28 July 2012


Must say I've no interest in them whatsoever and now the opening ceremony is over the telly will only be showing films or be turned off for the next few weeks.  When does it finish?

The opening ceremony - well, we decided to watch the first hour or so but found ourselves sitting there right until the end.  Fanflippingtastic.

BUT the news is out now in Tatland so I will share.  My oldest daughter carried the torch last Wednesday and here's a link for you to see.

I was dead lucky in that I got to see it live on the internet quite by accident as I wasn't given a time for it.  

26 July 2012

And finally!!

Here are the earrings to complete the 'ensemble' but they're definitely going 'under the scissors'.  I DO NOT like them and they will NOT survive.  If you could see how many things I cut and chuck while designing you'd be horrified.  Lately my tiny granddaughter goes home with some of them but she's now getting more perceptive and asks for 'proper' tatting.  She's heading towards 5 in November and has just found out that the school uniform does not have any pink or purple in it - I fear rebellion!!!!

The fantastic beads (which came from Val in Singapore) will be recovered and be re-used but I actually almost hate these earrings.

Having made one it beggars belief that I went ahead and made another!!!  I'll find a small tray and cut them over the top so that I don't lose any of the beads and then wait for brain cell 3 to pay a visit!  He's currently working on it while I type and I've a feeling that the 'new' version will be 3D ones.  Time will tell!!!  I'll be back to show you what happens once it has!!!

25 July 2012


So what I decided next was that the outfit needed some more 'bling'!!! 

This is a pendant I made to go with it.  Same purple thread and the same gold too.  I used the Fandango motif for this but put a long beaded picot at the bottom with another beaded picot in the middle.  It's one of my favourite 'tricks' is using beads this way.  You can't do it unless you bead the picot as you make it. 

24 July 2012

I need lessons!!!

Seriously -  I need lessons on how to be posh.  I bought a new top from Debenhams the other day - specially for the Tat Days banquet.  I do like to dress up a bit for the occasion.
It was a very plain purple cotton top which (when I got it home) I thought needed 'poshing up' a bit.  So I did - I think!!!

So, now I need lessons on 'being posh'.  Please can anybody help?

23 July 2012

Now for a bracelet

So, after playing with the lanyard I got to wondering about other ways I could use that basic idea and this is what I came up with for a bracelet.  

I'm actually pleased with the quality of this/these techniques used this way as it's made a very 'firm' piece.  It's not 'floppy' and sits well just as it is.  Pretty even without any beads.  

I've scanned a closer image so you can see what I've done.  Not sure it's a 'pattern' as such but I am writing it down and also working on some drawings.  There might be another 'incarnation' of this and I want to try that first as I think the new idea will be a real improvement.  Do I see a pair of scissors heading for this bracelet?  Yes, I think I do!!!!

I always write text down as I go as I've got the brain of a gnat.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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