31 December 2018

New hat

I'm back!!! Wonder what next year will bring, eh?

I was wandering round one of the Christmas markets the other week and I spotted some hats. I have problems with hats as I have a small head. Yes I know that I don't need a bigger one as there isn't a lot inside the one I've got!!! BC3 rattles around inside that boney space without any other company.

I decided I needed a hat. I went round and round the markets looking and looking.  Really, really needed one that covers my ears in case it gets cold this winter. So what did I do? Came home without buying one.

As I was walking around I remembered I'd got some yarn left from a huge ball I bought from a store in Canada. So when I got back I started looking online for a pattern. Got bored with that after half an hour and found a crochet hook, the yarn and sat down to make a 'hat from thin air'.

I made a crochet chain and a few rows, tried it on and it was too big so I pulled it out, made a shorter chain and started again. This was fun to make and I didn't have any further problems til it came to decreasing. How many and at what 'rate' should that happen. Actually it wasn't a problem as I had a very convenient head to try it on as I was working!!! Least that's something I can't lose easily - my head!!! So, after an afternoon and evening's work I had a new hat which is warm and I like too!!!

21 December 2018

Start of third Coriolis

Having been so, so disappointed with my colour choices on the last Coriolis I decided to start another!!! I can never leave anything alone until I'm totally happy with it!!!! 

I'm hoping to make another six using different colour ways and than maybe even another round after that. Bit ambitious as I may well fall out of love with these colours in due course!!! Who knows.

I'm taking a break from blogging next week as I want to concentrate on my new idea!!! There'll be plenty of time while 'watching' the telly which is a skill I'm hopeless at!!! 

So, see you after the Silly Season!!!

20 December 2018

Progress after problems!!

Well things progressed and I reached this stage not long after. 

Then things went pear shaped!!! I noticed that shortly after the first picture that there were two holes where there shouldn't be holes!!! Yes - calamity had struck again!!! Is this yarn fated or will BC3 simply HAVE to be replaced and if so who is going to step up and take his place?

I could've sewn up the two holes that shouldn't have been there but I didn't. You can guess what I did. I spent two days unwinding it all back to the boo boo's and then set off again!!! This is where I am now!

19 December 2018

This Way That Way Motif

Before I start.  I had 23 anonymous spam comments yesterday and all but one were on a post I made back in 2009!!!  I find it annoying but also amusing as the comments are so obviously not thought out and whoever is doing it is simply wasting their time. Delete, delete, delete!!!!!

So today I’m showing you yet another motif which has been updated mainly because I hated the colours of threads I'd used previously!!!

I'm really loving these colours together and may have to make another. 

Of course this can be varied as the 'odd' SLT here and there would make it even more interesting to a butterfly brain like BC3's!!!!

18 December 2018

Block tatted motif - Coriolis

Back in November I started on another of those whirly motifs and during odd moments while out and about I've managed to finish another six!!!! Here is a picture of the first one which I showed you back on the 19th November.

Sadly by the time I'd done 3 or 4 of these I was out of love with the colours I've used!!! 

Nothing to do but throw away what I'd done or carry on!!! So, BC3 being BC3 he just carried on. Still not happy with it but I've started another now!!!

I asked Sue to test tat this (or did she ask me?) and she's also come up with a stonking GREAT name for it. The Coriolis. Here's an article to explain what that is!

17 December 2018

Another re-tat!!!

This week MIGHT be a quiet week in my corner of Tat Land although I seem to have got a few things to show you.  Enough for my daily blog posts from Monday to Friday!!!  

Stop yawning - you don't HAVE to read them if you don't want to!!!

The main reason for a little quietness is because I'm busy on a new idea!!! Also I've lots of other things I'm working on too but which aren't yet ready to show!!!

This is the small motif on my Motifs and Snowflakes page. There really wasn't a lot 'wrong' with it but I HATED the green one on the link page so simply had to re-tat it and that meant reading the pattern and that meant BC3 needed to do the odd alteration!!! Never ending but still fun. 

14 December 2018

I really really needed

Some new earwigs!! I mean earrings!

Now if you believe that you’ll believe anything. I think I’ve got more earrings in my bedroom than worms in my compost bin but an old git can never have enough pairs, can they?

I decided that the day before yesterday’s tiny snowflake just needed more beads to make it a little more sparkly and some findings to make it ready to hang from the aged ears!!! So, in the space of an hour or two I had a new pair of earrings.

