26 March 2016

Monkeying around!!

I decided years and years ago that I wanted to try some Amigurumi but I'd never quite got round to it!!! A few weeks ago I found this pattern on the internet and fell in love with it!!!

I thought it might be a bit ambitious for a first 'go' at this type of crochet and I was sort of right. Ambitious it was but I'm VERY glad I took it on as I learned a lot. A great BIG lot!!! Thanks to the designer who is Sharon Ojala it was a relatively easy one to make. I liked the videos she linked to too. 

Now I think I know who will like this monkey and next week MAY see it leaving chez nous!!!!!!

25 March 2016

You were right!

Those who guessed it was going to be a doily were right. The Fandango Doily.

Now this may look an easy addition to the central part but it wasn't. The corners had me well stumped and several 'takings out' and re-tats were needed.

In this picture the top left corner doesn't look right but that's probably because I flung it on the scanner on the way to bed. Sally isn't keen on the two colours next to the centre and I must say I wasn't at first. BUT I think the next round will make it 'OK' - when I've decided what I'm going to use for it, of course!!! Decisions take time and I get easily distracted too!!!

23 March 2016

Can you guess?

I wonder if anybody can guess what BC3 is up to now? 

Go on - I challenge you to work out what that devious little beastie is playing at!!!!

22 March 2016

Another session!

Baubles seem to be taking up space in my tatting world at the moment!! I really HAVE to decide what I'm going to do with them soon. 

Somebody suggested they could be used as zipper pulls but I don't think they'd stand up to the wear and tear of that type of use. I've got a brooch which I wear on my winter coat (this one) that's made of the closed baubles and that might be where I'll head with them eventually. BUT I still 'need' to make more, don't I? An OG needs to have plenty of choices when it comes to assembling a brooch, doesn't she? 

Have I talked myself into more baubles? Time will tell, of course!!! Meantime - this is more of Karey's lovely HDT.

21 March 2016

Three words today

I can tell you one thing - this was NOT an easy pattern!! Well the tatting part was OK but the thinking of what to call it was a total NIGHTMARE!!! I'm absolutely hopeless at naming things.

This isn't (hopefully) the end of this adventure as I want to make certain 'alterations' to the design so it's more 'snowflake like'. Time and inclination will tell if this does happen, however!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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