idea - the Wrap It, Flip It and Mark It bookmarks which are impossible to lose.  

So, when making those bookmarks I enclosed a magnet with a tatted edge which covered over and lay on each side.  I've put a picture on here using a curtain ring to show how it sits.

Anyway, to get to the point - I decided that this idea needed sharing so that others may use it.  I wasn't quite sure whether to call it a technique or a pattern but in the end decided that it was really a technique as it can be easily adapted to whatever the  user requires.  Here's the link. 

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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