15 August 2015

Another seahorse

While I was making this little chap I suddenly remembered that I'd changed the pattern a bit some time ago!!!  Tatting changes over the years and so has my notation too.  I realised that the version I've been working on is an 'old' one and that somewhere on the iMac there was a newer one!

So, yesterday I went searching and found it, pdf'd it and uploaded it to replace the older version!!!  It's more detailed and (I hope) more user friendly!!! So, here it is.

Oh, the seaweed is simply split rings of 4 + (bangle) 4 / 8.  I used a 3" bangle with size 20 thread.

14 August 2015

Just a seahorse!

I fancied a change!!! I needed/wanted to make something different so I turned to the dear old seahorse for that very reason. 

I remember the excitement of this design back in probably 2001. I was doing the odd bit of 'work' for a magazine here in the UK and the craft editor rang me up one evening to ask me to do a seahorse. I asked her what the deadline was and she said - 'three days'!!! 

Now anybody who's tried to do any design other than a simple flowery one will realise the panic that set in!!!! Actually it came together very easily much to my surprise and I had it done within a week - drawings too. 

When was it published? Two years later!!! Now what was that panic all about?!?!?

13 August 2015

Shuttle comparisons

I showed you the shuttle on the left which is one of this batch that I won on Ebay recently.

The one on the right was given to me by a lady who lived in a beautiful thatched cottage opposite Shottery church (not that far from Anne Hathaway's cottage). I was about 14 when it was given to me as a new tatter. I never did find out if Mrs Wildig was a tatter or not but this little beauty has been with me ever since and won't be going anywhere else - not in a hurry, anyway.

It's interesting to see them both together. Slightly different in design and in size.

12 August 2015

I've DONE it!!!

Finally got the time yesterday to finish off and upload the rest of the patterns I'd forgotten.

They're all on the 'odds and ends' page which is here.

There are two breeds of gingerbread men - one on a button and one 'plain' and a large cupcake which can be made into a pendant to go with yesterday's smaller one.

11 August 2015

When WILL you all listen to me?

I keep TELLING you all I'm bonkers and that I don't have a memory (actually that's not down to old age - it's always been bad) but you never believe me.  Perhaps you will if you read this post!!!!

It wasn't until somebody mentioned a cupcake on Facebook yesterday that I remembered that I'd done one (or two) for Palmetto Tat Days last year. They were making jokes about it so I went to look for the link on my pattern site. Well, of course, it wasn't there!!! Why? Because I'd forgotten to put it there!!

The patterns taught at Tat Days go onto a CD which anybody can buy so I don't usually upload the patterns I've taught until the following February. Well this year February came and went (I believe) and I just darned forgot!! 

So yesterday I started uploading the patterns. Got four up and then realised that they hadn't got the abbreviations on so I'll add the rest tomorrow - got the small ones finished and they're here.

These are teeny tiny cupcakes and ideal for earrings or similar. The other cupcakes (coming soon) are about right for a pendant.

10 August 2015

Round 11

Just started on round 11. This darn doily is becoming (or, do I mean 'has become') an addiction! I really, really ought to be doing other things and am slowly weaning myself off it at the moment. This is the time of year when I should be thinking of the TIAS and Christmas designs but I can't get BC3 to start on it yet. 

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.