11 August 2015

When WILL you all listen to me?

I keep TELLING you all I'm bonkers and that I don't have a memory (actually that's not down to old age - it's always been bad) but you never believe me.  Perhaps you will if you read this post!!!!

It wasn't until somebody mentioned a cupcake on Facebook yesterday that I remembered that I'd done one (or two) for Palmetto Tat Days last year. They were making jokes about it so I went to look for the link on my pattern site. Well, of course, it wasn't there!!! Why? Because I'd forgotten to put it there!!

The patterns taught at Tat Days go onto a CD which anybody can buy so I don't usually upload the patterns I've taught until the following February. Well this year February came and went (I believe) and I just darned forgot!! 

So yesterday I started uploading the patterns. Got four up and then realised that they hadn't got the abbreviations on so I'll add the rest tomorrow - got the small ones finished and they're here.

These are teeny tiny cupcakes and ideal for earrings or similar. The other cupcakes (coming soon) are about right for a pendant.


  1. Yum! - and cupcakes will be perfect with the ice cream cones we were all tatting a few years ago! ( Nancy Tracy's pattern - I think).

  2. I KNEW you were hiding patterns for earwigs from me!! LOL

    Pretty!!! Perfect to use up beads!! VBG

  3. Urrrr, did you say something ? My mouth is full, so ears are blocked ! Still licking the yummy cream off these cute cupcakes ;-P
    Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. That's okay Jane. I blame my lapses on memory overload. So sweet.

    1. That's a great excuse - I'm going to use that now!!!

  5. Sweet cupcakes!!! :)

  6. It's all your fault... I saw those cupcakes and had to raid the cookie jar (no cupcakes available)!


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