2 May 2008


I finally got the six little roly poly tat bags finished yesterday. I'm really pleased with them too. I got to try mine out on Wednesday evening as I waited for the Jodi Picoult reading to start. They work really well. What I think is best about them is their size and the fact that you've got the removeable handle too. Hope Green gave me a tiny specs case when we were in SC last year and that holds both shuttles which are quickly pushed into it and then that goes into the bag.
I will get round to popping the bags in my Etsy shop when I've got a little more of the TIAS completed. I now face the problem of parting with them! I like each one and when this happens it's a wrench to let them go - but I will!!!!
I worked on the TIAS yesterday evening and today I will do the alterations and drawings to go with those changes.

30 April 2008

Yesterday it didn't rain much!

Well that was a busy day! A morning in the library teaching silver surfers, the afternoon working on the tat it and see and then in the evening out to a book signing and discussion.
I never, but never, go out in an evening. That's me. I'd rather sit in front of a telly (not that I watch much) and tat than go out 'on the town'. It has to be a really amazing event to get me out and this was.
A book signing and discussion session. Now who did I hear yawning?
It wasn't anything at all to do with tatting either. Who did I hear gasping with amazement? BUT when I tell you that the author is somebody who's books I read and re-read then you'll probably want to know who it was.
The author worth going out in the rain to hear was Jodi Picoult I think I've read every book (apart from three) that she's ever written. Very interesting to hear her speak about her work.
So, today's going to be another session on the TIAS, I hope once I've finished the roly poly tat bags. I think I got about half way through the TIAS yesterday. That's half way through the draft pages.

Yesterday it rained AGAIN!!!!

No progress with the TIAS yesterday as I decided to get the roly poly tat bags finished. Six now almost ready to go - but ......? I'm still mithering about how much to charge for them but have decided to try them out in my Etsy shop. They're not quite finished as I'm waiting for further supplies of split rings to arrive. They should be here today and when the handles are finished I'll photograph them for all to see!!!
Today the forecast is for - wait for it - MORE rain!!! I will be out all morning so may finish the bags off this afternoon or (if the muse hits!) will continue with the TIAS. I tatted more on it last night and progress was very pleasing. Really just need to settle down for a few more sessions and finish putting the pages together.
Ah, well, time to shower - I stink!!!

29 April 2008

Yesterday it rained!!!

So what, you may well ask!!! I decided it was 'make or break' on the next TIAS so having gone a long way towards one it was time to force myself to sit down and carry on!!! What better sort of day than one where it rained and was windy and cold too.
The main 'problem' with this TIAS is (as usual) - me!!
It won't 'just end' when the tatter completes it - there will be a bonus to finishing. Nope, I'm not saying any more than tat!!!

28 April 2008

Two more roly poly tat bags!

Just a quick post this morning as I have to get out.
Here are two more of the bags. I've got two more cut out and ready to sew and then I think I'll have had enough of these for a while. I will list the four - probably on Etsy but not sure yet when.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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