22 March 2019

Large cabone ring re-visited

This is the second of the two cabone ring patterns that I've re-visited. 

These are such fun to make and easy too. I have them dangling from my handbag and they're always a talking point. 

21 March 2019

Two more pouches AND

Some good news!!!

The little rose pouches seem to be very popular with my friends and so when I was in Birmingham last Friday I spotted the attached fabric which I simply HAD to have. I think I've got enough for two more pouches at least!!!

Below that are two more of the pouches (insides and outsides) ready to go to good homes!!

I'm aiming now to take around 20 of these to Tat Days (plus other bits and bobs) to sell in order to try and get some money towards the trip.  I know that it'll not happen before Tat Days but an OG can dream that the debt collectors won't be after her for a while!!!  

20 March 2019

Now they're a pair!

Once there was a lonely glove but now there's another. If one had more than three brain cells (like me) one would call that a pair!!! Well I did in the title, didn't I?

I've put between them the remaining grey yarn and I think I made a wise decision to add in the green to stretch it out. 

My next problem is where to put them so that they don't get lost before they're needed for Christmas presents. This house has a habit of swallowing stuff and not regurgitating it for many years!!!

19 March 2019

Small cabone ring update

Next on my list for another 'look and improve' is the small cabone ring dangle which you can find here.

I did actually revisit this in 2010 but felt that more was needed so have had a quick look at it again! Well, I say 'quick' but that's a bit of a porkie pie (rhyming slang for lie). 

You will notice in this version that I've changed some of the notation. Instead of putting 'move bead to back of hand' when you need it there in the next ring, I've now replaced that with MBBH which saves a lot of space and a bit of ink!!!!

In this version I've also changed the destructions too to help those doing front/back side tatting.

18 March 2019


No, I don't mean I smell ‘off’. Least I hope I don't!

When I say I'm off I mean I'm off to AMERICA to PALMETTO TAT DAYS in September. How exciting is that?  I heard at the end of last week that I’d been selected.

Next job will be to book my flights and get the insurance done. A few weeks before I leave I have to get my ESTA (visa) done too. That's not too bad but takes a bit of time and effort!! Then there's the taxi to book and, of course, two months or more before the trip I start packing!!!

That might sound rather early to pack but there are so many 'odds and ends' I have to take with me/remember that I have to start early to be sure I've got them all!!! Anyway it keeps me focussed and stops me getting too excited.  

Main excitement is about meeting old friends and making new ones too.  The only complaint I have about Tat Days is that it’s never long enough.  I never seem to have enough time to talk to everybody.  PLEEEEEESE, Palmetto Tatters make it Tat Week next year.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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