26 March 2021

A new dragonfly

Also in my shop is a new design of a dragonfly.  

The body is worked in a size 20 cotton thread and the wings in some of my favourite silver metallic.  

All worked in one 'hit' with no ends to sew in.  Question is - how did I do that?!?!?!?

The pattern may become available at some point but I do have to spend some time explaining how I did it!!!!  Firstly to myself!!!!  

25 March 2021

A few more bits and bobs!!!

Don't get bored, please!!!  I'm very much into stocking up the shop but I do want to share some of the things with you.  
Here are some more of the tinies that I've listed.  

24 March 2021

Poncho reveal!!!

Now I did a sneak preview on my other Facebook page two days ago but it takes time for the old brain to get round to blogging it!!!  

I was asked a few questions about this long term Covid lockdown project so here are the facts!!!

This started off as a 'I want to make something but I'm not sure what' project.  I tend to work like that!!!  If I set a goal of a coaster, then expand that to a placemat and then onwards to a small cloth then it doesn't feel like a huge deal and that's what I've found works for me over the years.  Last September saw the start of this (whatever it was going to be) and the first post is here.

By the end of November I was thinking about it becoming a poncho but obviously still dithering if you look at this post!!!

By February it looked almost finished BUT then came another 'problem'!!!  The neckline!!!  It didn't fit and slipped off the shoulders.  I sort of knew that would happen so it was back to the 'drawing board' again and the bottom edging and several rows of neck edging!!!  

So finally after tatting 352 squares which each took an hour and a half (not including choosing threads and combinations and the row that I had to cut out - 8 squares!) and several weeks of edgings it's finally done.  

I used sewing weight threads throughout.  Usually two wound together onto a shuttle but sometimes three if they were very fine threads.  Have I run out of sewing threads?  No!!!  I've still a healthy supply but they're mainly the colours that I didn't particularly like.  Will I do another?  Hmmmmm, I'll take a rain check on that!!!!  

22 March 2021

Well I did it!!!!

Yesterday I launched my Etsy shop again!!  It's been dormant for a few years mainly because Sally took over the selling of the shuttles.  I left it open (the shop, that is) because it did generate a few sales for her.  
After the poncho life got a little boring so I had to find something to do!!!  

As I know I'll be having to pay for the pattern pages site later this year I thought I'd try and earn some pocket money towards that.  I also needed a project to do while we're still in lockdown!!!   

This time I decided to make things for the card makers, quilters and dolls house people so that's what I'm working on.  

Here are two more of the items which are now in the shop which you can find here.

I'll be adding more items including (I hope) a new hummingbird!!!  Well I say that but the idea is still firmly ensconced in BC3's house!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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