Interestingly I’ve been wearing them now for a couple of days and people have actually commented on them. 

We had a party for the residents in our street on Tuesday lunchtime and two neighbours arrived in Christmas tree earrings that they’d bought off me. I’d been wearing my pair since the 1st December so it was a change to wear snowflake ones.

12 December 2018

Teeny tiny snowflake

Back into definite snowflake 'mode' again and this one has been played around with too!!! 

This is the link for a quick and easy snowflake. An old pattern of mine with a new look - well, a beaded one anyway!!!

11 December 2018

Tiny star OR snowflake

First of all a notice to the 19 ‘anonymous’ people who left comments on yesterday’s blog - don’t bother.  You won’t get published.  If I’ve accidentally deleted a genuine comment then I apologise.  It is quite amusing to think that people who leave comments like those would even think they’d get past BC3’s eagle eyes!!

I did warn you that it was snowflake week and I bet you didn't believe me!!! 

This is another star/snowflake type motif that needed a new picture and, of course, that led to beads too!!!!

10 December 2018

Snowflake week!!!

Yes it's officially snowflake week in my corner of Tat Land!!!! I'm on a roll with updating patterns so nothing new but hopefully a lot of improvements!!!

This is another re-tat of a snowflake I did waaaaay back in 2004. I totally HATED the image on the pattern site so have been trying to get round to sorting that out since forever!!!!

This is the link to the pattern where you'll also notice that I've tinkered around with it a bit!!!!

7 December 2018

Another cat!!!

Yes another Pam Palmer cat. They're now ready to give as a little Christmas present and are 'sitting' (or rather, lying) on a hand towel. 

Can you see - I remembered to give them whiskers too!!! Proper looking cats!!!

6 December 2018

Further progress on the throw

Just a quick post today to show I've not been lazy!!!! I'm really beginning to love this throw - or whatever it's going to be!!!!!

5 December 2018

Another test

This is another of the Silly Silly Snowflakes that I did. 

I'm a real fusspot when it comes to getting things like this 'done right' without mistakes. So, then tell me, why is it I'm always making mistakes in my patterns?!?!?

The variegated thread is some of Karey's and the maroon is a Lizbeth thread. 

I think this motif was a hard one to design as it must've been almost the first time I'd used a ring on the second side of the split ring. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?

4 December 2018

How can anybody resist?

My friend has just become a grandma for the first time and I simply HAD to make these lovely bootees for the new little girl.

They're in this book (see top picture below). 

Not very good photos, I'm afraid.

It was a real fiddle to make these but SUCH a fun pattern. I LOVE fiddly things as they're such a challenge!!!

3 December 2018

More updating

There is a reason for all this 'going back' over things!!! It's not just to drive myself bonkers but also for another reason which will be revealed one day.

This is an old and ancient motif/snowflake which I've dated as 2004 as I know it was in my early days of putting things on my web site. During this update I've had to re-draw the diagrams and have carefully changed the text too so that it should be easier to understand and make. Times change and so does my method of recording my work too!!!

I remember learning these new techniques and being afraid, very afraid of using them in patterns as (probably) nobody else would be able to use them!! Nowadays these are 'everyday' techniques so I'm no longer afraid!!! Here's the link to the newly named Motif 2. As usual it was a struggle to find a name and once I'd done that all my links and filing system had to be changed too!!! 

Now onto the next update!!!

30 November 2018

Decisions made

And a start made too!!!

Something mindless to do when BC3 isn't up to anything stressful!!! This will be a throw in the end. Of course I've no idea how big it will get but I'll carry on until the yarn is all used up!!!

29 November 2018

Pam Palmer's Cat

The reason I bought Pam's latest book was for this dear little cat on the cover. It's a real sweetie.

It's taken me a few weeks to get 'roundtoit' as it's written in four sections with four 'lots' of cut and ties. Well, you know me - I don't like too many stops and starts!!!

I sat down and managed to make the cat in two passes!!! Took some working out but I got there! Fortunately I've written down my 'destructions' so I can make it again.  In the picture below I’ve not got round to adding the whiskers.  Well I don’t ‘do’ miracles and get something finished in one ‘sitting’!!!!

After the next cat I may tackle the teddy bear in the book. I do LOVE Pam's patterns and I remember meeting her many, many years ago when she took photos of my back. Yes, my best photos are of my back! Why? Well, I was wearing a cardigan on which I'd sewn her elephant design!!!!

