22 August 2015

Another 'good buy'

I was again lucky on Ebay when this lot came up a couple of weeks ago. 

I paid the small sum of £3.19 which included £1.20 in postage.

When I think about it (and I do sometimes think!!) this is cheaper than when I used to buy them brand new in the local shops as a kid!!!  Is this the best bargain of the 'season' do you think?

21 August 2015

Another Japanese knot bag

Now this time I tried using two different fabrics on each full side of the bag. 

I have enough fabric to make another exactly the same as this one so may well keep one of them for myself. 

 Again - if you want one reserved then please ask.

20 August 2015

Another of the shuttles

This is one of the shuttles in the lot I won on Ebay recently. I'm not sure if it's ivory or bone but think it's more likely bone. 

The two ends on the middle picture look as if they've had part of the surface scraped off but they're actually very, very smooth. No idea what this means but perhaps one of our experts will be able to tell me.

All I know is that it's a lovely shuttle.  

19 August 2015

Mistakes and corrections!!!

My latest bag making is the Japanese knot bag. I showed you this one which Liz took away with her a week or so ago. There's something about this type of bag that appeals to me!!! 

It's not that it's 'easy' even though there are no zips or buttons etc - it's more 'interesting' in the way it's constructed (fully lined too). This is another one with a round bottom (just like mine, you could say!!) and I find my bottom is very useful for sitting on - so does this bag too!!!

The top picture shows my first real 'boo boo'. Can you see the upside down peacocks? Well, that had to be unpicked and they had to 'go'!!

There are three fabrics used in this one which I think makes it rather 'jolly'!! That's if you can call a bag 'jolly', of course!!! 

I've no idea what I'm going to do with these bags but if there's anybody who is going to Fringe Element Tat Days and who would like one then please let me know and I'll reserve it for you. There are more to come but these are, at the moment, a limited edition of 5!!!

18 August 2015

Finish round 11 and a surprise!!

First of all I have to say thank you to Gail.  You'll see why if you follow this link!!  I'm not telling what the thank you is for - you'll have to look!!!!

I finished a week or more ago but I forgot to blog it!!! Round 11 done and dusted and well into round 12 now. 

Sadly for other things I 'ought to be doing' this project is still totally enjoyable.  I think it's the challenge of working out bead placements and stitch counts that keeps me going and the thought of 'what if I do' for each round too!!!  So far I've still limited myself to the three colours and I think it'll stay that way too.

17 August 2015

A new member of the Exclusive club!

StringyDogs is the latest person to join the mouse club and she sent in her little chap a couple of days ago. 

You can see him on the exclusive page at the top of the blog. I'm not going to say what StringyDogs had to say - you'll have to go and look for yourself but here are the pictures she sent.

This wee mouse has put temptation in my way yet again but I have to resist for a while as there are other 'things' I need to do to prepare for my trip to Canada and Fringe Element next month.  I must say that the other day I went to the site to look up what I needed to take in the way of tatting 'stuff' and found that it had changed and become much, much nicer.  Cleaner and more vibrant and with pictures too.  Here is a link to their new look web site.  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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