28 November 2018

Christmas tree and puppets

The Tuesday group that I belong to consists of neighbours (mainly) who live in one of our two roads. We've been meeting regularly for a few years now and have met and made friends which may not have happened without our little group.

We hire a room in a local house which is used for alternative therapies and holistic type healing 'stuff'. Our 'remit' is really just to meet and drink coffee/tea and chat over any crafts we may or may not be doing. We try to make things for different groups who may need help in the neighbourhood and have made bunting (for our own road) and for several other charity groups. 

Each year we aim to make a quilt and raffle it for a chosen charity and this year our theme is trees. 

I've told you all this just so I could 'show off' my tree which is still work in progress. I'll be sharing other trees as time goes by!!!

Below is a group of therapy glove puppets (another of our projects) which Sandra and I delivered to a local children's group last week.

27 November 2018

Testing a pattern!

One of the things I did last week is re-visit this pattern once more.

This was after a discussion with another tatter who very kindly pointed out that it might be helpful to add numbers to the figure 4. Of course this led me to remake the whole thing just to see what else might be needed to improve it!!! 

I did a few more tweaks and then uploaded it over the weekend. I still can't fathom how I managed to design this with two very different thicknesses of thread!!! I remember it was quite a challenge at the time but one I'm proud of managing to complete. I must try this idea again - sometime!!!!

26 November 2018

About Anonymous

Houston I have a problem!!!

Well not a big one but an annoying one!!! It's all about the blog commenting again. 

I've got it set up to allow anonymous comments so that those who don't have a Google account can still leave a comment. This has led to around 30 spam comments in the last week. 

Sometimes it's difficult to work out if it's a genuine friend (thank you to those who do sign with a name) or a truly 'anonymous' person. One or two have been quite unkind too but that's something I can ignore!!! I don't want to be forced to prevent anonymous comments so please leave some name (real or not!!) that will make me realise the comment comes from a lovely tatting friend.

23 November 2018

The end of a cardigan and the start of ....

Well I'm not quite sure yet!!!

The yarn was originally a cardigan that I made a year or two ago. For some strange reason I can't find any pictures of it when it'd been finished. This is weird as I'm pretty good at keeping track of things.

Well I didn't wear the garment more than once or twice. I'm not totally sure why but I know I didn't like it. Here's a picture of the pattern I used and you can see that I've used the same yarn as stated - etc, etc.

It fitted just fine but never felt comfortable so it simply 'had to go'.

Now it would've been easier to send it to a charity shop or recycle place but I'd paid good money for the yarn. It took me hours and hours and hours last week to unravel it all. As it's a fluffy yarn it kept sticking to itself.  Nightmare!!!

Here's the result below the pattern!!!!

22 November 2018

Double bobbin shuttle

Not quite sure what to do with this shuttle!!!!

A friend has passed it on to me to sell or whatever. I don't want to keep it if somebody else can make use of it. It's hardly been used and just has a little thread on each bobbin. There are two bobbins in the shuttle and another spare.

So, if anybody would like to make me an offer I'll happily sell to them. Anna asked me to put the money to a charity and, if it sells and if she agrees, I'd like to give it to the Air Ambulance charity.

I've looked the value up online and they seem to be $14.00 from the only place I can find who sells them - Lacis. So really I think this would be an ideal offer for those in the UK. I'm happy to send it anywhere, though. 

Anybody who's interested please email me and the highest bidder by Saturday morning (9am GMT) will have it. Don't forget there will be postal charges on it.

21 November 2018

Gloves adventure

I decided that I simply HAD to tidy up my yarn a couple of weeks ago!! I've got quite a lot of odds and ends of yarn which seem to be breeding in one corner of our back room. 

First was to sort it into thicknesses. I'm not a lover of chunky wool and much prefer four ply and double knitting too.

Sadly while I was going through the yarn I found three balls of four ply!!! Why sadly? Well it's the love of fiddling, I suppose. Me and fine thread of any sort have a fatal attraction!!!

One of the balls I found was a lovely ball of merino four ply so I simply HAD to make that into a pair of gloves - see below.

First problem was finding the 'right' pattern and that turned out (about halfway through) to be 'not so quite' right!!! Anyway with just three yards of yarn leftover when I'd finished I got the stinkers done!!!

Then I lost them!!!  Completely and utterly for several days.  It's not been cold enough to wear gloves really until yesterday.  After agonising about where they'd gone I finally found them in a bag!!!

20 November 2018

A gold bell and two red ones!

I'm still slowly making bells and these are waiting to be slightly pulled into line and stiffened!

Again the top two are HWT - originally sewing weight threads but now wound double onto the shuttle.

The gold is some of the lovely Lizbeth metallic thread which I like but not enough to buy more balls than this one!!! Well, not yet. I still have a little of this left.

19 November 2018

Off on another

Adventure, that is!!! 

I liked the look of the brown and cream mat that I finished here so decided to do another with different colours.

I'm wondering if I should add the mat idea to the pattern - or not. It's quite challenging to get the joins right but maybe a diagram only of 'how they happen' might be worth a shot.

Any thoughts? Would anybody want to make a large mat of these?

16 November 2018

A bit of a diversion!

One of my lovely silver surfer students asked me for a snowflake last weekend. 

I've got a few for her to look at as you can imagine. That's a bit of a lie as I have boxes full of 'stuff' that could be given or sold but I always want to make something new!!! 

I decided to use this pattern but in one colour. 

Well this can now be worked without needing a SSSR when there's only one colour involved as this simply becomes a split ring instead. The only thing I found was that I didn't get the quantity of beads threaded onto the shuttles quite right but that just meant that next time I'll add a few more to each shuttle 'just in case' I run out method.

15 November 2018

More bells!!!

Here are more of the bells that are part of my current addiction!!!

The one on the left is made of the Lizbeth variegated red/white thread. I'm not a great fan of this colour way as the colour changes are a bit sudden. BUT I do love Lizbeth threads!

The one on the right is another of the HWT threads from Sue. Love this one as the colours are so subtle. 

I've now finished working on the new version of this pattern and it can be found in it's usual place which is here.

14 November 2018

The bobbly yarn - finished!

Well here's the bobbly yarn which I showed you here!!!

It only took a couple of afternoons to knit it up!! It's not the sort of scarf that you 'throw round your neck' as it's nowhere near long enough. BUT it's absolutely just what I've always wanted to put in the neck of my winter coat. It's SOOOOOO snug and warm that I can't wait for the really cold weather to arrive so I've got an excuse to wear it!!!

I'm glad I've done it and had the experience of knitting with this sort of yarn but I don't think I'll do it again!!!!  Well I may do if I find another bargain ball in a charity shop!!!

13 November 2018

The new whirly motif

You probably remember me doing this single whirl a while ago.

Well you know what BC3 is like - he HAD to find out what it would look like when done in multiples!!

This was a bit of a challenge actually because the whirls kept putting me on a wrong foot with the joins. A few sessions of backtracking (undoing!) occurred but I'm pretty pleased with the result. I have even memorised the pattern so I can take it 'out and about' with me as I'm making another mat in the same way!!! How's that for progress!!

I wasn't happy with the first scan so put a green background on the second time. 

There's a very funny story about the green background. 

I have some sheets of card by the scanner for white pieces of tatting so I chose a very bright fluorescent piece out of the stash. I scanned the mat a couple of times and it came out with a cream background. I was really puzzled about this and went off to ask Mr Google why this was happening. Then after a search which came up with no answers I decided to call it a day and picked the card off the scanner to put away. Well, imagine how stupid I felt when I realised that the green fluorescent was only on the ONE side of the card!!!! 

Now why did I tell you all that story when it just goes to prove what a dozy old moo I am?

12 November 2018

Bells galore!

I'm still working on the bells!!! I'm afraid I've got rather hooked on these!! 

I had a hunt through my threads and decided that the ones I'd got from Sue Hanson a while ago needed another 'airing' so these are made with some of those. No idea what thread it is but she'd wound them onto little card thingies as 3 strands of HWT. Naturally I decided to be awkward and 'reassign' them to two threads wound HWT!!! 

The thread is lovely to use (and re-wind too!) and not a single inch was lost in the process!! Amazing really. 

You can see that the one on the left has a 'dip' at the top which was an experiment but one which I'm not going to follow up on. 

Well, actually it was a mistake, to be honest!!! It was an evening when I was really tired and I missed the split ring coming out of the centre!!! 

9 November 2018

Another revamp!!

I'm wondering if anybody out there in Tat Land has ever made this pattern up?

I decided that it might be another good class project so I'm currently redoing it. The pictures on the site are pretty darn awful but they were done around fourteen years ago. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!!

I'm still playing with it and the first thing I did (if you look at the picture below) is remove the central ring. I'm looking for a cleaner look to the whole bell. 

The stitch count needs a bit more tweaking too!!! All I need is time (and inclination!) to get it done!!!  I think that if I get it sorted this week then I'll make lots of them and use them as my giveaways this Silly Season.  

8 November 2018

A charity shop purchase

A month or more ago I was out in Alcester looking round the charity shops as usual when I came across this yarn.

Now there's a lady who goes to Crafternoon called Irene (lovely lady) who knits lots and lots of baby blankets using this sort of yarn and it's always fascinated me!!!! So I bought from the charity shop. 

Irene always has HUGE balls of this yarn and I knew that I didn't want that sort of commitment so this looked 'just right' to me!!! Three balls of 50 grams each. Just right - but what for?

So, I actually remembered to take my yarn and some knitting needles to Crafternoon last Friday and dear Irene gave me a lesson on knitting with it. 

It's not easy to work with but I'll show you progress next week - IF I've made any. Oh, we decided there was probably enough for a scarf but we'll see!!!!

6 November 2018

Crochet finished

Well as I said back here - winter is coming!!

I'd just started this waistcoat back then and meant to take some work in progress pictures but, as you can see, I forgot!!!

This was an easy straightforward piece of crochet once I'd worked out how many chains to start with. If you look back at the link you can see that the bottom of the original is quite different to the top yoke part. I didn't like the look of the lacy bit but the stitch count was different (and the hook size) between the two patterns.

BC3 had to work out how many stitches he/she needed. All went well until it came to the finishing off. I was appalled to find there was no guidance whatsoever on how many double crochets to make round the armhole or down the front/neck. Still I did it and I must say I'm pretty darn pleased with it too. I've EVEN worn it!!!!

5 November 2018

August snowflake - progress

Well as you know I've been playing around with the August snowflake on and off for a while. If you look at this link you'll see that I was wondering whether to continue - or not!!! 

Well if you look at this picture you'll see that I decided that I'd carry on!!!

This is an easy pattern for me to remember when I'm sitting in a craft group and talking to people. It's also easy to undo when I make mistake after mistake!!! Funnily enough nobody seems to have noticed the difference between 'doing' and 'undoing' which always tickles me.

Over the years I've found that it never ever worries me to take work apart. It's just part of being me, I guess!!! Mistakes happen in life and the only thing a person can do is either walk away or put them right. I'm a 'putterrighter'!!!!

1 November 2018

New whirly motif

In my quest to find ideas for teaching I've been looking once again at this Catherine Wheel Motif pattern. I showed you the original test one I worked last week on Friday.

This is a new version of the same idea. Now I prefer this one as it doesn't have two rounds!!! I know - I'm lazy!!! 

All I need to do now is to re-write the pattern and do the new drawings. As the centre is roughly the same then it shouldn't be too big a project.

BUT - this is a BIG BUT - BC3 now wants to know what would happen if I joined these together!! I guess that means I'm heading out on another adventure!!! I'll be back!!!

31 October 2018

Spooky or what!

Last Sunday Nick was watching Dr Who on the telly and there were ENORMOUS spiders on that episode. 

Just as a huge one emerged from a bath these two arrived in my inbox!!! They're from Katie who said.

"Hi, Jane, thanks so much for the spider pattern. Fun to tat! Decided not to stiffen them; only steamed them a bit. Hope the legs don't get too wonky!
Made earrings for my daughter and for my daughter in law--just in time!"

Thanks for the giggle at the coincidence, Katie.

30 October 2018

Another commission piece

One of the people who took my details from the library popped into our new craft group in the local Stratford library last Thursday to confirm an order for a purple bracelet.

She'd seen the button bracelets that I'd got on sale (I had a brown and a red one) and she wanted a purple one. So that's what I settled down to do over the weekend.

Now this lady also wants to learn to tat. As I hadn't got my teaching 'kit' with me we arranged for her to return next Thursday for her first lesson. 

I've got the kit packed and ready to go with me in my 'take it and go' bag. I hope she likes it and gets the hang of tatting too. 

By the way it's properly packaged now too.

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Happy Beaks
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